Children's loft bed

Features and benefits

Almost all the children want to have a loft bed in their room, because this design will take the baby, he will be able to play in his room, climbing up and going down. A standard loft bed looks like a bed with supports or long legs-supports. Its main advantage can be considered that it allows you to save room space, so these models are very relevant for small children. Thanks to this unusual bed arrangement, you occupy both the upper and lower space of the room.

If the bed itself is at a high level, then at the bottom you can place a table for a computer or a lesson. At the top you can arrange shelves for books or textbooks. It is best to buy such high beds for a child over two years old. In the case when the bed design is low, then in its base you can arrange lockers, drawers, shelves, hangers for children's clothes and even a whole chest of drawers.

Below you can also place your child’s favorite toys. Under such a bed with sufficiently high legs, you can place a whole area for games, as well as a cottage hut. For a girl, you can arrange a dollhouse at the bottom of the bed. Small children like it very much when the play area is located next to the crib, since the little ones will have the opportunity to fall asleep next to their favorite toys.

The children's loft bed, located in the corner of the nursery, takes up very little space, so it can be installed even in the smallest room. And if you have a studio apartment or a studio apartment, the perfect solution would be to arrange such a compact children's corner. Such a corner with a loft bed can include the bed itself on long supports, and wardrobes with clothes and things, and a desk, and a play area.


Now manufacturers create many models of loft beds with two or more functional tiers, each of which represents a separate zone. You can choose both a mini model for one child and a large set of furniture for two children. For one child, as a rule, they choose a simpler type of loft bed with a compact berth with high legs.This design has a side ladder in order to climb it directly onto the bed. The place at the top and bottom of such a model is very easy to furnish on your own, depending on the age of the son or daughter.

If there is one baby in the family, you can purchase an attic bed in which the place to sleep will literally be suspended from the ceiling. The advantage of this type of bed is to make room at the bottom. The main thing is to firmly secure the child’s sleeping place so that it is suspended as safely as possible.

In the children's room for 2 children it is possible to arrange a loft bed with two tiers. This type of bed is distinguished by the presence of two beds, one of which is located at the top, the other at the bottom. Manufacturers are many models for two children. A very interesting decision is to purchase a loft bed with two beds, which are located not directly one under the other, but with a shift to the side. In addition, there are even types of beds-attics for two children, in which one bed is placed perpendicular to the other.

A loft bed for two children, besides a couple of sleeping places,it is equipped with one large or two compact desks, and also has the necessary bookshelves and wardrobes for children's clothes. There are also catwalk models for three children, in which the sleeping places are placed on different tiers, if your house has sufficiently high ceilings. An alternative are models for three children with one or more pull-out beds, which during the day can be very compactly pushed back, like a regular box.

This loft bed is a whole complex of necessary furniture for your children, located compactly. This unusual element of the interior will bring comfort to the nursery. Kids will be happy to play in such a complex and will not be afraid to stay in such a room alone.

With a play area

If you have small children, then for them the most interesting type of construction will be an attic bed with a play area. As a rule, this type of loft bed has one bed at the top and a play area at the bottom, but there are also models with two slightly perpendicular beds and a play area. The second version has a less spacious play area, so for two children there may be a little crowded, especially during active games.An alternative would be an unusual model of a bed with a play area, when such a zone is located at the top of the bed.

Play area on top will suit your kiddies. It can be presented in the form of an attic in the literal sense or in the form of a tent, where children are very interested to play. Manufacturers also present models of loft beds with a top play area in the form of a house. Playing in such a zone, children will fantasize that they are in a tree house or a high castle.

One more favorite children's version of a bed attic is a combination of a sleeping and game zone with a hill. In this case, the child will be able to ride down the hill at home, in safety. This is especially true when the weather is bad and there is no opportunity for walking. The sleeping area can be located at the top, so in the morning the baby can go down for games down, sliding down the slide, and the second option is the location of the sleeping area below, where the baby will roll, playing enough in the area for games. And the slide can be both straight and open, and even closed screw that looks very interesting and unusual.

A loft bed with a play area will be more expensive than the classic models of this bed. If you are counting on a more budget solution, then you can purchase a simplified model, or a half-ticket in which you can independently furnish the playing area by purchasing a standard set of toys. You can protect it with curtains, on which you can draw or sew windows or doors. The hands can make a very cozy playing area. For such creativity is perfect angular model of the loft bed.

