Canopy on the crib

Every parent wants to ensure a calm and deep sleep for their baby. To do this, complete with a cot stores often offer canopies. However, such a purchase is not always successful and may not harmonize with the interior of the room. It is possible to buy a canopy separately or sew it yourself.

Features and benefits

The canopy is no longer a new piece of children's room interior. Previously, the canvas was used to protect the child from excess eyes and insects. Poor families used ordinary cotton, and the wealthier used silks and satin fabrics. Now the living conditions have changed radically, and the canopy is not so necessary. It has a rather decorative function.

So do you need a canopy? In general, yes. The canvas is made of lightweight fabrics and yet has several advantages:

  • Protects the baby from insects and too bright light;
  • Helps parents to accustom the child to the regime and thereby discipline;
  • It makes the bed space more comfortable and protected, which is psychologically necessary for babies.
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Basically the canopy hangs in the form of a tent. The advantages of this model are beauty, convenience and the creation of a cozy atmosphere. Tent pretty easy to make and do it yourself. In addition, in the center of the canopy successfully placed children's mobile or three-dimensional decorative elements in the form of fabric balls, flowers or animals.

Despite the advantages, there are those who oppose such a design. Some parents believe that the canopy is the so-called “dust collector”. Nevertheless, if you take a responsible approach to the choice of model and material, it will not deliver any inconvenience. In addition, all the dust just still settles on the fabric and does not fall into the lungs of a child.

The canvas, even from thin fabric will protect the baby from drafts.

The absolute disadvantage of the canopy is that it visually reduces the space of the room. Therefore, this design is not too suitable for small spaces.

Incorrectly chosen materials and the length of the canvases also cause a lot of trouble.Yes, and the room will always have to maintain order, so as not to spoil the look of the interior.


Most canopies are made of tulle. This material is lightweight, easy to clean and perfectly breathable. Still, to protect from the sun's rays, you should pay attention to cotton, satin and linen materials.

Very good for creating organza canopy. It is perfectly breathable, looks beautiful and easy to clean. It is enough just to wash the cloth and immediately hang it in place. Organza is easy to wash, dries quickly and does not require ironing.

Some parents hang double canopies, one of which is light, and the second of more dense material.

Dense canopies are good only in decorative compositions. For example, if the canopy is fixed on the wall and with oxen creeps to the floor, without covering the bed. Such options are acceptable for large beds and sofas.

Do not give preference to synthetic materials. Despite the variety of patterns and colors, as they trap air and contribute to the formation of the greenhouse effect. Yes, and some kids may have an allergic reaction.

Color solutions

The most popular shade, of course, is white. It creates the effect of lightness and weightlessness, and does not irritate the visual perception. In addition, the classic white color is very versatile, so harmoniously fit into any interior. Such a shade is in harmony with all colors and it will not be difficult to choose a shade of additional accessories to it.

Nevertheless, manufacturers provide a wide range of different shades, including everyone's favorite pink and blue. Also, there are unusual motley color combinations.

A canopy made of printed fabric will give originality to the interior and will be no less interesting to a child than a mobile or ruffle.

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How to choose

When choosing a canopy should prefer practicality. Because you need to pay attention to the quality of the material: natural fabric, easy to wash, dries quickly.

Bright prints on the canvas are acceptable for children from 5 years, as they independently determine the model and colors that they like it. It is better for newborn babies to take neutral pastel colors so that their color does not irritate them.

Regardless of the shape of the crib, the importance of the canopy is important:

  • For decorative purposes, tent-shaped awnings, short models and floor-length canvases tied with ribbons will be used.
  • In order to protect from light and insects, you should pay attention to models of medium length.
  • A “royal” canopy is perfect for a round bed for babies.
  • For girls, this model is also popular, especially in pink. After all, all the little girls dream of becoming fairy princesses.
  • And for boys choose, respectively, blue colors.

