Sofa for girls

Features and benefits

The sofa for the girl is an excellent solution for the interior in the nursery. Such a piece of furniture can perform several functions at once - from organizing a child’s sleep to receiving its guests and having a good time. Moreover, it is possible with time as the child grows, transforms.

There are several basic requirements when choosing a sofa. The most important of them is comfort. If the baby is more than three years old, then it is time for her to have her own place to sleep. At first, changing the situation will cause some stress, it is desirable that the selected product has a soft back and comfortable seat. This sofa will be very comfortable, will allow the girl to relax.

A place to sleep should have orthopedic properties. Remember that as a girl grows, her posture is formed. Buy a sofa for a girl, taking into account that he provided spine support during sleep, as a rule, furniture with a spring block has such properties.

An important element is an attractive design.Every baby wants to have a beautiful room, including with interesting furniture. Try to choose a sofa for the baby so that he has a beautiful look. Especially popular are the images of various fairy-tale characters, cartoon characters, made in pink or purple.

Be sure to pay attention to the fact that the sofa for the girl was safe. This means that it should not be complex structures, protruding parts, hard or slippery upholstery. The product must also be environmentally friendly. Avoid that the substances from which the furniture is made, cause allergies in the girl.


There are several types of sliding mechanisms for children on the market. Most look like small sofas and sofa beds. Such products are quite convenient to use, do not take up much space in the room.

From the mechanism built into the sofa, depends on the simplicity of its operation. The most popular models are Click-Klyak, Dolphin, roll-out and accordion.

Roll-out mechanism is considered to be one of the most reliable. Such a sofa is durable, can be used by owners for a long time, and the number of its transformations amounts to thousands.To put the mechanism into action, it is necessary to pull the back of the sofa towards yourself, and it will independently move forward. The big advantage of this model is that the mattress is in a low position, which is convenient for the child. In another way, such a mechanism is called the eurobook.

Another option when choosing a sofa model is an accordion. It is made on the principle of accordion. Enough to pull the back, as the mechanism comes into effect and get a bed for a girl. However, such a product is recommended to buy a child of school age - from 7 to 8 years, since setting the mechanism in motion will require some effort from the child. At the same time, a big plus of the sofa is that it takes up little space in the room.

Click-Klyak is a sofa based on three positions. It can be sitting, lying and half-sitting. The sliding French mechanism works without noise. Recommended for a girl of 8 years and older. If the child is younger, then without the help of adults is not enough. At the same time, it is an interesting experience for a girl, the sofa looks like a designer, performs several functions at once, with its help you can create a mood in the room, to dream.

Carriage or Kitty - the original decision when choosing furniture for the girl. Such sofas have a non-standard appearance, always uplifting children. The disadvantage of the products is that they are always in the same position and do not have any sliding mechanisms. Also sofas can not be transformed with the growth of the child. This purchase is suitable for those who have a large family budget and are ready to change the furniture as the girl grows up.


When choosing a sofa for a girl, pay attention to what material it is made of. A good option to buy furniture are woodwork. As a rule, these sofas are durable, durable. Wood does not cause allergic reactions in children.

The most durable material - environmentally friendly. Take care also of what made the gluing details of the structure. If the composition of water, then this sofa will not last long.

Choose a comfortable, and most importantly, comfortable place to sleep. Come wisely to the rigidity of the sofa, is absolutely not welcome when the sofa is composed of several pillows. This will cause discomfort during sleep in the child. The surface of the bed should be flat, without any differences.Upholstery should also not be tightly stretched, unlike adult products.

Color solutions

If a child is a little older, for example, of school age, then be sure to choose with him the furniture in his room. For him it is very important that the opinion was heard. Just at this time he tries to form his attitude to the world, his own view appears, including the arrangement of his place to sleep.

The most popular colors in girls are yellow, orange, pink, purple, golden hues. Children tend to decorate their room, to create a certain mood. They love to brag to their friends. In addition, this is the place where they spend a significant part of their lives, play games, relax, sometimes do their homework.

Older girls, closer to adolescence, may be asked to purchase furniture in black. This is due to a transitional period in the life of a child. Try to treat with understanding the position of the child and his choice. Offer, for example, to purchase a sofa in a symbiosis with a red, blue, blue pattern, which will not look so gloomy against a black background,make the furniture more stylish.

How to choose

If the girl is between the ages of 3 and 5, then choose your own furniture. In this age category, the child cannot yet decide how he sees his room, because quite recently the baby was very young and slept with her parents or in a special bed. Choose interesting, soft and very comfortable models.

Avoid bulky, rough designs. The mechanism of the layout of the sofa should be as simple as possible. But all the same, at first, the girl, most likely, will not decompose the sofa without your help.

When the child reaches the age of 7, let him try to determine the design of his room, including the choice of necessary furniture. Feel free to head to the furniture store with the girl, ask what colors she likes more, what designs she would be easier to lay out, how comfortable the sofa is for her.

If the child is 10 years old - it's time to think about buying furniture for growth. Pay attention to the sofas, having a sliding design, a harmonica can ideally suit.When unfolding, it always allows you to have extra space. Consider that at this age the child grows very quickly.

12 years is a transitional age. Be sure to listen to the child's opinion when arranging his room and choosing furniture for it. Remember, for a girl personal space is very important, and any intervention in it can cause negative emotions. Give your child complete freedom of choice. Only assistance in the form of friendly advice is allowed.

Interesting solutions in interior design

In order to pick up furniture in the nursery, first of all consider its design and the needs of the child. Based on the first criterion, select a sofa that is close in color to the walls, floor and ceiling in the room. It is important that comfort and harmony reign in the apartment.

When choosing a sofa, be sure to consult with the child, ask the girl how she imagines a corner where she will sleep, for what purpose she would like to use it.

Ask the baby if there are any favorite cartoon characters, which colors attract her attention the most. And most importantly, approach the choice of furniture from the practical side, make sure thatto make the sofa comfortable and create a feeling of security and harmony in the girl’s room.

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