To repair the kitchen area of ​​7 square meters. m, the girl needed only 40 thousand rubles .: photo of the result

For several years, the girl did not dare to undertake repairs in her mother’s apartment, there were various reasons for this. And yet it was already unbearable to endure. For twenty years, no one has changed anything in this small kitchen of 7 square meters. And it would seem that mom has long been at the wrong age to change something in her life. However, for exactly a month, a loving daughter turned an ordinary place of cooking into an incredible work of art with her own hands.

A little background

The girl’s mother lives in Yaroslavl, while the heroine herself lives in Moscow. For the latter, it is far from a novelty to create beauty in one’s home. The girl independently repaired her apartment and even shot a video on this topic.

It is necessary to pay attention to the fact that the repair was completely carried out by female hands, the only man who participated in this was the welder who helped to remove the old gas stove from the kitchen.

The cost of all repairs, including building materials, amounted to forty thousand rubles. All materials were purchased at stock stores for repairs, such as Leroy Merlin and Ikea. However, it is worth paying special attention to the repair process itself.

Repair Features

It all started, of course, from the walls. It was not difficult to remove the old wallpaper and tile, which cannot be said about the reverse process. If wallpapering together is easy, then I had to get confused with the tiles. According to the girl herself: "Since the walls are very thick and bearing, I could not drill an iron support under the tile to them, so I couldn’t think of anything better than putting a table so that the tile does not fall off while it dries."

An apron with blue grout was laid out from white tile.

For convenience, the girl did not plaster the wall, she laid out a plastic white lining where the table should be, so that it would be easier for mother to wash if this place gets dirty with something. And also hung washable wallpapers for greater cleaning convenience.

The difficulties of a simple repair for a girl

She collected tables for the kitchen on her own from the purchased wall panels of different sizes. Door and door hinges were purchased separately. However, everything together cost the girl 7 thousand rubles, taking into account the countertops.

After such difficult, time-consuming and, moreover, dirty work, there was yet another difficult stage - to lay linoleum. "Since the floors were originally made of wooden boards, and I didn’t have enough strength to change them and fill with concrete, it was decided to just put linoleum on top. Do not be surprised that I lay the substrate, I did it on purpose so that the old boards do not imprint on the linoleum" - says the girl.

The girl herself drilled holes for the stove and sink, as well as for the cabinet handles. Moreover, the stove was also installed independently, but without an oven, it was no longer necessary. It is worth noting that the girl installed the drain pipes and taps herself. After such difficulties, there were no more problems collecting a table from a countertop and four legs. After that, there remained only strokes, of which there were not many in comparison with the entire repair of the kitchen.

The heroine proved by her example that a fragile girl can cope on her own in a similar situation. Of course, if there was a man’s help, perhaps the repair would be larger or just last not two months, but two. However, the girl is a great fellow that she was able to help her beloved mother in such a difficult matter and put an incredible amount of her energy into this.


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