For a baby, it is better to purchase a low bed so that it would be easy for him to go down to the play area. A low loft bed will be convenient for both children and parents, since it will be easy for you to remove toys from the second tier if the play area is at the top, or to put the baby to sleep, if there is a sleeping zone on the second tier.

With study area

This type of loft bed is more suitable for more adult, studying children and preschoolers. In this type of loft bed a place to sleep is placed at the top, and the workplace in the form of a table with a computer and the necessary shelves is located below. There are also models with a wardrobe and a table that are on the side, and the bed can have two tiers with two beds, which is very convenient if you have two children.

For a child of preschool age is better to buy a compromise version of the loft bed. It will consist of a sleeping area, a play area, and also a study area. But, as a rule, this furniture complex is intended only for one child. This model is very versatile, because it is perfect for kids and for older children.

A loft bed will contribute to a more productive learning process, because the child will be very comfortable in such an integrated area. Usually it is possible to assemble these types of beds on different sides, depending on the layout of the room. For beds, attics with a working area, designers provide a special opening on the side, so that daylight can flow through it, which is very convenient and, moreover, useful for the eyes.

With seating area

This type of loft bed is a larger piece of interior, which has a sleeping area above, and below it includes a working area and a rest area with a sofa. A loft bed with a sofa downstairs is more suitable for a teenager. This is very convenient, especially if your child is often visited by friends and girlfriends, because they can sit together and play on the couch.For younger kids, designers offer interesting solutions for sofas that are built into the attic bed, in the form of soft toys, cartoon characters or with their images.

In addition to the function of rest, the sofa can perform the function of an extra bed. In addition, the couch in the attic can be expanded, getting another place to sleep. It is very convenient, with such an arrangement of beds you can very well save space in the nursery.


The bed attic can be both metal, and wooden. The most popular models are made of wood, since such a wooden bed is a very durable and reliable product, but at the same time it is quite light. The loft bed made of wood looks very aesthetically pleasing and beautiful, this design is perfect for almost any room interior design.

The bed attic from the massif is the most environmentally friendly option. During the shaping of such material, manufacturers do not use non-natural substances, and harmful resins are not used for bonding structural elements. The most affordable price is pine, and the most reliable and resistant are beds made of beech and oak.

Very popular are also models of beds-attics from combined materials, since they have a lower price, but at the same time they are no less reliable and of high quality. In the manufacture of the frame part of such models using wood, and when creating shelves, boards, tabletops, cabinet bases use materials such as fibreboard, oriented chipboard, laminated wood boards and other materials. When choosing a loft bed for a child, it is important to consider that such slabs must meet all safety requirements. As a rule, such products are marked with a class designation; E1 or lower classes are permissible. Varieties class above are considered unsafe for children.

The loft bed can also be made of metal. The frame of this product is made of copper or steel pipes, which are hollow inside. These pipes are covered on top with polymeric spraying or decorative powder spraying. This design is fairly light and stable. More interesting stylistic solutions are models with a chrome coating.

The weight of a metal bed is rather small, it is reliable, but the metal has the property of cooling down rather quickly, so the bed will be cold. As a rule, a metal loft bed is purchased for children from the age of five years, since it is not completely safe. An alternative is a loft bed made from a combination of metal and other warmer and safer materials. So, such models of beds with plywood or with a wooden frame are very popular.

Color solutions

Usually, such an unusual element as a loft bed, leaves the basis of the interior of the children's room, so all other pieces of furniture and interior design in general are selected in harmonious shades. All items of furniture in the children's room should be harmonious, but fairly bright ensemble, so that the child does not get bored in his room. For a boy, it is better to choose a model of brighter tones, green, blue and red colors are ideal. Boys will also appreciate the bright loft beds, made in the form of a train or a car.

For girls usually choose more gentle and romantic tones. White models of loft beds look very elegant in the nursery of the girl. Babies prefer pastel shades more: pale pink, pale blue or light yellow tones. But for energetic children it is better to get a brighter loft bed of orange or lilac color. Bed loft for girls can be issued in the form of a magic castle of unusual colors with a silver plated coating.

