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Children's room models

For a child, his room is a whole world where he learns, grows, communicates. It is very important that everything in it only helps the proper development and pleases the baby. One of the most important details is furniture, it should be ergonomic, fulfill its functionality and please the eye. Particular attention is paid today to the children's sofa.

In furniture stores and websites, there is a great variety of models. How to choose the right one? Parents should remember that in such a matter the participation of the child is very important, it is worth finding out his opinion and offering different options.

Depending on the space of the room and the functionality, you can choose the following models:

  • Sofa couch - a small sofa with a small back and an armrest-headboard. Typically, this model is not complemented by a sliding mechanism and has only one berth, but may have a box for storing bedding, linen and other things.This model looks quite organically in the interior and does not clutter up the space. The design can have a solid stand or be located on wooden and metal legs.
  • The model sofa chair will fit well into a small nursery. Thanks to the folding mechanism, you can save space for a game or training zone, and when you rearrange it, you can easily move the chair to another place. There should not be fixed objects near the bed, they can prevent the sofa-chair from being laid out.
  • The sofa-ottoman in form resembles a sofa-couch, it is often complemented with pillows and soft round poufs. The ottoman is usually equipped with a spacious niche and is suitable for storing toys or bedding. There are models with one or two draw-out boxes for linen.
  • Sofa sofa with low armrests and a backrest of the same height is well suited for a child and fits compactly into the interior. If desired, you can add a solid mattress with pillows of a suitable shape. The sofa can have a base in the form of a frame made of wood or plywood, sometimes in the form of metal legs.
  • Many liked the “loft bed” or “sofa loft”.The model can combine a sleeping place and a place to rest. On the lower tier there is usually a soft sofa or a working area with a computer desk, and upstairs a bed. Placing with a sofa at the bottom will be a way out if there are two children growing up in a room.

There are options where the space under the "attic" is a wardrobe and shelves for storing books, toys and other things. For a spacious room, you can choose a model with a stepped staircase, a more compact version is a staircase with crossbars. Under the large staircase can fit a wardrobe or several cabinets with a sliding mechanism.

For two children with a small difference in the age of the "sofa chardak" will fit perfectly, but if the difference is great, you should think about other options. A very small family member will be uncomfortable to sleep on the couch, and climbing up and down can be difficult and dangerous.

If the child is quite small, carefully choose between the sofa and the bed. During sleep, the baby can easily fall off the couch, and in the crib it will be protected by bumpers.

  • A transforming sofa can become an unusual solution. Such a model is completely disassembled and assembled in different, most bizarre combinations. Perfect for relaxing, sleeping and playing.You can “assemble” a sofa with or without armrests, high or very low. Some models even transform into a dining area with a table and a few poufs.
  • Another type of sofa-transformer - a sofa with an extra retractable bed. Such a sofa can be quite high, because under it hides another bed. Great solution in a small room for two kids.
  • In the spacious nursery, the corner sofa fits perfectly. Most often, children's models are smaller than adults, but the mechanism remains the same. Often the body of the corner sofa is supplemented with a niche for bedding and linen. In the straightened form, such a sofa can easily replace a double bed for a kid.

Requirements for the sofa for children

In order for the child to fully relax, a place to sleep and rest should be as comfortable as possible, you should not focus only on design and functionality. A special role here is played by the safety of the sofa. Some materials can cause allergies and can be dangerous for your baby.

Documents should be attached to any children's product in the form of a certificate of sanitary-epidemiological expertise, be sure to familiarize yourself with them.

It is worth paying attention to the strength of the product. Children are very active, they love to jump on the couch, hide in his drawers. To make the construction reliable, we choose high-quality materials, they will last longer and withstand the active lifestyle of the child.

Perfect wooden frame or metal, without protruding sharp corners, protruding nails and splinters. For a teenage child, the design of high-quality MDF.

According to GOST, the manufacture of children's sofas with the use of plywood or chipboard of E2 category according to formaldehyde and too soft wood-fiber plates is not allowed. The wood should be well dried and not have traces of large knots. Quality chipboard should be covered with a special colorless paint, otherwise it can be dangerous to the health of the lungs of the child. Without coating, this material can release phenol and formaldehyde resins.

HYou should not choose too tall and narrow models, they are prone to tilting. For games more suitable low and wide sofa. Height should be no more than 70-75 centimeters.

The filler is better to choose artificial material, it causes less allergy. Suitable foam, sintepon or felt.It is impossible that the mattress of the sofa consists of separate pillows, it can interfere with the proper rest and development of the spine.

In the upholstery of the sofa should not be used harmful dyes. Natural fabrics are the safest option, but it will not last long. In this case, an additional case is selected; it can be easily removed for washing or replaced with a new one. Materials with a sliding surface will not work; during sleep or play, they can cause injury to a child.

According to GOST, the upholstery for children's sofas must withstand at least 5000 Martindale cycles and have low peeling (rolling). These characteristics can be found in the attached certificate. Fabrics must be fade resistant and flame retardant. Teflon coating is now widely used, which is applied in a thin layer over natural fabric. Such a film allows the fabric to breathe, but does not allow moisture and pollution to enter, they are easily removed with a damp cloth.

