Lisin Vladimir Sergeevich: biography, family, career

The name of this person does not often appear in the media. Vladimir Lisin - a billionaire with many years of experience - tries not to shine once again and very carefully guards his personal life from prying eyes. In addition, the person is calm and phlegmatic, he does not interfere in high-profile scandals, and he tries to resolve conflicts quietly and peacefully. Meanwhile, there is something to tell about Lisin’s life ... In 2010-2011 he was the richest man in the Russian Federation, and today is in the top ten. The dimensions of his "empire" are simply immense. Lisin Vladimir lives in an expensive castle in Scotland, and in Russia he has a refuge - "Fox hole", where he does what he loves. However, first things first.

How did a citizen of the former USSR, where everyone is known to be equal, become a powerful figure who today owns a fortune of more than nine billion dollars? Maybe Vladimir’s parents were secret millionaires? Or big nomenclature "cones"? Or maybe Lisin received an inheritance from an overseas uncle? Neither one nor the other, nor the third.Lisin Vladimir

The childhood of Vladimir Lisin

In fact, almost nothing is known about the parents of the billionaire. But, judging by how the life of the tycoon developed after school, mom and dad were quite ordinary people.

According to official biographies, Vladimir Sergeyevich Lisin's birthday fell on May 7, 1956, and this significant event happened in the city of weavers - Ivanovo.

Journalists have repeatedly tried to shed light on the first years of the rich man's life, but they managed to find out a little. When they showed the yellowed card to the former classmates and teachers of Lisin, they only shrugged, hardly remembering this boy and not knowing what to say about him.

Vova was very quiet, withdrawn, serious. He studied well, although sometimes, like everyone else, he had poor grades. In general, nothing remarkable was different. Not tall, not beautiful, not a bully, but also not a sneak ... It seemed that his path was waiting for the same inconspicuous ...Lisin Vladimir Sergeevich

Studying and starting work

At some point, the family of Vladimir Lisin moves from the city of Ivanovo to Novokuznetsk, and after graduation, the guy enters the Siberian Metallurgical Institute. Actually, he had no other alternative, so fate helped with the choice of his life path. Studying for a metallurgical engineer runs smoothly. In parallel with classes, Lisin also manages to earn extra money. For example, it is known that in 1975 he traveled with classmates to BAM, where his construction team was engaged in clearing the flooded area around the Zeya hydroelectric station. In the same 75th, Vladimir began his official career, becoming an electrician in Yuzhkuzbassugol.

A specialist diploma was obtained in 1979, and the graduate is sent for distribution to Tula, where he works at the local enterprise Tulachermet NGO. The first step in the career ladder was the position of a steelmaker, then Lisin was appointed operator of the steel casting plant; soon he was promoted to shift supervisor, then to the site, and eventually became the shop manager. And all this in a fairly short period of time thanks to perseverance, diligent work and the desire to perform any work efficiently.

Later, Lisin received several more educations, graduating from the graduate school of the Ukrainian Research Institute of Metallurgy in 1984, in 90 becoming a graduate of the Higher Commercial School at the Academy of Foreign Trade, and in 1992 - the Academy of Narkhoz.Vladimir Lisin biography

First Patron - Soskovec

In 1985, fate brought Lisin to Kazakhstan, where he got a job at the metallurgical plant in Karaganda as deputy chief engineer. The head of this enterprise was Oleg Soskovets, and very soon Vladimir Lisin became his deputy.

It is difficult to overestimate the role of Soskovets in the fate of the future billionaire. With him, Lisin gained his commercial experience when he headed the “daughter” of the TSK-Steel Karaganda plant. The company, in partnership with the Swiss, very profitably sold metals for export. The 90s were on the way, and the state loosened its grip, and enterprising people skillfully used holes in legislation.

It was at that time that Lisin earned his first big money. And although he denies friendship with Soskovets, it is known that this man helped him well at the start.

Moscow and Kislin

In 1991 Oleg Soskovets moved to Moscow and headed the Ministry of Metallurgy of the Soviet Union. Lisin Vladimir also exchanges Karaganda for the capital, explaining this event subsequently by a simple coincidence.Vladimir Lisin NLMK

In the 90s, Moscow was flooded with foreigners who saw great prospects for their business here. The former Odessa citizen Sam Kislin, who worked as the head of a deli before emigration, also came from America to the capital of the Russian Federation. And at the time of his arrival, he already owned the solid metallurgical company Trans Commodities, which was engaged in the supply of raw materials.

The paths of Kislin and Lisin crossed. The latter helped the American “resolve” the almost stalemate financial situation, where $ 30 million was at stake. So the collaboration began. The business was based on “tolling,” a mechanism that allowed raw materials to be transported abroad almost without duties. Vladimir Sergeyevich worked for Uncle Sam in Trans Commodities as an actual employee, and this status didn’t suit him very much.

