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In the country you need to not only work, but also to relax, especially for children. If you need a swing for twins or there are also families with children in the area, then you should definitely install a double swing for the dacha. So the baby will not be entertained alone. About what types of such swings exist and how to install them, you will learn from this article.


Such a home attraction can be done in different ways. Street swings for children are made from different materials. Let's look at the most popular options.


The most affordable option - models of wood. They can be made even with your own hands, if you have a basic set of tools and wooden boards.


If you buy a swing, it is best to make your choice in favor of a solid metal construction. In this case, the frame is made of steel pipes. They are good in that they can withstand heavy loads, so if several children are swinging on them at once, the pillars will not break anyway.

Many believe that the metal structure is not suitable for the street. After all, the constant changes in the weather and high humidity are bad for the state of the metal. But manufacturers have thought up this moment - the base, as a rule, is covered with a special tool that protects against corrosion.


Another common option - simple outboard swing. They look extremely simple - the base is mounted on strong ropes, and then fixed on a tree or on the same metal frame. You can also secure the swing swing with chains. The seats can be made of a wide board, metal or plastic base.


So-called "duets" are perfect for little children. They are a wide board with a support in the middle. To swing on them, simply sit on two edges and periodically push off from the ground. It is better if the children sitting at different edges of the structure will be about the same weight, so the swing will not fall too sharply and rise upwards. With such entertainment, your kids will definitely have something to do at the cottage.

How to do it yourself

If you do not want to spend big money on the furnishings of your summer cottage, then you can do everything yourself.No special skills are required for this.

  • You can especially not complicate the task and make a primitive hanging swing. To do this, it will be enough to fix the seat on the ropes tied to a tree. As this seat itself often use tires, broken skateboards, parts of worn-out chairs or chairs. But if you want to make really beautiful swings, then it is best to buy a special double plastic seat.
  • You can also make a more complex structure. To create it you have to make a wooden frame. To construct it, fasten one support in the form of the letter A from the boards. Two such supports are interconnected by a crossbar. The seat is attached to it with the help of ropes.
  • You can either make the seat yourself or buy it ready. It can also be further decorated, because children's toys should be bright. And for maximum convenience, children should be covered with a blanket and pillows.
  • It is also very easy to make swing duets.. To do this, cut a simple tire into two parts. It is installed on the ground. On it you need to put a well-crafted board.When children sit on the edges of such an improvised swing, it will be possible to quietly swing on it just like on a purchased attraction.

How to make a double wooden swing in the Russian style, see the next video.

Cost of

If you don’t want to do everything manually or you don’t have time for it, you can easily buy or make custom designs on the Web. Their cost depends on many factors. First of all, this is the price of the material. The cheapest are plastic swings. And if you buy just a double plastic seat, it will cost you 500 rubles at all. It can be fixed with simple ropes.

Metal models will be more expensive. But such a construction will be both more reliable and stronger. For the metal swing you have to pay a few thousand. It all depends on the features of the assembly and the size of the swing.

Not the last role played by the manufacturer. The more famous it is, the more expensive, as a rule, are the swings. But at the same time, the brand is a guarantee of quality and reliability. No one wants to risk the established reputation and lose customers. So giving money for a branded thing, you can not be afraid that it will break.

Double swings are a must for those who like to relax in the company of children.. Choose durable designs, install them on your site, and your kids will enjoy the rest and not distract you from the dacha business.

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