How to make a swing with your own hands?

 How to make a swing with your own hands?

All parents make sure their children have fun and have fun. And there is no such child who would not like to ride on a swing. This is not only great entertainment, swings in addition train the vestibular apparatus and improve the coordination of movements. To date, a huge variety of swing options have been invented using various mechanisms, materials and structures, so that each parent can choose an option that meets all his requirements (appearance, size, price). However, no need to rush to the store for shopping, because the swing is quite simple in design, and they can be easily and inexpensively made with your own hands.


The design of the swing for children and adults is slightly different. Swings for the smallest can be made of plastic, which can withstand a small weight, they are also usually equipped with a back and a crossbar so that the child does not fall during the ride. In the swings for older children, plastic elements are not present, and the design becomes more open. In any case, the main requirement for the swing is their reliability and safety.

By way of mounting the swing can be suspended or outdoor. The latter, in turn, are divided into spring swing and balancing swing. On the spring are installed various seats in the form of animals or vehicles. Due to the fact that the spring is not compressed, but only swinging, this type of swing reduces the likelihood of injury to a child.

Balancing swings can be single or double, of simple form or with an unusual design.

Suspended swing can be of various configurations:

  • The simplest design swing, familiar to all from childhood - is a bungee. It consists of a rope, fastened on the top of a strong crossbar, and plank for seating.The most primitive option is that instead of a plank at the bottom, the rope is simply tied with a sturdy knot.

To the simplest swing can also be attributed the swing of tires. They can be hung vertically or horizontally, cut out unusual shapes, which allows you to create a lot of various options.

  • The construction is more complicated - the plank is suspended on two ropes, fixed symmetrically along its edges. Instead of a plank, a piece of thick cloth (for example, a tarpaulin) can be used, and the rope can be replaced with chains.
  • Wider seats are attached to four ropes or chains. Here you can give free rein to fantasy and use old chairs (sawing off their legs), wooden pallets, and even a bench with a back as a seat.
  • Unusual version of a suspended swing - soft swing. They can be made like a hammock, either assembled from fabric and wooden sticks (for babies), or woven from twine on a hoop.
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  • In a separate view, you can select the swing, made on the principle of rocking chairs. They are the safest for kids. But there are options for older children.

What to do

Swings can be wooden, metal, plastic or represent a combination of these materials.If you decide to make a swing with your own hands, you first need to understand what skills you need to possess and what tool you need to work.

If you have never worked with a welding machine, grinder, hacksaw, then a swing made of metal is not your option. Although they are considered the most durable and reliable, a good wooden swing has several advantages. The tree is easier to process, even beginners can handle it. For the best durability of your building, choose an oak, cedar, birch, spruce, while checking that there are no knots, holes or other defects on the logs - this is a guarantee of your child's safety.

The only advantage of plastic as a material for the swing is its low price. It can not withstand heavy loads, like wood and metal. Although very often the swing is built from scrap materials, residues from repairs, etc. The main thing is to show a little imagination, and spend some time.

How to do it yourself

To build a swing with his own hand under the force of each. Regardless of the model you choose, remember that all the elements of the swing should fit snugly together and be positioned so that the child’s hands and feet cannot get stuck between them when rolling.The main requirement for children's swings is their safety and reliability, so think over the design and carefully fasten and check all the attachment points of the swing elements. Stock up on a good mood and materials necessary for the construction and proceed.

On the spring

Swings on a spring can be installed at the cottage or on the playground near the house - the main thing is to be able to dig a hole of the required size. The spring is the spring of the truck, which can be purchased at the car market or at the point of reception of scrap metal. The size of the spring for such a swing should be at least 35 cm in height. From below to the spring with the help of a lug anchor is attached. It is a pipe with a length of 50-60 cm, to which a cross made of reinforcement with a diameter of 20 mm is welded to the bottom. The anchor with the reinforcement cross is lowered into the pit, leveled and poured with concrete.

From above, a boss is welded to the spring, to which the swing body is attached. The housing is fastened to the boss with metal strips of 30x4 mm (clamps) and fixed with bolts. The shape of the case can be any, first draw its outlines on the Whatman paper, then transfer it to plywood and cut it out.It is also necessary to provide handles for which the child will hold, and stands for his feet. Their configuration depends on your imagination and the available materials. The final touch is to color the swing with bright colors.

On bearings

Older children spring swing is no longer suitable. Now we need a more solid construction, not in itself complicated, but requiring more resources. For swing bearings, you must first build a support frame. It consists of two parallel racks connected by a crossbar.