If you choose sofas with a folding mechanism, you should check the quality of metal structures, their reliability. The mechanism should not be too tight or too flimsy, move with hooks or sound.It is important that the child himself cope with the task of laying out the sofa.

Dimensions sofa

It is recommended to replace a cot with a mini sofa only when a child reaches 3–4 years of age. The sofa does not have high sides and is not intended for infants and small children, it is worth paying special attention to this fact.

But there are special sofas baby or mini sofas. This model has no rigid body and consists of pillows. This model is absolutely safe and will take the minimum amount of space. The child will not fall off the couch and not hit. The disadvantage of this model is that it will soon have to be replaced, as it will quickly become “small” for the baby.

To determine the optimal size of the sofa bed, take into account the age of the child and the size of the nursery. In its unfolded form, the length and width of the sofa should allow the baby to sleep comfortably, turn over comfortably. It is important to remember that the child is growing rapidly and after a couple of years a small sofa may be too small to sleep comfortably.

The ideal width of the bed when the child can fit her arms outstretched.When choosing the length, they are oriented on growth, the size will go more by 30-40 centimeters. For children from 3 years to 5, standard sizes are 140 * 70, 160 * 70, 190 * 80 cm. From 5 to 15 years old - 80 * 190 or 90 * 200, which already corresponds to the “adult” standard.

If the dimensions of the room allow, you can choose an angular model, when laying it will be more spacious, and in the folded position it will fit the guests of the child and give a large field for games.

Types of frame

When choosing a frame for a children's sofa, you should count not only on the weight of the child, but also on its guests and active games. Frequent jumps and jogging can not stand every design.

Metal frame will last a long time and make the piece of furniture easier and more mobile. But you need to choose stainless metal, such a longer retain the original quality and will not be exposed to moisture. Pretty good designs are made of thin-walled steel pipe that allows you to implement different transformation systems.

On the metal frame they make, for example, sofas with a click-klyak mechanism, which can be folded out in three positions: a regular, reclined back and a full layout. It will be convenient for the child to relax, watch movies or leaf through magazines on a slightly folded back.

On wooden frames, transforming sofas are produced without layouts or with a simple roll-out mechanism. Such a construction is more durable, it simply has nothing to break, but soft woods wear out faster. When choosing a wooden frame pay attention to the processing of wood: the surface should not be rough and, moreover, have chipped or splinters. This type of material is completely natural and therefore will be safe even for small children.

A softwood frame should not be chosen for a child, such a tree does not withstand the heavy loads of children's outdoor games. Birch, oak or beech will last for a long time. The wooden massif is a natural conditioner, with it the air in the room will be cleaner and more favorable.

There are many options for the frame of children's furniture made of wood-based panels, but you should definitely find out if their manufacturing technology is in accordance with GOST for children's furniture. Modern technologists allow to manufacture chipboard panels with the help of harmless glue.

Unfolding mechanism

The children's room is the world of the child, in which it must become independent. It is important that all mechanisms and designs are available to him.An exception will not be the sofa. It is important that the child himself could easily prepare his bed.

If you choose a folding sofa or sofa chair, you should pay attention to these models: "dolphin", "click-klyak", "accordion" and "eurobook".

Any mechanism should be disclosed without sounds and clues. It is necessary to check the system right in the store, if the child can not cope with the design, it is better to look for another, more convenient.

The mechanism "dolphin" is suitable for both the baby and the teenager. In the normal state, the sofa occupies a small space, and when laying out the sliding block “emerges” as it were. With proper operation, such a mechanism will last long enough. "Dolphin" is used in the construction of straight and corner sofas. Plus corner models are that they are often complemented by a box for clothes with a lifting mechanism.

Experts do not recommend choosing a sofa with a “book” mechanism for a child. The design is not the most reliable and convenient, not every child can handle it. If the sofa is standing against the wall, when folding it will have to move, which is not very convenient.

A more suitable option would be “eurobook”. The seat of the sofa should be pulled "towards itself", while a niche should be formed between the back and the seat. Then, the back is lowered into the vacated space, the back of the back should be on top. It is important that the seat and backrest densities are the same, otherwise sleep will bring some inconvenience. Such a simple mechanism is not complicated and the strength of the child.

The mechanism "accordion" got its name from the folding bellows of the musical instrument of the same name. The design consists of three elements: two parts of the backrest and one seat. To straighten the sofa enough to slightly raise the seat and push forward. If during prolonged use of the sofa you need to replace the metal parts of the mechanism, they are easy to find in any store.

The sofa with the accordion mechanism can be offered in several versions:

  • With a box for linen. The size of the box depends on the frame. In the metallic version, its size is usually smaller than in the wooden one. A large sofa with a wide berth can have two drawers. This design will greatly facilitate the storage area. It is important that the drawers can be used with the assembled design, for this it is enough to raise the seat.
  • Without armrests.The absence of armrests will increase the seating area, and the dimensions of the sofa will remain the same. Such a model will look unusual and fit into the modern interior of Minimalism or High-Tech style.
  • With orthopedic mattress. The ergonomics of the furniture, especially the bed, is very important. This model is ideal for children, whose skeleton is still “mobile”. The design is equipped with additional supports and thought out to the smallest detail, and a special orthopedic mattress will give your child a good healthy sleep.