In general, the canopy in the form of a tent will become a beautiful play hut. However, the attachment must be very reliable, as the child during the game can strongly hurt the canvas.

In textile stores have the opportunity to purchase a kit for every taste. There are sets of canopy and sides. And you can purchase such a set in addition to bedding and even pillows. But it is much more interesting to make a canopy independently, especially since such a task is within the power of any hostess.

How to do it yourself

The easiest way to do a hanging canopy. Accordingly, it is necessary to hang the structure from the ceiling.

Tools and materials:

  • Long line or measuring tape;
  • Pencil;
  • Drill and screwdriver;
  • Dowel-nails;
  • Tape or tape - 4 m;
  • Planks made of wood with a length of 1 m - 2 pieces;
  • Cloth for canopy.
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First you need to make a markup on the ceiling. Pre-prepared strips should be the same length.

Next, we make the markup, where we will install the dowels. They must be parallel to each other and be in pairs. Between the rows of fasteners the gap should be 50 or 70 cm. If the bed is larger, then the gap is increased to 1 m.

Then mark the holes and install the dowels.

We attach tapes to fastenings so that the tape forms a loop. The length of the loop depends on the height of the ceiling, so you need to act on the situation. Although the average loop will be 40 cm.

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The fabric is prepared as follows:

  • The material for the canopy is taken equal to the height of the room, the size multiplied by 2. And additionally plus 2-3 meters.
  • In the center of a piece of cloth we measure a part equal to the distance between the dowels. You can add about 40 cm for beauty to create a sagging effect.
  • By marking you need to stitch the canvas, creating a drawstring.
  • We put on the drawstring of the strap and hang the canopy over the hinges.
  • For beauty and safety, we fix the cornices with caps.
  • We distribute the free edges of the canopy at the edges of the bed.
  • The canopy is ready.

In the same way you can make a round frame. Only this will require a hoop hoop.

Turn the room into royal chambers will help canopy on racks.

The canopy is located on a wooden frame, which in turn is held on racks.

What do you need:

  • Racks from a tree section 58kh58mm. It is possible to find racks with ready grooves. It will take 4 pieces.
  • Wooden beams, equal in length to the sides of the bed - 4 pieces.
  • Glue.
  • Screws.
  • Wooden tips - 4 pieces.
  • Decorative linings for them - 4 pieces.
  • Dowels - 4 pieces.
  • Fabric for canopy - 10 meters.

We join the beams with glue and fasten with screws to assemble the frame. Further, if desired, it is possible to coat the structure with varnish or stain and dry it.

Install the frame so that the racks touch the corners of the bed.

The final touch is to straighten the fabric on the beams and drape it to your taste.

If the bed initially has a stand, then you can simply stretch the cords between them. Textile is stretched on the improvised frame. The canopy is ready.

How to hang over the bed

In the case when the canopy with a bed is a single structure, the fabric is mounted on a hanging tripod. Fastening can be done in two ways: at the head of the crib or on the side wall.

If the canopy is attached above the head, the design will protect the baby from head to middle of the body, and the fabric will not move down.

First you need to collect and attach a tripod. It is a straight bottom and a metal tube bent from above with a loop for a canopy. Next is to determine the location of the structure. When installing a canopy over the long side of the bed, the canopy will evenly cover the whole space, and if over the short one, the bed will only partially cover.

Equally important is the mount height of the tripod. You can adjust it by installing the bottom of the tube on the wall of the bed. For convenience of operation the support understands on details.

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The ready-made canopy has drawers for threading in a tripod. If there are several, then the result is beautiful folds. Next, the design is put on the holder and tightened with screws on the wall of the bed.In any case, the instruction manual and the fastener itself are always attached to the purchase sets. The final touch will be the camouflage of the tripod ring with ribbons or lambrequins.

If you do not plan to move the bed, it will be safer to fix the canopy directly on the ceiling. For this you need to make a cornice. A metal strip or wooden stick is fastened with screws to the ceiling by pre-marking. Then the fabric is hung and ribbons or lambrequins can also be attached to the construction.