To ensure the safety of your child, the frame must be stable. This can be achieved in different ways depending on your capabilities and the installation site of the swing. The first option - the rack buried deep in the ground and concreted. The second option - each support column is a triangle, one side of which lies on the ground. These racks must be connected to each other in all three vertices of the triangle to ensure the rigidity of the structure. We weld anchor pins to the lower pipes in order to fix the structure in the ground.

On the upper crossbar of the swing frame we install the bearings.On both sides of each bearing we weld small pieces of metal in order to secure them from horizontal displacement. We fasten cables to the bearings (chains) on which the seat hangs. The seat can be completely wooden or on a metal frame, with or without a back, single or in the form of a bench, even a variant of two seats opposite each other is possible. The main thing is that the support and attachment points stand.

Bearings can be mounted not on the uppermost pipe, but by welding to it a small structure for fastening bearings.

Metal swings can be made without the use of bearings. Half rings are welded to the upper crossbar, on which you can hang a swing using a hook or a U-shaped attachment.


The basis for outdoor hanging swing is a support stand. You can hang a swing on a strong branch of a tree or a ceiling beam of a veranda.

However, if this is not possible, the support stand can be made by yourself, choosing the most suitable option for you:

We put two bars at an angle to each other in the form of the letter X. At the place of their intersection we drive in fasteners.From above, in the V-shaped part, horizontally place another beam and fix it on the supports.

We place two beams at an angle to each other and join them at the top. The upper crossbar, on which the swing will be suspended, is fixed to the racks with the help of additional short boards or a metal nipple. Below we make a horizontal crossbar for fixation (if you plan to move the swing from place to place and you will not particularly strengthen them in the ground). If this is a stationary swing and support legs, you firmly deepened into the ground and cemented, then you can not install the lower crossbar.

In the apartment, swings usually weigh on a horizontal bar in a children's sports corner or on a metal pipe fixed in the doorway. If this is not possible, you can use hooks. They are installed on both sides of the door or driven into the ceiling. Do not forget to take into account that there should be a lot of free space around the swing so that the child will not crash into anything and be injured when riding.

The design of the swing swing itself can be absolutely any. You can make a soft seat of fabric and pillows (it is short-lived, afraid of bad weather,but cozy and comfortable), find the use of an abandoned old skate (his board is very durable) or brightly paint and hang old tires.

Bright and mobile option - swing hammock.

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Option for needlewomen - pull the fabric over the hoop or weave a swing of twine on the hoop. Such a swing is quite possible to hang in the room, if there is enough free space.

Rocking horse for the little ones

The design of such a swing is primitive. All you need to do is to draw on the drawing paper yourself or print ready-made patterns of the necessary parts, then transfer them to plywood or wooden boards and cut them. Usually such swings are made in the shape of a horse, but you can draw any other animal or vehicle.

Since such swings are designed for kids, only hypoallergenic materials can be used. It should be noted that the arc of the sidewalls should not go around the circumference, because then the child will sway strongly, may turn over and be injured. Consider the size of the swing is necessary in order to make the baby comfortable to climb onto the rocking chair and sit on it.The averaged dimensions are 110 cm in length and 25-30 cm in width, height from floor to saddle 60 cm.

Construction swing - creative business that allows you to give free rein to fantasy and make the child's leisure more joyful and fun. However, it is difficult for a person who has decided to build a swing for the first time to estimate the amount of materials needed and determine the proportions of the product. At what height do the carrier bar, at what distance from the ground to have a seat or how deep in the ground do you need to fix the swing? To answer these questions, you can study the already existing drawings of various swings, and then, having already got a general idea of ​​what designs are and what they are made of, make your own drawing or scheme. Having thought over everything first on paper, you will take into account all the details and structural elements that allow you not to spoil the building material with unsuccessful attempts and in the end save your time.

Ideas for beautiful and original designs

If you decide to personally build a swing for your child, try to take into account his interests and hobbies and reflect them in the design of the swing. If the son always plays with cars or launches airplanes, let these motifs be traced in the form of a swing.Does the girl watch cartoons about princesses and love beautiful dresses? Decorate the swing with flowers and ribbons to make it feel like a fairy tale, or make a swing in the shape of a carriage. Include fantasy and create.

Great opportunity to spend more time with your child - double swings, on which you can simultaneously ride together, sitting face to face, and share joy and fun.

And if it seemed to you not enough one swing, then it is possible to equip basic racks by ladders or hills (the slope for a hill can be bought).

Today in the world there are a huge number of different models of unusual and interesting swings. For example, a swing from an old car with a soft seat and a canopy from the sun or rain. Very pleased with the fact that they are building a swing of an unusual configuration that allows children with disabilities to ride. The glowing swings look beautiful and a bit fabulous at night, and the waterfall swings are a double portion of joy. Every year the variety of types of seesaws only grows, professional designers or dad-masters invent new and interesting details and designs.

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