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When children, especially boys, grow up, it is very important to find the right furniture for them. This is necessary not only for comfort, but also for the feeling of belonging to adults. And first of all it is necessary to solve the issue with a bed. For many, the choice is obvious - this is a folding sofa bed. This option has a number of advantages, which make it so popular: it takes up little space, during the day it will be used to sit, it will leave a lot of space for activity. It remains to figure out which one is better.

Criterias of choice

Of course, first of all, you need to focus on the preferences of the child, however, there are several details that should be present in any sofa:

  1. Environmental friendliness. It is necessary to choose only furniture from environmentally friendly, high-quality materials so that the air in the room always remains clean and the health of the boy strong.
  2. Durability and wear resistance. Since boys in adolescence are very active,the sofa has to withstand a lot, which is why all the parts should be well-assembled, the frame should be durable, and the upholstery and filler should not be easily damaged.
  3. Security. For the same reason, there should not be any sharp corners, protrusions and, in general, what a teenager can injure herself in the sofa.
  4. Budget. The tastes of teenage boys change very quickly, as well as their growth. What was suitable for 14 years, at 16 it will be absolutely irrelevant, so it does not make sense to buy an expensive model, it is better to stay at a variant that is inexpensive, but it looks stylish.


Types of folding sofas are now an incredible set, models exist for every taste, but you have to be careful when choosing, as not every type will suit a teenager. Here are the options that will be most suitable for a child's room.


This type of sofa can be called an improved book. If it can be difficult for a child to cope with a book, then click-klyak is much easier to operate. In addition, depending on the desire, it can be installed in 3 different positions: sitting, half-sitting and lying down.

This sofa is perfect for small rooms and will not embarrass the child, as it takes up little space.


This type is most popular for its compactness and ease of use. The berth is divided into three parts: one is the seat, the other two are the back.

This type is perfect for the child, as it is very easy to fold: the seat moves forward, due to which the whole structure moves in one plane.


Another simple and attractive option in the nursery. Perfect for a small room. To expand such a sofa, you just need to pull out the block that is under the seat and lift it.


Very functional and comfortable option. Such a model is sure to be with drawers, where you can put bedding or toys, it has a comfortable and large sleeping place, which is also very easy to unfold: the seat moves forward and the backrest falls into its place. This sofa will look great in any part of the boy's room.

Frame materials

It is important when choosing a sofa for a teenager to pay attention to the material of the frame.Because of how high-quality material was used in the manufacture of a berth, the strength and durability of things, as well as the health of the child, directly depend. Frameworks for folding sofas are made of:


This material is in great demand because of its cheapness, but such a framework is hardly suitable for a teenage boy. The fact is that in addition to low cost, chipboard has a great fragility, so most likely, such a frame will not be durable and will not be able to save on its purchase.


As a framework for furniture, wood has been very popular for more than one century, and this is understandable, because it has several advantages:

  1. beauty. Furniture from this material will look great in any interior.
  2. Strength. Properly chosen wooden frame will perform its function for many years.
  3. Purity. This material is the most environmentally friendly, has no harmful impurities and does not harm health.

Nevertheless, when choosing a sofa with such a frame, you also need to be very careful. It is best if hardwood was used as a material - oak, beech, birch.Conifers are often used now, as this makes it possible to reduce the cost, but along with the price, the quality also decreases: conifers are more fragile, which, again, will quickly make the berth unusable.


As for this material, it’s likely that plastic will not be the frame itself, but external parts, decorations, armrests, etc. Children will like this option due to the variety of color and design solutions, the sofa with plastic parts will look bright and beautiful. Nevertheless, we must understand that plastic is an artificial material, when buying furniture with plastic elements you should not skimp, since toxic impurities may be present in a cheap material. In addition, he is quite fragile, which also does not speak in his favor when it comes to children and adolescents, therefore, it is necessary to choose things with such a basis very carefully.


Folding mechanisms made of metal are not used very often, although it is safe to say that this is not for long, they have already begun to gain popularity. Metal, like wood, is one of the most suitable options for the frame of a folding sofa, there are also a lot of advantages, and in some respects, the metal frame even outperforms the wooden one:

  1. Style. A sofa with metal elements will look very fashionable and modern, which a young teenager will certainly appreciate. Metal is well suited for any upholstery and can itself be painted in any color.
  2. Wear resistance. Durable and stable, the metal frame is perfect for active teens and will withstand heavy loads. If, however, such a frame fails, it will not be difficult to fix it.
  3. Security. The entire frame is hidden inside, which eliminates the possibility of injury when interacting with furniture. In addition, the metal does not ignite and is resistant to changes in humidity.
  4. Purity. As in wooden frames, in metal there are no harmful impurities.
  5. Low price. Among other advantages, metal furniture will have a reasonable price without compromising quality.

Filler material

In addition to the frame, an important criterion is the filler, it must also be environmentally friendly and high-quality, because the life of the sofa depends on it to no less extent.

Without spring block

Fillers for a sofa without a spring block can be divided into two large subspecies: natural and synthetic.

To natural can be attributed:

  • Felt.
  • Latex.
  • Coconut fiber, etc.

Synthetic are:

  • Foam rubber.
  • Polyurethane foam.
  • Sintepukh, etc.

Many people get scared and rush to buy something natural when they say “synthetic”, but artificial filler can also be an excellent option, while natural one will inconvenience. For example, coconut fiber is an excellent filler for sofas, but here it is very important not to be mistaken with quality, since the fiber can often be impregnated with artificial mixtures, or made from immature or low-quality nuts, while polyurethane foam is environmentally friendly, hypoalergenic and durable.

Products with synthetic fillers are, of course, cheaper. When buying, it is important to pay attention not to rigidity, since soft species are more susceptible to wear.

With spring block

But, of course, when it comes to the health of the child, it is necessary to choose the best and sofas with a spring block, they are also called orthopedic, they may well become an ideal option.

7 a photo

Such a filler will support the boy’s spine in the correct position and will ensure a strong and healthy sleep. Spring blocks are dependent and independent.In the first embodiment, all the springs are connected to each other, they are cheaper, but if one spring breaks, all the others break down. Independent springs are more expensive, but they are more comfortable and durable. In this mechanism, each spring is separated by a special cover, from the anatomical point of view the body is supported more evenly and the probability of breakage is much lower.

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