How to choose

When choosing a loft bed for a child, the main thing is to pay attention to the reliability of the design, since such beds have an unsafe element - a ladder along which your baby will climb very often. Therefore, make sure that the ladder is securely fixed, that it has a stable and comfortable construction and that the distances between the links are quite spacious, but not too large. Also, check how high the safety loft bed is. The distances between the ceiling and the bed, as well as between the bed and the lower part of the structure, are sufficient so that your child does not hit these elements.

When choosing a bed for a child from the age of 2 years, give preference to models in which the bed is located quite low, at a distance of about a meter from the floor.At the bottom of this design can accommodate roomy boxes for toys and baby clothes. This is a very convenient and compact piece of furniture that takes up very little space in the room. For children from 3 years also choose low beds, but on the lower tier of this, although low, but quite roomy design, you can place a lot of necessary things and toys. You can even arrange the table top or play area in the form of a tent, which will definitely delight the kid.

For older children from 5 years old, it is better to choose a loft bed with a sleeping area located higher. The bed should be located at a distance of one and a half meters so that many necessary items fit in the lower part. On the lower tier, you can arrange a large playing area or even a whole sports wall. When choosing a loft bed, pay attention to the model with a slide, which will delight your child. He will be able to descend from the upper tier to the lower, having merrily rolled down.

When choosing a model loft bed for children of preschool and school age, it is better to give preference to the design, where less space is reserved for the play area. In this case, the bottom is better to place the usual shelves for toys and more space is given to the working area in the form of a written or computer desk. It is best to choose a half-meter bed with a skillful combination of furniture designs for both study and games.

For a child a little older or a teenager, it is better to purchase a model loft bed above one and a half meters, so that such a model can accommodate both a place to sleep and necessary cabinets, shelves and a computer desk. If the construction of such a loft bed is rather large, it is possible to provide on the first tier even a seating area in the form of a sofa or ottomans, if the size of such a product allows. When choosing a model loft bed for a teenager, give preference to options that are made in calmer colors, it is important to pay attention to the style of this product. Such a design should fit well into the situation of the room of your son or daughter and should have a stylish and relevant design.

When choosing a loft bed for a child of any age, remember that this product must not only withstand the weight of the child, but also maintain stability during active movements and games of the baby.Try to choose the most reliable and convenient model. Moreover, it is important that such a model was convenient to use not only for children, but also for parents during a small street or during games with children. You get only safe models of the highest quality materials. In addition, when choosing a specific model and color solution of the loft bed, consider the sex and age of your child.

Top manufacturers

To date, almost all furniture manufacturers offer many models of loft beds. If you want to purchase an attic bed with a unique design that will be made individually for you, you can order such a design in the furniture salon by providing drawings with the desired product or explain to the master in words what elements you specifically want to see in this design. If you prefer to buy a finished product with a more versatile design, you can order an attic bed via the Internet.

Such domestic brands of these products as Fairy Tale, Flight, Kid, Catwalk, Funky Solo-1, Legend, Jaroff, Funky, Orbita and many others are very popular.

One of the most popular is the IKEA store, which offers a wide selection of models of beds-attics.


Analysis of the reviews shows that owners of apartments with a small area very often acquire a loft bed in the children's room. It is noted that such a product takes up very little space, looks very unusual and is not at all cumbersome. The most convenient buyers consider the angular location of the loft bed.

Buyers also write that children like such an interesting piece of furniture. If there is a play area in this design, kids can play for a long time in the kids area and not distract parents from household chores.

Parents also note the high functionality of the loft bed and its compactness. Most buyers prefer designs made of wood, because they are the most reliable and natural.

Interesting solutions in interior design

The loft bed looks very good if it is decorated in the same theme as the children's room. And you can give preference to the fairy-tale themes or themes of cartoons. For girls more suitable room with a loft bed, which is made in soft colors.The bed in this case can be decorated with curtains or a canopy. You can decorate the room with wallpapers with images of your child’s favorite characters, and decorate the attic bed with the same toys or stickers.

For a boy, an interesting design solution will be the design of a loft bed in a nautical style or in a pirate style. In this case, the boxes can be replaced with "treasure chests", where you can store toys. One of the favorite for boys is also the automotive theme of the nursery with a loft bed.

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