Children's bed Alice

Baby bed Alice - the choice of caring parents! Bed-sofa combines ease of use and unique design. The presence of additional boxes solves the issue of storing bed linen and other things. In one box you can put all the toys of the child, and in another fit clothes.

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Designers carefully thought out how to implement in the crib embodiment of all the important characteristics for this category of furniture. That is why the bed Alice distinguishes:

  • multifunctional design that allows you to use a children's bed as a stylish sofa that complements the interior of a nursery or guest room;
  • the lightness of the construction, the weight in the assembly of which does not exceed 90 kg, which makes it easy to move the sofa around the apartment;
  • wide berth, ensuring safe sleep of the child;
  • the possibility of using the entire length of the child’s growth at all times, since the length of the bed is 190 cm;
  • A unique design that eliminates the need to fold and fold daily, and that in turn, significantly saves parents time for other, more important things;
  • the absence of sharp corners, which are unsafe for the little restless;
  • the height of the bed does not exceed 30 cm from the floor surface; it is perfect for kids who will easily climb onto the sofa;
  • the presence of several colors pastel shades that can please any girl.

It should be noted that the Alice children's bed is distinguished not only by the high quality of workmanship, the provision of lengthy warranty obligations of the manufacturer, but also by really reasonable cost, which will be acceptable to economical parents.

Assembly scheme

Even in the absence of a lot of experience assembling furniture, you will not be difficult to cope with the installation of a baby crib Alice. Its design is so easy to assemble that it takes a minimum of tools and your efforts. According to numerous reviews, parents who first decided to assemble the furniture with their own hands, spend no more than an hour on the complete assembly of the bed.

The new crib in the production is carefully packed so that during transport there will be no unwanted chips or damage to the structure. Each item has its own serial number. The assembly scheme is notable for its logic, simplicity, and unification of fasteners. With this instruction, the assembly will be a pleasure!

But to avoid annoying misunderstandings, such as scratching, chipping, cracking of the material, you must follow the rules of operation. Do not have a cot bed closer than 70 cm to heating devices. Take care that the room is ventilated in a timely manner, and the air temperature does not fall below +8 degrees.

Furniture should be cleaned with special products designed to care for MDF and LDVP materials. You can independently prepare a soap solution that wipes the wooden surfaces of the baby bed, followed by dry soft cloth. Do not allow spills of any chemical solutions, alkalis, solvents on the furniture surface.

Watch the state of the fittings, and if necessary, tighten the screws with a key in a timely manner.Remember that hitting with heavy objects can cause mechanical damage. And the placement of heavy items causes the bedding of the cot to bend. It is forbidden to put spill containers, as well as any hot objects, inside the boxes. If you follow these simple rules, the Alice crib will delight your child and parents for a very long time!

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