Game tables for children

 Game tables for children

Game tables for children are a great addition to any children's room. They help to provide the child with the best conditions for proper development.

Advantages and disadvantages

Today, there is a fairly large variety of children's gaming tables. They differ primarily in their purpose. There are options that help the development of a child’s musical talents, logical abilities or mechanical skills.

A good desktop allows you to develop your child comprehensively, regardless of what its main purpose. Despite the fact that at first glance it may seem that the kid does not understand anything, over time he will master all the necessary skills. He will gradually repeat all the manipulations, and learn the necessary things at a more mature age.

Disadvantages can be found in those tables that do not fit the child by age. So, a table with an abundance of small parts will be a bad toy for too small a child who can easily swallow a small-sized figure.

How to pick up

The game table can be selected according to several main parameters.


First of all, pay attention to age. In general, game tables are suitable for 1 year and older. Younger children can not cope with such a complex toy. But at the age of one year, the baby will be able to gradually take up the development of the main skills. There are also more complex models for children 3 years and older. They focus on the development of other skills.


An important role is played by the fact that for a girl or for a boy you are picking up a children's table. They differ in their design, and often in the configuration.

Popular models

The easiest way to get acquainted with the features of the game tables can be on the example of popular models.

"Laugh and learn"

Toys from the American brand of children's goods Fisher-Price are popular not only in the US, but also with us. They combine a good price, quality and original appearance.The “Laugh and Learn” table is a great example of educational toys for children of different ages.

This model looks bright and interesting. Her images are adorned with a cute puppy, which always cause pleasant emotions in children. This model of the table consists of several playing zones. Each of them is designed to develop specific skills of the child. Therefore, the kid will be able to successfully develop both fine motor skills, ear for music, and attentiveness.

"Giraffe" from Fisher-Price

Another interesting table option from this brand is “Giraffe”. As the name implies, this gaming table is decorated with cute pictures with giraffe. The main task of this table is to develop the coordination of the baby. On the back of this animal there is a special chute, through which the baby must lower the bright balls included in the kit.

The game panel of this table is complemented by a development book. On the pages of this book are animals that correspond to a given African theme.

"Merry Orchestra"

For the development of musical talents of the child, you can pick up a table from the brand Weina. It is equipped with a large number of buttons, by clicking on which the child can create their own tunes and compositions.In addition to the musical effect, it is also created by the light, because when you press the buttons, they light up in different colors.

How to do it yourself

If the developing transforming table does not fit into your family budget, then it can be done with your own hands.

The easiest option that can be reproduced in everyday life is the board invented by Montessori. The so-called "bizi board" is a board mounted on the wall with a large number of different small parts.

To create such a developing toy you will need a wooden board of a suitable size. The best option is a board 40–60 centimeters wide. The base may be round or square. On such a blank with acrylic paints you can paint everything you need.

A city map, a labyrinth or other details can decorate the board. Themed stickers and other interesting details are placed in suitable places. It is desirable to apply varnish or other means to fix the paint over the picture. After the varnish dries, all other parts, stickers, etc. can be attached to the surface of such a card.

A game table is the first step towards the development of your baby.Choose the appropriate option, and train your child from the youngest years in a pleasant game form.

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