The frame for the canopy is easy to install yourself. The simplest is a U-shaped or semicircle barbell. In this case, the fabric is put on the barbell, and it, in turn, is mounted above the bed on the ceiling.

Another simple method is the usual embroidery hoop. The canvas is mounted on a small circle, clamped second and the design is ready. It can be hung on a wall or on a hook in the ceiling.

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The so-called “royal” canopy looks luxurious and elegant. Perhaps the assembly design looks complicated. But putting it is much easier than it seems.

For the frame fit a simple profile cornice.Fasten the ceiling cornice or metal pipe around the perimeter, equal to the size of the bed. You must first put the rings for the fabric on the pipe, then you can mount the frame under the ceiling.

You can put metal or wooden supports in the corners of the bed, and connect them to each other with pipes or beams. The design is ready.

The canopy originally attached to the bracket in the wall looks original. True, this method of mounting more decorative. But you can decorate the canvas with everyone, without exception: from the embroidered appliqués to the garlands and ribbons woven into the design. The result is a beautiful element of the interior.

When choosing material supports and fasteners, it is worth remembering the safety of the child, since the design must be durable and processed. Otherwise, the canopy can collapse, and the stand to scratch the skin.

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How much is

The prices for a canopy depend on the configuration of the kit, the material of the fabric, the type of construction and the method of its fastening.

A single canopy on average will cost about 1,000 rubles from cotton fabrics. Accordingly, flax, organza or silk will cost a little more.Also, the kit may include additional ruffles, pelmets and even bumpers on the wall of the bed with a full set of bed linen.

In a single version, the canopy mounting structure is not expensive. For example, a floor stand will cost only 400 rubles, and a bedside holder - from 300 rubles.

The most budgetary option would, of course, be to buy fabric and materials for construction in specialized stores. A hand-made canopy not only will meet all the requirements of the owners, but will also be a matter of pride.


As they say, how many people - so many opinions.

After studying the conflicting reviews of buyers on the forums, the conclusion is obvious - the canopy is a very necessary thing.

Many mommies choose this accessory long before the birth of the baby. Preference is given to models only partially covering the bed, since there is a risk that the baby will be afraid of limited space.

Yet users have noted the positive impact of the canopy on children. They consider beautiful curtains for a long time and fall asleep better. And after that they play with their improvised lock.Many remove the canopy by 2 years due to its uselessness.

And for those who are especially sunk into the soul of such a design, they convert the canopy into a game tent.

Contrary to the opinion of the “dust collector”, it is advised to wash the fabric at least once every 2 weeks. That's the whole care. And in small rooms, an atmosphere of comfort is created, despite the ability of the canopy to visually reduce space.

Interesting solutions in interior design

As a rule, the canopy should reach the base of the bed. There are exceptions.

For example, for newborns, the best option would be the length that covers the walls by 3 quarters. For older children, you can hang the canvas to the floor. The main thing is that the canopy does not create inconvenience.

Shops also offer short models, but their function is nothing more than decorative.

The upper part is often collected in voluminous folds or frills, and the fabric itself is sheathed with appliqués, ruffles and lace. Bottom of the design can also be decorated with ruffles and lace, and you can just leave the free edges without finishing. All this is a matter of taste.

For a harmonious combination of a canopy with the interior of a room, it is enough that some elements of the canopy are combined in color with furniture.The easiest way would be to trim the bottom of the curtains and the edges of the canopy with the same ruffles or ribbons.

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Special beauty is given to the canopy of the garland, fixed both on the fabrics themselves and separately hanging. They can always be moved or arranged as a simple figure.

Original and fabulous will be the method of mounting the canopy "sail". There is a canopy, but it hangs only for beauty. But it creates the effect of airiness and mystery.

It is amazing how easy the canopy above the bed transforms and refreshes the interior of the room. A crib looks like a little fairy-tale world.

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