Trans world group

The situation changed in 1992, when Lisin Vladimir Sergeyevich crossed with another foreigner - David Ruben from the UK. He was engaged in non-ferrous metals trading and, together with his Russian partners, created the company Trans World Group, which included Lisin, as a member of the board of directors. Businessmen very quickly took control of most of Russia's largest metallurgical enterprises. Among them was the Novolipetsk Combine, which today is the main asset of the billionaire. But before the ownership of this plant Lisin had to go and go ...birthday of lisin Vladimir sergeevich

The fight for NLMK

1995 was marked by a series of bloody massacres against the leaders of Russian enterprises related to the metallurgy sector. The killings were distinguished by sophisticated cruelty and arrogance. It was rumored that TWG was behind all this, which was almost the only one that felt good at that time.

But the period of prosperity did not last long. In a group consisting of foreigners and Russian partners, feuds began. The founders could not share power, and the company was not favored by the new government of Chernomyrdin, who succeeded Oleg Soskovets as his prime minister.

TWG was falling apart before our eyes, and Lisin Vladimir Sergeyevich was trying to get the most out of this situation. He swung at the Novolipetsk Iron and Steel Works, slowly buying up his shares. When the founders of TWG decided to sell this unprofitable enterprise, Lisin already had 13% of the shares. He refused the offer to receive compensation for them, although he could become a multimillionaire.

In the fight for NLMK, its current owner had to face Vladimir Potanin (the richest man in Russia in 2015). At first he played on the same field with Lisin, and then he suddenly appeared on the other side of the front. Potanin already had a 50% stake in his hands, and he tried to throw the applicant out of the game.

After several bold attacks by Lisin, his namesake gave up and sold his package to Vladimir Sergeyevich.family of Vladimir Lisin

Full control

In 2001, the goal was achieved. As planned by Vladimir Lisin, NLMK was under its full control. At that time, he had already done a lot for the plant, which he actually directed.After the crisis of 1998, growth began, and by the beginning of the 2000s, NLMK already made a profit of 9 billion rubles a year.

Lisin no longer participated in business wars and was closely engaged in the development of the plant. Today, NLMK is not just a plant, but a whole vertical of enterprises covering all stages of metal production. There are no similar examples in the world.

Vladimir Sergeyevich acquired “own” ore, built a thermal power station, bought several ports in the south and north of the country to improve logistics, and made many more effective steps and acquisitions that today allow both NMLK and its owner to flourish.

Political activity

Lisin Vladimir - a whole and consistent person, follows the path chosen in his youth, without turning anywhere. For example, he does not pretend to be the president of the country or the State Duma deputy, as many successful businessmen of Russia do. But Lisin nevertheless made some attempts to succeed in politics.

So, for example, he wanted to take the post of governor of the Lipetsk region and the head of its administration. But, not meeting with support from the president, he abandoned his intentions. Lisin never went to conflicts with the authorities.


Vladimir Lisin, whose biography began in a simple family of residents of the city of Ivanovo, was fond of shooting sports as a child. This hobby has only grown over the years.

Today, the businessman heads the Shooting Union of Russia and sponsors the national team for this sport.

Lisin likes to shoot himself. For these needs, he even got a "Fox hole" in the suburbs, which is a whole complex for recreation, entertainment and training.

It is noteworthy that, shooting at skeet, the billionaire is not wasted on their purchase, having established its own production of targets. And this fact is another confirmation that rich people know how to count money.Vladimir Lisin wife

Other interests

In addition to financing small arms, Lisin is involved in other types of charity. His company acts as a philanthropist in the construction of churches, and Vladimir Sergeyevich himself from 2001 to 2010. sponsored the print media "Newspaper", which never became profitable. Lisin stated that he sought to present an independent publication to society, but Gazeta employees denied the owner’s non-interference in editorial policy.

For some time Lisin owned the Rubin TV channel, today he owns the Business FM radio station.

And the billionaire collects furniture, household items, works of art (in particular, Kasli casting), etc. He speaks fluent English and loves to smoke cigars.

Personal life Lisin

At the disposal of the Lisin family is a gorgeous castle in Scotland, bought for 6.8 million British pounds in 2005. The ancient building is surrounded by unspoilt nature, and the place resembles a paradise.

It is difficult to find a person more permanent than Vladimir Lisin. His wife Lyudmila is the first and only in her entire life. The family is at peace. The couple has three children - and all are boys. The first son of Vladimir Lisin Alexander. The second is Vyacheslav, and the third is Dmitry. Today they are wealthy heirs. And once, precisely because of the children, Lisin began to strive upward. Seeing with what appetite the sons pounced on ordinary food, he vowed that they would never be in poverty. And does everything possible for this!


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