Children's bed-bus

When setting up your child’s nursery, an important issue is choosing a bed for your miracle. The modern furniture market is oversaturated with various types of beds for children, and how can it not get confused? Among them are the usual beds and children's bed-bus.

Now the children at the peak of popularity are beds, the design of which resembles transport. And not only boys want such a bed for themselves, but girls also don't mind having a pink flowered bus instead of a regular bed.


Basically a bed-bus is made of two types of material.

  • LDSP and MDF. When buying a bed for children of these materials, do not be lazy to smell it. Different resins are used in the production of laminated wood laminates and MDF, dishonest manufacturers use toxic substances in the production of these materials, and the result can be caused by not only allergies from your child, but even poisoning. That is why it is so important to check the quality certificate for products from the material data.
  • Plastic. From it you can perform the details of any complexity.Even parts of these machines are often made from it. That is why the car beds look so much like real ones. PVC materials used in the manufacture of children's furniture must be not only durable, but also high-quality, meet all sanitary standards.


The colors of the bus beds are a huge variety, white, blue, green, red, pink and various shades of these colors. You can choose the color in accordance not only with the interior of the nursery, but with the preferences of your child, and not only the boy.


Bed-bus, basically there are two types:

  • bunk
  • loft bed

A bunk bed is suitable for two tomboy boys, but girls will also like it. Especially if the bus will model London Bus. This red bus was loved not only by the British, but also all over the world, and the children who have ever seen him live will be delighted to sleep on the bed in the form of such transport.

The bed attic will be convenient for installation in the small room where one child lives. Such a bed can not only save space, but also provide a nook to your child. At the bottom you can install a desk or sofa.

The same modification in the form of bus beds is represented by a wide range of models. A red car, very reminiscent of this model in reality, will not leave indifferent any boy. In addition, many cots in the form of a bus, truck, car, tank are equipped with luminous lights, illuminated bottom.

How to choose

Choosing a bed for children is very important.

  1. You should not choose a loft bed or a bunk bed to sleep a child under 6 years of age. It is quite traumatic. The child can not only fall from her during sleep or games, but also from the stairs, rising to the second floor.
  2. When choosing a bed, do not forget to consult your child regarding the color and model. A child even three years old can express his preference. By asking him about desires, you give the opportunity to grow up and learn to make decisions.
  3. The bed should be more than 30 cm in height of your child, and on condition that it is 50 cm in height. Then it will serve your child for more than one year.
  4. When buying a bed, check the documents for it, whether all the certificates are available for this product.


The bed-bus has a lot of positive reviews, children really like to sleep on them.The ability to retrofit the bed-bus game complex, makes them in the favorites of sales.

Design examples

  • London bus in the form of a bunk bed in the children's boys.
  • School bus with convenient steps-boxes.
  • Ferrari in the room of the future race car driver looks like a real one.
  • Thomas the train engine, equipped in the form of a crib, will be very popular with fans of this cartoon.
  • The bunk bed in the form of a tractor will emphasize the country style of the room and will appeal to boys.
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