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For the formation of the child's personality, it is important not only to give him the right upbringing, but also to provide the right of choice, to take into account the opinion of the growing child when planning and designing the interior of her own room. It is good to provide the child with a personal space and allow it to be organized in accordance with the current trends in design, which will allow the girl to feel comfortable.

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Wall mural is considered one of the easiest ways to create a unique design, because they are simply glued and removed from the wall at a time when they become less attractive or lose their relevance.

There are wallpapers that are glued very simply: you need to detach the protective layer and glue on the prepared wall, other models require glue and are applied to the wall exactly the same way as traditional wallpaper.

Let's talk about how to choose wallpaper for the children's bedroom and what to look for, so that the interior appeals to a young girl.

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How to choose

  • If the space of the room is limited or the children's bedroom has a small square, choose bright pastel shades as the main color; you can allow one zone of the bedroom to be “painted” with contrasting photo wallpapers with a small pattern.
  • Ceiling height is an important parameter that determines the choice of wallpaper for a children's bedroom. If the ceilings are low, give preference to vertical lines - they will visually “lift” the space upwards; wide lines on the wallpaper on the contrary expand the girl's room and give her extra space.
  • For girls, it is common to choose calm shades of wallpaper: let it be light colors, and thanks to the patterns or patterns on photo wallpaper, the space can be advantageously zoned.
  • Creating a children's room should be based on the girl's age: for a child of 3-10 years old, choose “story” photo wallpapers and place them on one side of the room or on her half so as not to “overload” the space. By the way, motley and bright wallpapers may soon bore a young lady exactly, like parents, which is another argument in favor of choosing photo wallpapers of soothing shades and inconspicuous drawings.
  • For the age of 10 years and older, photo wallpapers with floral prints that adore almost all girls are suitable, while for the younger generation, cartoon characters, alphabet and numbers in combination with geometric figures will be liked, which will allow learning new words and forms at the same time.
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  • The location of the room on the south side allows you to arrange the interior of the bedroom in cool blue tones or lilac shades, the northern location requires the use of warm colors to further “lighten” without that darkened space and give the room “life”.
  • The choice of color for photo wallpapers depends on the girl’s character: warm shades with contrasting details are suitable for apathetic persons, while active girls will by the way choose soothing wallpaper shades: pastel, green, powdery with a barely noticeable pattern.
  • The working area of ​​the room can be equipped in blue and cold shades to artificially induce the desire to work in a young fidget, and the sleeping one in darker ones, so that the child can fall asleep as soon as possible.

Room style

The choice of wallpaper and their print directly depends on the style of the room.For the room in the style of Provence, classic, Empire, warm shades of a single tone or wallpaper with a print of flowers, cell, peas, strip.

The Art Nouveau style does not require strictness, on the contrary, this design looks especially attractive in children's interiors due to the possibility of using geometry and unusual print forms, figures of animals or abstract things.

If you decide to choose a wallpaper with a floral print, then choose this print for a child from 5 to 10 years, because for a teenager the flowers may fall completely out of taste and soon get bored. Plots on the wallpaper are a bold choice of modern parents, however, if the storyline of the wallpaper for the children's room contains the girl’s favorite character, you can be sure that such wallpapers will delight the teenager for a long time.

Disney princesses like Rapunzel and other cartoon characters will be a good choice for a girl from 3 to 10 years old, a maximum of 12 years.

Then the “cartoon” theme will be relevant for the formation of the values ​​of a teenager, and the taste preferences for Disney princesses will sooner or later leave the hearts of modern teenagers.

Ways to decorate with wallpaper

Wallpapers will be an excellent tool for creating a unique design of a teenage girl's room, if you choose materials that are different in color and texture, but withstand them in a single concept.

Room zoning is a great opportunity to turn a single space into several different zones: work, bedroom, playroom, dressing room and others. Decorating with photo wallpapers will allow you to get rid of the boring Soviet interior and turn the nursery into almost a separate apartment.

