Loft bed with play area

A loft bed with a play area is a convenient and multifunctional invention of designers and furniture designers. The combination of recreation and entertainment seems ingenious and at the same time a simple solution. Such children's furniture will fit especially well into the interior of a small apartment, where every square centimeter counts. And now in the furniture market you can find many options: with slides, swings, in the form of buses, houses and castles. The game zone can be located both below and above.

Solid benefits

This design is absolutely safe for the child, as it was originally intended for gaming activities. She is not afraid of jumping and running around, unlike ordinary beds. Security measures designers and developers clearly thought out. Two tiers stand tight on the floor, maintaining balance. Thanks to special fastenings and high wear resistance, the loft bed can be equipped with a rope, bars, a punching bag.

This model of children's furniture is made in bright colors and has an unusual design.therefore, it will become an original part of the interior and a key part of the room. The bottom usually has a playing area, and the bed - at the top. This adds neatness and accuracy, because the bed is out of sight. On the lower tier, you can not only have fun, there you can easily organize a training area. This is a kind of constructor that can be modified depending on the change in the age of the child and his changing interests.

Interesting solutions

For children from 3 years old you can already choose and buy a loft bed with a play area. In the lower tier, you can arrange the table, shelves with toys and designers, boxes for storing all sorts of things. This zone can easily become a creative workshop and laboratory for the first experiments.

For the little ones, a model with a roll-out table, a wardrobe and a place for arranging a working area is perfect. The loft bed is made of laminated chipboard and decorated with photo printing in the form of a funny turtle. This design will save a lot of space if the nursery is small. There are lockers for storing clothes, as well as three drawers.The color scheme combines light and dark shades of brown, so this model will easily fit into any interior.

For those who have already grown up, fit a more complex structure. The model of milky-green shade will add light and color and comfort to the nursery, visually expand it. The stairs are made of chrome pipes, there is a wardrobe, shelves and a work area. The berth is equipped with a safe side. The model is very functional and takes up little space, and the bright color can lift your spirits.

For boys and girls

A cozy pink house is perfect for a girl. From an early age it will help the little princess to feel like the real mistress of her mini-castle. The bed and play area are made of solid pine and decorated with bright pink textiles. This cozy corner is equipped with a steady staircase and a fun slide. The house even has a fabric door and colorful curtains.

Young mischievous, future drivers will enjoy the automotive theme. The loft bed can be made in the form of a double-decker bus plying the streets of London. Red double-decker is just like the real thing.He has wheels, windshield, which reflects the famous British sights. The bed is located on the second floor, where a neat staircase leads ..

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