A woman bought an old one-room "socket" and turned it into a very beautiful apartment (photo)

Designer Ekaterina Yarova turned a compact apartment of 30 square meters into a comfortable and functional home. With the help of interesting decor techniques and suitable furniture, Catherine visually expanded the space and made the home modern and stylish.

Light colors and bright details

A small panel room is difficult to reconstruct. To save space, the designer decided to combine a bedroom and a living room.

Catherine advises making white the key. Bright rooms seem larger. The rooms in the apartment are separated by a concrete wall, the texture of which resembles raw brick. But not without bright inserts like this multi-colored picture on the wall.

To make the berth as functional as possible, Catherine acquired a folding sofa. Mirror panels were installed under the ceiling, which visually expanded the space.

An artificial fireplace under the TV adds even more comfort. Catherine decided not to install doors that would take up a lot of space. She settled on the arches.

The floor is covered with laminate. The bathroom has wooden walls. The bathroom closes on a sliding door.

The walls of the kitchen are also finished with wood. Repair in the kitchen did not cost too much.

In particular, a corner sink, a compact table and laconic light cabinets were purchased. Not without a bright accent like purple chairs.


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