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The birth of a baby is the most touching event in the life of each family. On the shoulders of parents immediately fall numerous worries about a small person, the first of which is to ensure a healthy and safe sleep for the development of the child. The side pillows in the crib for children from 0 years old are a good protection against accidental injuries and external influences. The design of accessories is so diverse that it is not difficult to choose the desired option depending on the type of fabric and filler, the method of attachment, the interior of the room and the floor of the child.

In this article we will try to uncover all the secrets of how to choose the sides in the crib for a boy.


Many mothers often doubt the purchase of flat pillows in the crib. There are many fears - this is excessive dust accumulation on such structures, which may cause allergies in the newborn, as well as safety of the sides and additional financial costs for the accessory, which may be unclaimed.

Consider its main advantages:

  • pillows protect baby from possible injuries - after knowing the world around it, the child can easily get hurt about the bars of the bed;
  • draft protection, and also from the daytime sun that will ensure a quiet and comfortable sleep of the child. Such pillows are especially useful if the bed is in the parents' room or the apartment is completely studio. The sides will provide relative noise insulation and cover from artificial lighting;
  • You can create a unique design with the help of flat pillows. the bed of the boy or with their help harmoniously fit the cot into the general interior of the room;
  • pockets can be sewn on the sides from the outside for storage nipples, bottles, rattles. Now important things will always be at hand.

Making sure that the side in the bed is needed, you can proceed to the selection of accessories.

the cloth

The fabric for the sides should be natural, not causing allergies. It should not attract dust, electrify. In addition, the pillows will often have to be washed, which means that the fabric must be durable. The best material that would meet all these requirements, moms with experience is called calico. The sides of this fabric are not afraid of multiple washes - the material does not shrink, does not fade and does not fade in the sun, the pattern remains bright for a long time.Most importantly, the calico is completely natural and safe for the baby.

Choosing a filler

When buying or sewing flat pillows is better to abandon foam rubber. This synthetic material can cause allergies in the child, and is deformed during washing.

Sintepon and holofiber - perhaps the best choice. Both fillers are completely natural. When buying pillows with padding polyester, please note that they are sewn around the perimeter in several places. The fact is, the material may slightly sit down when washed. Holofiber with time practically does not shrink.

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Mounting method

Most often the sides are attached with ties to the tape. This type of design looks very beautiful. For a boy, you can pick up blue or blue ribbons to match the basic color of the pillows.

Popular methods of attachment are elastic bands, velcro, buttons.

They provide fixation of the side and easy removal of pillows for washing.

Tapes, velcro and buttons are suitable for newborns. For older children who are actively starting to explore the world, it is better to choose the option with locks. They will provide reliable fixation of fastening of flat pillows.


There are different types of bumpers:

  • small ideal for a baby up to 5 months or six months. Low sides will provide the good review, and at the same time will serve as reliable protection against injuries;
  • high types of pillows are good for older children. Softly wrapping the bed, the pillows will prevent the active baby from falling.
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There are options for the sides on all four sides of the crib, and only two. The choice depends on individual preferences in favor of a particular model.

For older children there is a version of the “Kid” chair-bed with sides, which will serve not only as a safe berth, but also as a whole playground.

As for the choice of colors for the side of a boy, the models presented in the stores are striking in their diversity.

Traditionally, you can give preference to the blue-blue tones in a single color scheme or with a pattern. Today, pastel shades are becoming increasingly popular with moms. Light beige, pale lilac, green, lilac will fit well into any interior.

The sides with prints of fairytale heroes, star and sea themes are very popular.

The sales hit has long been pillows in the form of images of homeanimals around the perimeter of the crib.

Not finding your favorite option, you can always sew a side to your taste.

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