Computer furniture for children

Modern schoolchildren spend a lot of time at the computer, which today is a learning tool and entertainment center. Therefore, the table and computer chairs for children are very important. What models exist, how to choose a children's complex in the room and much more you will learn from this article.


Computer furniture - these are all designs that are located in the work area. These include a computer desk and chair.

All computer chairs designed for children can be divided into several categories:

  • For preschoolers and younger students;
  • For teens and high school students;
  • Universal, adjustable for a child of any age.

Computer desk - an integral part of the working area. There are several types of this design: classic, angular, modular, transformer, which includes not only a table, a chair, but also a wardrobe and a bed.

Making an informed choice

Choosing a chair and a table for a computer, you must consider the following nuances:

  • Height and weight of the child;
  • Color design;
  • Design features.

With the physical parameters of the child, everything is clear: the larger the child, the greater must be the table and chair. Regarding the color design, everything is also very clear: a set for a girl should be bright or delicate, while computer furniture for a boy can be dark and restrained.


The chair for a teenager must have an adjustable seat and backrest. The ideal position of the child in the chair: straight back and legs bent at a right angle. Thus the back will not be tired, and the spine will not bend. To understand whether the chair is suitable for your child or not, you need to test the design before you buy it.

A very important detail in the design of a child’s chair for a computer is the wheels. With their help, you can easily move within the working area without getting up from the chair. Their presence adds practicality to the chair, but their absence will not affect their posture.


It is necessary to choose a computer table not less carefully, than a chair. When buying, you should pay particular attention to several points:

  • Material. For children it is necessary to purchase furniture from natural and safe materials.
  • Equipment. On the table it is important not only to install a computer, but you also need to leave enough space to study and store notebooks, pens, books. Also in the store, you should check how different panels are put forward: this is done smoothly or abruptly, with or without a creak.
  • Strength. The table should be well made so that the computer does not break it at one moment.

Also, do not forget the stylistic and color design of the table, so do not forget to take the child with you to the store.

Location in the interior

After reading practical advice, you can safely say that the choice of computer furniture for a child is not such a difficult task. Choosing the right design is the first and main step. The second, but no less important step - the style and color of furniture.

Let's take a closer look at this item with examples:

  • The classic interior in the student’s room is represented by a corner computer desk with shelves and a wardrobe. Organically complements the working area versatile chair made of plastic and metal.Light colors are chosen very correctly, as they have a calming effect on the psyche of the child. And the location by the window adds a maximum of light and space to the room.
  • A modular version of the computer desk, which has enough space for the location of the computer, as well as a closet for clothes and a wall for books and educational supplies. The design is made in a classic color and has several plastic pistachio-colored panels.
  • A vivid example of a modular computer desk. The gentle children's room for the girl is equipped with a practical and multifunctional table for classes.
  • An interesting solution for a small room in the form of a table-window sill. The working area, which is based on a linear tabletop by the window, has functional additions in the form of bedside tables with wheels and wall cabinets. The interior is made in gray with small bright accents and is ideal for a teenage boy.
  • Delicate design in milky color in classic vintage style. It would seem that computer furniture is something technological, but in this case the word “technology” applies only to the computer itself, since even the backrest and armrests in the chair are made in the original version.Gentle color, the presence of shelves, drawers, additional light from the desk and floor lamp - all this has a pleasant and measured work at the computer.
  • The complex, which combines all the areas of the children's room: for rest, for sleeping and for storage. The design takes a lot of space, but if it can be positioned along the wall, then other furniture will not be needed at all. Made of natural wood furniture with the use of metal and plastic parts. Color design is quite calm and is not able to distract from work.

There are a lot of design options for the working area using a computer desk and a chair, so you can choose the best design for you without problems.

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