Bed for the boy

The loft bed is a multifunctional furniture, which successfully combines a lot of drawers, shelves, a place for games, a boy's study with a berth at the top.

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Features and benefits

The main advantage of such a bed is compactness. It combines the functions of a table, a wardrobe, a place for toys and a sports projectile; it takes up little space. Organically fit into any area of ​​the children's room. It is especially important when there is not enough space and there is no possibility to install a lot of furniture for all the necessary.

If you want to teach the child to order, the loft bed will be your assistant in this matter. The baby will know where the thing has a place, and will clean it immediately after use.

There is a wide range of such beds. You can choose the option that is suitable for a specific children's room in color, shape and content. Also, many manufacturers make such furniture according to individual customer sketches.


Bed components may vary.

For pre-school children, a good solution would be a bed with a play area.. On the lower tier can be located a table for drawing, whiteboard, various educational games. Also there can be all kinds of drawers for toys and shelves for books. On the upper tier will be the bed itself. You can climb there with the help of steps or the ladder.

The option of a bed with a working area is more suitable for boys of school age and teenagers. The bedroom is separated from the work area by partitions. Often these partitions serve as bookshelves and as drawers for personal items. Every boy will like that the bed is upstairs, because there is no need to make a bed every day.

The design may include a full cabinet. There you can store your clothes, shoes and sports equipment. If there is no cabinet, then there should be many drawers and other components for the convenience of the student.

For a boy's bed can be ordered in the form of a pirate ship, bus, plane.

How to choose

Among the large number of proposals you need to choose what is right for your child.It should take into account his hobbies, lifestyle, favorite colors and design of the children's room.

Separately pay attention to the structural strength and quality of the materials used. Check that the paints and varnishes are not toxic, and the furniture should not have a sharp smell of chemistry. Details must be clearly fitted. On the upper tiers are required bumpers.

We consider age

If you buy a bed for a child aged 3-4 years, then it is worthwhile to dwell on a model with a play area. As the material is to choose a tree or chipboard. The product made of wood will be more durable and environmentally friendly, but quite expensive. In the second version, the loft bed will be more affordable and in color.

For children of preschool age, from 5 to 7 years, it is worth thinking about the availability of a table for classes, a place for the first library and school supplies. Volumetric toys in a child at this age becomes smaller than in a baby, so you should choose a model of the bed, where there are many small compartments.

When buying a bed for a boy over 10 years old, you need to remember that this is an already formed personality. In addition to a place to sleep, you need a desktop with a place for a computer and a wardrobe.You can choose a model with a horizontal bar, rope or wall bars, because the growing body needs exercise. Give preference to models made of metal, such a bed is able to withstand heavy loads, compared to wooden products.

Interesting solutions in interior design

Choosing a loft bed in the boy's room, you give him a unique feeling. It will not be just a bedroom, it will be his little world. You can be a pirate, a dashing pilot, racer or the owner of the treasure cave.

  • If the bedroom is very small, you can choose a compact model. Part of the items will be folding. If necessary, the table will be hidden, and the steps will be combined with drawers for personal items. These loft beds are suitable for apartments with low ceilings.
  • For teens will be useful beds - transformers. As a rule, the elements of the lower tier are foldable; the table can be expanded into a second bed. There are models in which the elements of the lower tier have wheels. This allows you to hide the bed under the table when the child is awake.
  • Some teens are afraid of heights. For them, there is a special option: the bed is located downstairs, it extends out of the niche while sleeping. Above the bed there is a working space with a desk and a wardrobe.When buying this option of a bed, parents may not be afraid that the child will fall down in a dream.
  • In a family where there are two or more children, an attic bed is simply indispensable. There are models with two berths and a common playing or working space. Berths can be located parallel to each other or perpendicular. In empty spaces, you can arrange the transforming tables for study and games.
  • Beds with a sofa downstairs are good because during the day the lower berth can be assembled. Additional space appears in the room, and the child’s friends have a place to stay in a small company. Tables in this model, as a rule, folding, or are separately.

Little about security

Choosing a loft bed, pay attention to such moments:

  1. fittings must be durable so that the entire structure functions correctly
  2. the ladder should be comfortable for the child
  3. Be sure to have high bumpers to prevent falling.

In addition, the bed should be in a well-ventilated place.

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