Veremeenko Sergey Alekseevich: biography, personal life, career

Veremeenko Sergey - a well-known businessman from the city of Pereslavl-Zalessky, professor, doctor of technical sciences, co-founder of Mezhprombank, deputy of the Legislative Assembly of the Tver region, as well as one of richest people in Russia rated by Forbes. How did his path to success begin?

Veremeenko Sergey

Excellent student

Sergei Veremeenko was born on September 26, 1955 in a city called Pereslavl-Zalessky. After the demobilization of the father of the future businessman from the army, the whole family moves to Ufa. Sergei has an older brother, Alexander, in whose footsteps he entered later, in 1973, at the Ufa Petroleum Institute.

Sergey Alekseevich recalls his student years with special warmth and speaks of them as the best time in his life. He was a very active young man: he studied perfectly, carried out the instructions of the Komsomol, took part in construction teams, even traveled to Germany. The institute Veremeenko Sergey Alekseevich graduated with honors and decided to enter graduate school.

After becoming a graduate student, he also continued to take an active life position: he participated in construction teams, traveled on various assignments, spoke to young people and taught the younger generation instructions: in order to achieve something, you must "be in sight." Veremeyenko is sure that in Russia people’s activity is evaluated first, and then his professional skills.

Veremeenko Sergey Alekseevich

First business

In 1981, he defended his Ph.D. thesis in technical sciences and got a job as an engineer in the laboratory of the State Committee on Oil Products of the RSFSR. Sergey Alekseevich moves up the career ladder: first he becomes a senior engineer, the head of the laboratory, and later the head of the department of the Ufa Petroleum Institute.

But five years after the start of Veremeenko’s work, Sergey decides to open his own business - in the production of thermal applications. It was at this time that he began to earn much more than his colleagues, for which he received disapproval from society.

From 1989 to 1992, a businessman was appointed to the post of Deputy General Director of the West Siberian Engineering Center of the All-Union Institute for Pipeline Construction.

At the same time, Sergey Alekseevich did not forget Veremeenko's scientific activity - in the early nineties he defended his doctoral dissertation in technical sciences. He believed that in the future, the academic title could be very much in demand.

Cooperation with Pugachev

At the same time, Veremeyenko met with future business partner Sergei Viktorovich Pugachev - he works in Leningrad at Promstroybank. Sergey Alekseevich has a cooperative for the production of thermal applications "Phoenix", and Pugachev assists him in organizing sales.

As a result, in 1991 Sergey Pugachev opened the Northern Trade Bank in Leningrad, and Sergey Veremeenko opened his own branch in Moscow. A year later, from a branch, the bank grew into an independent "International Industrial Bank". The manager of this institution was Sergey Alekseevich, and it was decided to sell the Northern Trade Bank. The last decision was right - after three years the bank went bankrupt.

From 2003 to 2004, Veremeenko became the managing director of Mezhprombank, and then a member of the board of directors of this institution. In parallel with this activity, since 2000 and the next five years, he has been the representative of the Russian Federation in the organization of Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation.The work consisted in the preparation of meetings of heads of state, business trips to different parts of the world, the development of documents for discussion at meetings.

Member of the Legislative Assembly of the Tver Region

Participation in the presidential elections in Bashkortostan and a quarrel with Pugachev

In 2003, Veremeenko Sergey Alekseevich decided to run for president of the Republic of Bashkortostan. He passes to the second round of elections, but after that, of his own free will, withdraws his candidacy.

Participation in the campaign becomes an occasion for breaking the partnership between Eremeenko and Pugachev. They decide to divide the business, which is happening not without scandals, which in all its glory are covered in the press. As a result, in the same year, Veremeyenko resigned as manager at Mezhprombank.

Social activity Veremeenko

Since 2004, and for the next five years, the businessman has been the president of the Federation of Modern Pentathlon of Russia. During this time, the team won two Olympic medals, won many victories at the World and European Championships. As Sergey Alekseevich later admitted, one should bet on those sports where the victories of our team are most likely.

Therefore, he continues to actively support sports schools in Moscow and the Tver region, as well as the Wings of the Soviets hockey team. Since 2009, Sergei Veremeyenko has become an adviser to the president of the International Union of Modern Pentathlon.

