Sandberg Cheryl Kara, American entrepreneur: biography, personal life, career

Sandberg Cheryl Kara is the chief operating officer of Facebook and the author of the bestselling book Self-Affirmation: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead.

Early Years and Sandberg Education

Cheryl was born in Washington, DC, on August 28, 1969 into a Jewish family. She was the eldest of three children, Adele and Joel Sandbergs. My father worked as an ophthalmologist, and my mother worked as a French teacher in college. The family actively helped Soviet Jews move to Israel, and during the time of the refuseniks went to the demonstrations on weekends.

Cheryl moved with her family to North Miami Beach, Florida when she was 2 years old. At a local high school, Sandberg was a member of the National Honor Society, was the president of the graduation class, and was a member of the high school council. In 1987, she received secondary education with an average certificate score of 4.6.

Then Cheryl entered Harvard, where she specialized in economics. Its supervisor was Lawrence Summers. The character traits that determined Sandberg’s future began to show up at Harvard, and her study of economics often passed through the prism of feminism (although she claims to be not a feminist). Cheryl studied the role that economic inequality plays in spousal abuse and founded the group, which she said was created so that more women participate in the government and economy of the country.

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Sandberg's Career Start

Cheryl graduated with honors from Harvard in 1991 and was awarded the John Williams Prize among the best students. In the same year, Professor Summers became the chief economist of the World Bank and invited her to become one of his researchers. In addition, at the same time, she married Washington businessman Brian Kraff, however, divorced him a year later. Sandberg worked for Summers for two years, participating in projects in India related to improving the country's health care in the fight against leprosy, AIDS and blindness, and then entered Harvard Business School, which she graduated with honors in 1995, receiving a master's degree in business administration.

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Government work

In the spring of the same year, Cheryl became a management consultant at McKinsey & Company. Here she worked from 1995 to 1996. She left McKinsey & Company when Sandberg and Professor Summers crossed paths again.

Her former supervisor became Under Secretary of the Treasury for the Clinton Administration. He asked Cheryl to head his staff. Washington beckoned an ambitious Sandberg, and she accepted the offer. Cheryl remained in this position even after Summers became Minister of Finance in 1999. She helped the ministry write off debts from developing countries during the Asian financial crisis. Sandberg remained in Washington until 2001, when Republican George W. Bush moved to the White House and political appointees from another camp took her place.

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Silicon Valley

Leaving behind a job in the government, Sandberg moved to Silicon Valley, wanting to be involved in the new technological boom, which was then in full swing. Google showed interest in Cheryl early, and she found his mission, which she called "ensuring free access to information around the world," convincing enough to sign a contract with a young three-year-old company in November 2001.

Sandberg was responsible for Google’s areas of business such as managing online sales of advertising and publishing products, and searching for books and consumer goods. Cheryl remained with the search engine as vice president of global online sales and operations until 2008. Her stay was marked by tremendous professional success and an ever-growing reputation as one of the country's top managers.

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Introducing Zuckerberg and transition to Facebook

At the end of 2007 Mark Zuckerberg, co-founder and CEO of Facebook, met Sandberg at Dan Rosenswig’s Christmas party. At that time, she was pondering a proposal to lead the Washington Post. Mark and Cheryl met again in January 2008 at the World Economic Forum in Davos and in March Sandberg joined Facebook as the company's chief operating officer. At her post, she oversees business operations, in particular, helping to scale the activities of Facebook and expand its global presence. She is also involved in sales management, business development, human resources, marketing, public policy, privacy and communications.

After joining the company, Sandberg began searching for ways to increase the company's profitability. Prior to her, the main emphasis was on creating a really good site, and the profit was believed to follow by itself. By the end of spring, Facebook management agreed to start making money on selective advertising, and by 2010 the company began to make a profit.

Billionaire woman

Sandberg's remuneration in 2011 amounted to $ 300 thousand base salary plus $ 30,491,613 in shares. In addition, she owns 38,122,000 stock options and limited securities in the amount of $ 1.45 billion, which will be completely transferred to her in May 2022, provided that she continues to work in the company until the mentioned date.

In early 2014, Sandberg entered the list of billionaires, mainly because of her share in Facebook, which made its initial public offering in 2012, when Cheryl became the first woman to be a member of the company's board of directors. And this is not the only organization in which it occupies such a high position. In 2009, her name appeared on the list of board members of The Walt Disney Company. In addition, she is a member of the senior management team at the Center for Global Development, Women for Women International, and V-Day. At one time, she served on Starbucks with an annual salary of $ 280,000, as well as the Brookings Institution and the Ad Council.

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For the female "Self-affirmation"

The American entrepreneur Sandberg began to actively advocate for the greater perseverance of women in search of success in the business world. She often pointed out that, despite all the achievements of feminism, company leaders were still mostly men, and the weaker sex needed to overcome the gap in ambition. Cheryl felt that in order for her mother to want to return to work after the birth of her baby, she needed to do everything possible to take interesting and promising positions at the beginning of her career. Sandberg formulated her philosophy in the book Self-Affirmation: Women, Work, and the Will for Leadership (2013). The output of the future bestseller was accompanied by the creation of an educational and structure-forming organization for the self-affirmation businesswoman. Although Sandberg's initiative was generally well received, some critics noted that her experience and position were so unique that they were unlikely to suit a typical business woman.

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Sandberg Tips

Some tips Cheryl would give to herself in her youth:

  • Seek work with your heart. Belief in what you do allows you to combine it with your addictions, and this is a real gift of fate. Do not lose heart, you need to try again and again, and, in the end, everything will work out.
  • Believe that you are capable of anything. Do not let yourself say that you can not combine career and personal life.
  • There are no direct paths to where you are going. If you draw such a path for yourself, then you can miss out on great opportunities. Career is not a ladder, it is gymnastic "jungle".

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Personal life

Cheryl Sandberg first married at the age of 24 and divorced a year later. In 2004, she signed with Dave Goldberg, CEO of Yahoo !, who subsequently became CEO of SurveyMonkey, and the couple had two children.

Sandberg wrote about the support her husband gave her in her life and career. On March 5, 2015, she left the following entry on Facebook: “I wrote in“ Self-affirmation ”that a woman makes the most important decision when a partner appears in her life who will stay with her forever. The best decision I've ever made was the decision to marry Dave. ”

On May 1, 2015, David Goldberg died suddenly at the age of 47 when his family was vacationing in Mexico. The cause of his death was a head injury sustained when he slipped on a treadmill. It was a shock to the children and Sandberg.

Cheryl wrote about her husband in a post on Facebook after his death: “Dave was my pillar. When I was upset, he remained calm. When I was worried, he said that everything would be fine. When I was not sure what to do, he understood everything. He completely surrendered to children in every way. And their strength over the past few days is the best sign that Dave's spirit is still here with us. "Nothing will be as it was before, but the world has become better over the years when my beloved husband was alive."


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