Wooden cots for babies

One of the primary tasks before the birth of a child is the choice of a cot, because it must be comfortable, convenient to use, safe and durable. Manufacturers of children's furniture offer a huge range of products of various forms and from various materials. The most common and most common are wooden beds for newborns.

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Basic wood species

Choosing a bed made of natural wood should, first of all, pay attention to the breed from which it is made. The simplest and cheapest beds are made of solid pine. It is rather soft material, and, as a result, not durable. When the first teeth appear in the child, there is a great risk that he will begin to nibble the sides and easily bite off the pieces. Therefore, it is better to choose a bed of more hardwoods.

Oak, maple, alder, birch, and beech are more durable species.The beds made of them differ in weight and appearance.

Lacquer coating

Particular attention should be paid to the varnish used when covering the bed. It must be environmentally friendly and harmless. Varnish should not be too much, otherwise the child will begin to bite off and swallow the pieces.

Choosing a product, do not hesitate to smell it - the smell of lacquer should be subtle, mix with the slight smell of wood.


In a crib, a newborn child spends most of the time, so it must be comfortable to pack and retrieve the baby, to rock it. All sides, as a rule, are made not from a solid board, but with a grill to make the child comfortable.

All wooden beds can be divided into three types:

  • Not swinging. This is the easiest type of beds, with ordinary legs, to which the wheels are sometimes attached.
  • On runners. The crib legs from the end side are attached to the skids, which allows you to gently swing the child.
  • Pendulum. The most beloved by parents of the type of cots, making it easy to rock the baby. The mechanism of the pendulum is embedded between the legs, and, if necessary, dismantled. Cots come with a transverse and longitudinal pendulum.

In addition, the beds vary in type of design - with removable side rims, with the ability to adjust the height of the bottom, with an additional bottom drawer. It is very convenient when the side panels are provided with silicone lining that protects the bed from the child’s teeth, and the child from eating wood and varnish.


Special attention is given to transforming beds, which are a furniture group from a cot, a dresser on the side and two lower drawers. When the child grows up, the chest of drawers moves aside separately, which increases the size of the bed. This design significantly saves space in the bedroom and budget.


Most Russian manufacturers of children's furniture produce beds with a bed of a standard size of 120 * 60 cm, designed for children from 0 to 4 years old (external dimensions are approximately 128 * 68 cm). The same size produced mattresses.

The size of European beds is slightly different - 125 * 65 cm, but they are designed for children of the same age group.

Also produce cribs sized 140 * 70 cm, designed for children from 0 to 7 years. Such beds can be transformed over time into a sofa.

Transforming cots have two standard sizes - 160 * 60 cm and 170 * 60 cm.

Cost of

The cost of a baby cot depends on many factors: manufacturer, used wood, model and availability of accessories.

The price for the simplest Russian-made copies can start from 2-2.5 000 rubles, to rocking beds from 4-5,000 rubles, to pendulum beds from 6-8,000 rubles. Domestic beds transformers can cost from 9 000 rubles.

Cots from European manufacturers are, as a rule, several times more expensive. For example, the price for the Fiorellino Zolly rocking bed without additional accessories is 17,850 rubles, and for the Italian Baby Italia pendulum bed from 55,000 rubles. Prices for designer European beds are at the level of 90-100 000 rubles. and higher.

How to choose

Choosing a crib for a child, do not rush. Compare prices in stores and online stores (in the first prices, as a rule, a little higher). Do not neglect the opportunity to buy a cot with hands. For three years of operation, a high-quality cot does not lose its presentation, and you can buy a good product for half the price.

Talk to friends who already have children.Many mothers point out that children fall asleep better if the crib has a longitudinal and not a transverse pendulum. Think about whether it makes sense to buy a crib "for growth" and the functionality of accessories. If you already have a chest of drawers, then it makes no sense to take a crib with a bottom drawer. And it often happens that for the first three years the child generally sleeps with his parents, and the bed is unnecessary.

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