In 2004, he held many public posts: he became vice-president of the Russian Academy of Engineering, chairman of the Regional Development Assistance Fund, and co-director of the Presidium of the Higher Engineering Council of Russia. In addition, the businessman is appointed head of the International Institute for Investment Projects and Construction Economics.

Sergey Veremeenko

New business projects and possessions

New projects also appear in business, and very successful ones, now with another partner - Vadim Varshavsky. This is Russian Coal, where Sergey Alekseevich owns 25 percent of the shares, and the Estar metallurgical group (Alexander Shishkin is also a co-owner). Veremeenko belongs to the VILS company. He runs the Central Commercial Bank completely.

In addition to enterprises, he owns large tracts of land in the Kaluga, Penza and Tver regions (with a total area of ​​about 30 thousand hectares), as well as the village of “Istra Water” in the Moscow Region.

Veremeenko Sergey Alekseevich

Love for horses

One of the oligarch’s greatest interests is horse breeding. He owns the horse farm "Snipe", which is located in the Tver region. In the future, he plans to increase the number of livestock - now he has one and a half thousand, but in the future he is going to bring this amount to 30-50 thousand. Such a herd will be the largest in Europe.

To increase the number of livestock, Veremeenko plans to attract local and regional authorities, as well as regional and state funding, personal and even credit funds. The businessman considers the key moment in this enterprise that about five thousand jobs will be employed, on which people from rural areas will work.

With particular enthusiasm, Veremeenko Sergey speaks about milk of the mares - koumiss. He claims that this is a unique product, which in its composition is very similar to breast milk, therefore, it is the best substitute for baby food. Koumiss is also useful for patients with tuberculosis, for this reason Veremeyenko supplies a certain amount of product for sale to tuberculosis dispensaries.

According to the businessman, his company produces the best koumiss in the country. Therefore, he plans to launch a sanatorium program using fresh mare’s milk. Sergey Veremeenko assures that the result of such treatment is simply amazing.

Veremeenko Sergey Alekseevich and his family

Wives of Sergey Veremeenko

Sergey Alekseevich was married three times. With his first wife - Alla Veremeyenko - he was also connected with business relations, she was a co-owner of Mezhprombank.Now she owns the youth entertainment complex "Lights of Ufa".

Married to his second wife, Marina Smetanova, Sergei Alexeyevich had a son Alexei, who is now fifteen years old.

Most famous is the third wife - Sophia Skya (nee Shchetinina, then - Arzhakovskaya). She is a ballerina, "Mrs. World 2006", "Mrs. Russia 2006", and also a Hollywood actress. Obtaining the title of “Mrs. World” by an eighteen-year-old Russian girl caused a storm of scandal and discussion in the press, the honesty of such a decision of the judges was questioned. But the bribery of the jury was not proven, and the newly-minted "Mrs. World" preferred not to comment on this topic.

Sophia Skya is an actress in Hollywood movies. Veremeenko created the Sofia Production Studio for her and is the producer of three films with the participation of his wife. Reviews of the paintings were given the most controversial, and one of the films never went on sale in Russia.

Businessman children

For a man like Veremeenko Sergey Alekseevich, children play a big role in life. He has four of them - from the first two wives, and so far he has not succeeded in having heirs with his current wife.

Veremeenko is a very generous father - his eldest daughter Margarita owns half of Centrcombank's shares. He presented her with such a royal gift for her twenty-fifth birthday. Margarita also found herself in the jewelry field: she buys diamonds, then processes them, and then sells them on the exchange. In addition, under the supervision of the girl, five cottage villages are being built in Moscow.

It is also known that the daughter of Seraphim for the thirteenth anniversary of Sergei Alekseevich presented a car. And what a black Hummer H2! In general, the businessman loves his children very much and is trying to encourage everyone.

Veremeenko Sergey Alekseevich and his family together conduct business in different directions. This is banking, construction, real estate, and recently even tourism and recreation.

Veremeenko Sergey Alekseevich condition

State of Sergey Veremeenko

Forbes included businessman in rating the richest people in Russia. Veremeenko Sergey Alekseevich, whose fortune is currently estimated at over 1 billion 400 thousand US dollars, has built more than forty temples and continues to build churches, as well as established a charitable Christian social service investment fund.


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