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  • An important recommendation is to keep the room in a single style: if you choose the style of “Provence” take care of the muted shades of wallpaper and floristic print of photo wallpaper, forget about the alphabet on the walls or bright geometric manifestations. If there is a place to be a modern design, then it is appropriate to apply the geometry in all its manifestations and choose laconic furniture.
  • You can zone a room with wallpapers of various colors, but let the shades blend with each other and pay attention to the color combination cards that are so easy to find on the network. You can zone the space of a children's bedroom with flowers, each of which will not only decorate,but also to induce: blue or cold blue in combination with white is well suited for the work area or the side of the bedroom where the bed is located; a bright print will be appropriate in the play area and the one where the child draws, so that if his “work” doesn’t upset his parents.
  • Separate the sleeping area from the work area thanks to the photo wallpaper: in the area of ​​the bed, for example, you can place wallpaper with flowers and a canopy over the headboard (to give comfort), and decorate the work area with wallpaper with rhombus. The main color of the wallpaper may be the same.

Expert advice

  • When choosing photo wallpapers for a children's bedroom, it is important to take into account the opinion of the girl herself and to clarify which cartoon characters she likes or pay attention to her hobbies: music, painting or the direction of sports will help in creating a unique and cozy interior.
  • Selecting ready-made wallpapers means going along the easiest way with small “pitfalls”, for example, you should precisely choose the size of the wall of photo wallpaper according to the size of the wall. In addition, the wall for photo wallpaper should be as smooth and smooth as possible so that the interior looks neat and concise, and the photo wallpaper itself has served for a long time and pleased the teenage girl.
  • For a small child, choose contrasting wallpaper with a pattern and exclude the desire to buy plain light colored ones, otherwise the child can easily get such wallpaper dirty, while on the colored walls the small pranks of the baby will not be so noticeable.
  • If you want to turn your child’s room into a work of interior art, take care not only of the selection of high-quality and themed photo wallpapers, but also of suitable furniture and appropriate interior items.
  • When choosing a wallpaper for a child's room, it is important to exclude their toxicity and harmful additional materials like glue. It is good if the wallpaper in the children's room is amenable to "washing", which will greatly facilitate the care of them and allow you to maintain the attractive appearance of the room for a long time.

Room Design Ideas

Theme Disney cartoons is considered one of the most popular for the design of the children's room.

The main characters of the girl’s bedroom interior are often the colorful princesses or fairy-tale fairies, and the main color of the children's room becomes pink.

Winnie the Pooh and his friends, little mermaids and other cartoon characters become part of the guests of the interiors of children's bedrooms,and it is especially important to “not miscalculate” with the age of the child and his hobbies, so that in a year not to feel the repair again.

The real room of a little princess is not limited to Disney characters; to create a luxurious interior for a young queen, it is enough to create a room interior in a classic design and opt for a fairy-tale country mural with butterflies or fairies. By the way, it will be appropriate to use photo wallpapers with colorful butterflies for both a little girl and a teenage girl, the main task is not to overdo it with a pattern, that is, to decorate one or more zones of the room and leave space for plain wallpaper.

Creating a stylish interior for two girls of a similar image is simple if you make the two halves of a room as if mirrored: choose the same beds and single items of solid furniture like a chest of drawers or a closet, and the wallpaper is colorful and neutral at the same time so as not to create controversy between the two girls.

The future fashionable woman of 10 years old will appreciate the interior of his room that will look like a fashion designer's workshop: in this case, give preference to photo wallpapers with articles of clothing or footwear, prints like clothes or fashion accessories.

For a fragile and romantic person of 10-14 years, choose peach shades and bright colors in the room, which are perfectly combined with massive furniture and a heavy wooden base. Choose a wallpaper without a motley print and place more emphasis on indoor textiles.

A “true lady” girl may require something unusual and extremely bright in the interior of her room, such as bright wallpaper, then stick the material only on one wall or even on her half and add neutral furniture to make the interior finished.

Another excellent idea for creating a girl's interior will be the use of a "star" print, which has remained relevant for a dozen years and does not lose its popularity today.

Stars can decorate the bedroom and play area, and the space of the wardrobe and where you intend to play should be left in a single color. In addition, to the "star" interior is easy to add colorful and "glowing accessories" that will not visually litter the space and make the girl's room even more comfortable.

Finally, we notethat when choosing photo wallpapers for a children's bedroom, it is necessary to take into account the opinion of a teenage girl and a young lady of a younger age in order to allow her to form as a person and enjoy the chosen interior design. Do not forget about the safety of photo wallpapers and additional materials like glue to keep the health of the child and your family.

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