The click-klyak mechanism is quiet and assumes a metal unfolding mechanism. To expand the sofa is enough to raise the seat so that the backrest is in a horizontal position. When the lifting mechanism is locked, the seat can be lowered. This option is more suitable for teens than kids.

A feature of this model is the possibility of its fixation in an intermediate position. The intermediate half-sitting position is great for relaxing the spine.

The sofa is often supplemented with soft armrests with the same folding system, this will increase the seating area or, in the assembled state, will provide a comfortable support for the head or elbow of the child.The "click-klyak" system also provides for the storage of bed linen or toys in the compartment with a lifting mechanism.

For the nursery is ideal sofa with removable covers. If the fabric is stained, it is easy to wash it in a typewriter or wipe with a cloth.

In modern transforming sofas, the usual mechanism does not exist. Such furniture resembles a multifunctional designer. With the help of small movements of details and imagination of the child, the sofa will easily turn into a berth, a low table or a “lock”. The kid will be delighted with such a simple design.

Most often, these sofas contain wooden and soft foam or fabric modules. It is necessary to take care of the weight of individual parts, wooden surfaces or boxes should be made of light wood and be perfectly smooth.

Pay attention to the filler

It is necessary to carefully approach the choice of filler for a seat or mattress. To properly form the spine, the child needs a hard surface for sleeping, do not choose a too soft children's sofa. A fairly correct orthopedic surface will be created by autonomous spring blocks or lamellae.But, if you choose between these structures, the springs will be more durable.

One of the most hypoallergenic and safe fillers is foam rubber with a fine-meshed structure. Preference is better to give models with solid foam, and not cut into pieces, such filling is more useful for a comfortable sleep and rest. This material is one of the most widely used and popular.

Relatively new, but no less safe-filler polyurethane foam or polyurethane foam. The material resembles foam, but denser and more durable. Refers to the most non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

If you need to choose a softer material, a holofiber is perfect. On density reminds down. It is used when filling pillows and soft padded stools.

To prepare a new upholstered furniture for children's use, it is necessary to clean it, this is a necessary condition.

Carefully inspect the surface of the sofa and vacuum it. This will allow to get rid of wood dust that fills the air of furniture workshops.

Use a damp cloth to wipe the entire fabric and wood surface and linen box.

At first, after buying a sofa, air the baby's room more often, this will help get rid of the smell of new furniture. This smell can be pleasant, but in children often causes allergic reactions.

Choosing the upholstery

The composition of the upholstery fabric is very important, the material will come into contact with the body of the child and should not cause discomfort or allergies. Too slippery fabric can be uncomfortable: the child will often fall down and slide off during sleep, active games. Natural materials are not durable; upholstery made of linen or cotton will often have to be tugged over or covered with a removable cover. You can forget about the upholstery made of leather or its substitutes, such material will be cold in the cold season, and in the heat "sticks" to human skin.

Fabric for a children's sofa should be color-resistant, not shed in the sun, easy to wipe. For the children's room, the furniture variant with removable covers is perfect, so stains from sweets, felt-tip pens and dirt will not remain forever. Special impregnation can also protect the upholstery from the hands of a little artist. Teflon coating will create a thin film on the fabric and will not allow contaminants to stick into the material.

The combined fabrics in which there are both artificial and natural fibers are ideal. Perfect fit: flock, velor or jacquard.

Flock. The fabric is very resistant to mechanical damage, which is important in a house with a small restless, moisture resistant and easy to clean. If there is a cat or dog in the house, their wool will not stick and stay on the flock. Of the disadvantages, it easily absorbs odors.

Jacquard fabric is durable and soft to the touch. You can safely choose rich colors, they will not fade in the sun or from time to time.

The composition of the velor includes cotton, polyester and viscose. It is well breathable, does not stretch and has a pleasant velvety surface. The downside is that such a fabric can withstand only a neat cleaning and wears quickly when used improperly.

Tips for choosing colors

How to choose the color of the upholstery so that the child likes it, but at the same time retains a beautiful look? There is a way out - motley colors, traces of ice cream, crayon or street shoe are not so noticeable on them. A model with bright pictures of your favorite cartoon or fairy tale characters will delight any kid.

But when the child grows up, they may become annoyed or overlooked by too intrusive pictures. For the neutral variant, a geometric ornament, a beautiful pattern of curls and flowers, a drawing of the cityscape will do.

You should not risk and choose too light or a white sofa, such models quickly become soiled even in the living room.

It is important that the color fit the interior solution.

A room in discreet shades of gray, metallic and beige will perfectly “dilute” the bright sofa of red shades.

But you should not choose acid and ultraviolet colors, they attract too much attention and do not allow your eyes to rest. Room bed shades fit sofa bluish, matte blue, beige and pink shades, then you should get a removable cover.

You should definitely take the child to the store or show him samples in the catalog, on the website. Furniture should please, first of all, its owner.

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