Children's transforming sofas

Any sofa looks more advantageous in comparison with the bed. He wins hearts with design, interesting and beautiful upholstery fabric, and most importantly - functionality. The market is replete with models with a variety of mechanisms, among which transformers occupy a leading position.

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The model consists of three parts. Two, collected in an accordion, form the back, one - the seat. In order to turn the sofa into a bed, you need to slightly raise the seat and pull it towards you. The accordion will straighten, and all three of its component components form a spacious bed. The principle of action really resembles a musical instrument, which is laid down in the name of this sofa.

Berth length in children's sofa-accordion ranges from 190 to 210 cm.

Transforming a bed into a sofa is also easy: the seat rises to a click and goes down; the mechanism comes into action, it will only press on the middle and assemble the sofa into an accordion.


The model has the following number of advantages:

  • Functionality. In the unfolded state, the sofa-accordion is a bed of impressive size, on which it is very comfortable to sleep. When assembled, it is compact and takes up little space. Such furniture is indispensable for small-sized nursery.
  • Easy operation. To transform the sofa is not difficult. Even a child can handle it.
  • Orthopedic components. Often, a sofa with an accordion mechanism is supplied with a metal frame in which orthopedic wooden panels are mounted. They are called armor or lamellae. Lats provide maximum sleep comfort. Another orthopedic element of "accordions" is a mattress. A sofa with an orthopedic mattress is an ideal furniture for a child who has not yet formed a skeleton. Too hard or soft mattress can cause spinal curvature. Orthopedic will not adversely affect the health of the child.
  • Ease of care. Removable covers of sofa-accordions allow you to easily clean them. This moment is most relevant, as children often show inaccuracy, soiling the upholstery with paints, pencils, chocolate, juice, etc. In case the cover has completely become unusable, it is easy to replace it by ordering a new one. To change the style of the nursery, you also do not need to purchase a new sofa.It will successfully replace the old one, but with a different cover, corresponding to the new design of the room.


The name of the model corresponds to the mechanism of its unfolding. In this case, the sofa seats behave like pages in a book.


The back of the evroknizhki folding. To turn the sofa into a bed, you need to raise and push on his seat. A vacant niche occupy the back, lowering it.

The berth of such a sofa is formed by two components, which form a smooth comfortable surface, which is important for a child’s body.


The sofa eurobook is a classic that allows you to equip the nursery in the best way, thanks to the following advantages:

  • The size. The peculiarity of this model is that it even in unfolded form takes up little space, in contrast to the same “accordion” that forms the present huge sleeping plateau.
  • Availability of storage compartment. A sofa with a box for linen is a must for a small children's room, in which it is difficult to find a place for a large closet that can hold clothes, bedding, hats, etc.
  • Versatility. With this model, you can create a nursery in any style by selecting the appropriate colors of the sofa upholstery fabric.
  • Cost of. The transformation mechanism at the eurobook is quite simple. The consequence of this is the price attractiveness of the model, which practically any family can afford to purchase.
  • Variety of options. Design developments amaze with their abundance. There are direct and angular eurobooks, without armrests, with one armrest, with a table.

Transformer in bunk bed

The sofa that turns into a bed is familiar to us. However, there are sofas that can be transformed into a bed with two tiers. This model is characterized by a pronounced eccentricity.

The advantages of the two-tier model are obvious. Folds up design. Therefore, it saves space by providing space for two children to sleep, while occupying an area equal to the sofa when folded.

The sofa is completely safe for the child. It maintains a weight of 150 kg. Plus, it has a lot of amenities:

  • ladder to climb to the second floor of the bed;
  • a side that will not allow the child to fall off the top tier during sleep;
  • soft head restraints, backs, footboard.

Tips for choosing

When choosing a two-tier transformer sofa, consider the age of children. The length of the resting place for a 10-year-old child should be 160 cm with a width of 70 cm. A more adult child needs dimensions of 200x90 cm. If the children in the family are of different age, then you should focus on the older child.

Two-tier sofa should be strong and strong. In this regard, you should not give preference to models made of MDF, chipboard. This material is ideal only for drawers and shelves, but not for sleeping. And, although such a sofa is cheaper than made of natural wood, in this case it is better to overpay than to buy low-quality furniture. Pay attention to the stairs. The safest staircase is considered to be the safest.

Before you make a purchase, test: assemble and disassemble the structure; sit and even lie down on it. Thereby you will be able to feel how comfortable this model is and whether it is worth buying for children.

Decide in advance with the cost. So it will be easier to navigate the abundance of the model range and narrow the search, optimizing your time.

Transforming sofas are wonderful furniture designed for small rooms. It will not only please the child, but also save space, which the little nursery lacks.

Due to the variety of design and colors of the upholstery fabric, you can choose a sofa in accordance with the interior and create an amazing place where the child will spend his free time with pleasure.

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