Rodnyansky Alexander Efimovich (director, producer): biography, personal life, creativity

The success story of some people makes you think about your own future, gives excellent motivation and encourages action. Such a person is the popular media magnate, producer and director Alexander Rodnyansky. They say about such people that any thing in their hands turns into gold. Read more about the biography and success stories of Alexander Rodnyansky in this article.

Rodnyansky Alexander

Brief information about Rodnyansky Alexander

Alexander Efremovich is a popular Ukrainian director and producer. He is also known as the founder of the 1 + 1 TV channel. Rodnyansky was repeatedly awarded the prize of the Russian Academy of Motion Picture Arts “Nika” for his contribution to the development of domestic show business, four times received an award from the Russian television academy “TEFI” and was the holder of the honorary title “Honored Artist of Ukraine”.

Director Biography

Rodnyansky Alexander Efimovich was born in July 1961 in the capital of Ukraine. From his very birth, the boy was preparing to become famous. This was repeatedly told to him by his relatives, friends and neighbors.

The fact is that almost all members of the Rodnyansky family were associated with cinema. Moreover, one of them was the chief editor at the film studio, the second - the director, the third - the director, etc.

In addition, as Alexander Rodnyansky himself says, the family at that time lived in a house located in the territory of one of the film studios, and all his relatives of preschool age played not with toys, but with skeins of old film. In a word, the famous director was simply obliged to grow out of a little indiscretion.

Immediately after graduation, young Alexander decided to follow in the footsteps of his parents. To do this, he went straight to the Kiev National University of Theater, Television and Cinema. Karpenko-Kary. And, of course, he made his choice in favor of the faculty of filmmaking, which he graduated with honors at the end of 1983.

Rodnyansky alexander efimovich

Noteworthy facts from the student years of the director

During his studies at the university, Rodnyansky Alexander managed to master not only directing, but also master the skills of acting. “It was four years of torment,” the producer admits. According to him, the artist from him turned out to be unimportant.

According to the teachers themselves, Rodnyansky never got used to any of the roles, so during the performance he was all tense and nervous. During his training, he managed to participate in the play “Turbine Days” by Shervinsky and play several roles from Ostrovsky’s plays.

First job and future perspective

Almost immediately after graduation, Rodnyansky Alexander decided to get a job and apply his knowledge in practice. And his first choice fell on Kievnauchfilm, where he was invited as a beginner and a very promising director. It was here that the young man received his first earnings.

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Ah, these sweet fruits of fame

Glory came to Rodnyansky very quickly. In particular, most critics appreciated his documentaries. For example, his painting "Tired Cities" was recognized as "Best Non-Fiction Film" and received "Nick" for it. Another film, entitled “Raoul Wallenberg's Mission”, was nominated for “The Best European Documentary” and was awarded a special prize from the European Film Academy Felix.

For the film “Date with Father” Alexander Rodnyansky (producer) received the Grand Prix in Valencia, where the European festival of young cinema was held. And the film “Farewell to the USSR. Film I. Personal ”has become a true leader in the number of prizes and awards awarded. For directing this work, our hero immediately received two "Nicks" in the categories of "Best Non-Fiction ..." and "Documentary". In addition, “Farewell to the USSR” was awarded a special prize from the jury in Nyon and Duisburg.

Alexander Rodnyansky producer

Work abroad and return to Ukraine

From the end of 1990 to the middle of 1994, Rodnyansky was outside his native country. In particular, he was invited to one of the popular German channels, where he managed to combine two positions at once: a director and a producer.

Later Rodnyansky Alexander returned home and decided to closely engage in the development of domestic TV. So, in early 1995, it was he who initiated the creation of the first Ukrainian television channel “1 + 1”. And after some time, this television project began to lead among other national channels.

While working with "1 + 1" Rodnyansky introduced new formats and genres of television shows, as well as launched a cycle of foreign soap operas and TV shows. For example, at that time the following projects appeared on the channel:

  • international TV magazine "Telemania";
  • talk show "Taboo" (a program with vivid political overtones);
  • the program with the debate of the potiks "5 X 5";
  • The First Million show;
  • show "Dancing with the Stars";
  • comedy show "SV show" with Andrei Danilko in the role of Verka Serduchka and others.

At the same time, the series appeared on the channel, designed for a wide variety of audiences. For example, among them were: Melrose Place, Dynasty, Beverly Hills 90210 and others. Here is such a huge work on the unwinding of the channel conducted by Rodnyansky Alexander. The films, which thanks to him aired, brought "1 + 1" a lot of positive feedback from the audience and turned him into the leader of national television broadcasting.

Alexander Rodnyansky personal life

Farewell to the channel 1 + 1 and new projects of the director

Despite the enormous contribution to the development of the canal, Rodnyansky did not at all plan to stop there. On the contrary, he decided to profitably sell his 30% stake in “1 + 1” and emphasized the development of his own film projects.

So, exactly one year after a successful operation with securities, Alexander Efimovich became the official producer of the first series in the style of “dashing 90s”, called “Bourgeois's Birthday”. Despite the fact that the stakes were too high, the project justified its investment and the channel acquired its rightful 60% audience and high ratings.

In early 2002, Alexander received a personal invitation from the leaders of the Russian television channel STS, which he accepted without much thought. At the same time, he moved to Moscow and immediately set to work. So, with the easy filing of our hero, the following series were aired by STS:

  • "My fair nanny";
  • "Inhabited Island";
  • "Who is the head in this house";
  • "Cadetism";
  • "Do not be born beautiful."

And, by the way, all these series were not just offered, but also produced personally by Alexander Efremovich. Thanks to direct participation in the development of the Rodnyansky channel, STS stocks jumped sharply in price, and the number of viewers increased significantly. Later, our hero was expected to be promoted and promoted to the chair of the president of the entire STS-Media holding.

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What does a producer do today

Today Rodnyansky remains a famous and influential person in the world of business, TV and modern cinematography. He continues to create new projects and work in the field of production. For example, in 2013, under his auspices, a wonderful military-themed film “Stalingrad” was released, which became the highest grossing film of the decade.

In the same year, our hero released his own book, entitled “Producer Comes Out,” in which Alexander Rodnyansky (his wife actively supported and assisted in the design of this masterpiece) described some details of his biography.

In addition, the businessman has repeatedly become the leader in ratings among the richest and most influential people in Ukraine. So, according to the results of 2011, he became 95 in the TOP-200 of the most wealthy citizens of the country. And in 2012, Alexander was in 84th place in the Forbes magazine ranking.

And exactly one year later, the presentation of the new television movie "Leviathan" directed by Andrei Zvyagintsev took place. This film was awarded an award for the best screenplay and even claimed the Hollywood Oscar, but never received it, losing to Judah Pavlikov.

At the beginning of 2015, our hero was appointed responsible curator of the production department of the Moscow School of Cinema.

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Alexander Rodnyansky: personal life

Despite his extraordinary busyness, Alexander still managed to triple his personal life. At the moment, he is married to Valeria Miroshnichenko, who is a candidate of science and a television producer. The couple are happily married and have two children.


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