The couple’s house burned to the ground. The only thing that survived made her husband kneel before his wife

One California couple has been married for several decades. During this time, Don and Julie raised children, built a house, planted a garden. Everything is like people have.

That's just happiness is not cloudless. Fate cruelly treated the spouses, but even in this situation, they found a way out.

Repeat offer

When terrible forest fires raged in California, many people were worried about the safety of their homes. And not in vain, for the fire "ate" several houses, the place where our couple lived was also on the list.

Firefighters arrived at the site too late. But the matter is not in the brigade, but in the owners of the house themselves. They were absent, and when they returned, they found almost the ashes. The fire brigade offered to search the remains of the house, suddenly something was preserved.

Don remembered the presence of a refractory safe, to the delight of a man, he was safe. Inside the safe lay Julie's engagement ring. When the thing was discovered, Don decided to support the chosen one, who was quietly crying over the ashes.

The man dropped to one knee, put a ring on his wife’s finger and again proposed to her. How many years ago, when our heroes only met and were going to get married.

Julie was touched by Don's gesture. The woman realized that in this way her husband proposes to her to start from scratch. The heroine of our history, of course, accepted him.


Unfortunately, the house could not be restored. Spouses are forced to temporarily live with their children, but the couple is not discouraged. Don reflects on the construction of a new home, larger and more comfortable. Julie had already chosen a place for her future home, away from forests and fields.

This couple is an example to follow. Don and Julie could have given up in trouble. However, the couple stoically accepted the blow, gathered their strength and spirit in order to continue to live and enjoy every second spent next to each other. A new house is sure to be built!


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