Sofa in a nursery for the boy

Equipping a children's room, many parents face the choice of whether to set up a regular bed or a comfortable sofa in the room. And how should the sofa be in the boy's room?

Features and benefits

For a small-sized children's room, a great bed replacement is a sofa.

The child does not jump on the bed, all the linen is cleaned and remains clean

No need to fix the cover all the time.

The sofa in any case looks tidier, you can sit on it yourself and sit down friends.

Crumbs that may be in the room will not fall on the bed.

A small sofa will take less space than a bed.

The artistic variety of sofas is much greater than that of the beds. Various shapes, textures and colors give space to designers for interior decoration.

Psychologists recommend that boys under three years of age sleep exclusively on the bed. This is due to the fact that children clearly distinguish the place where they need to sleep, and can independently learn how to fall asleep.By passing the above-mentioned age, you can safely buy in a children's sofa and shift your child to it.

In addition, the soft upholstery of the sofa will prevent possible injuries.

The disadvantages of installing a sofa are that your boy at a young age is unlikely to cope with the daily folding it. The sliding mechanism may break when used frequently.

Sleep on it is quite comfortable, especially if you choose a model with an orthopedic base.

Also, modern sofas are mostly equipped with drawers for storing bedding. Additional cabinets will not be needed.


Despite the fact that the production of children's sofas put forward particularly high demands, their manufacturers do not seek to reduce the number of products. On the contrary, sofas for children are improving, and their range is increasing.

First of all, sofas are divided into two groups:

  • Bed sofa. Sofas that are designed in addition to the main function also for sleeping.
  • Sofas on which you can only sit.

Among the first group meets sofa Baby. It is perfect for a small room, as it takes up very little space when folded. In the unfolded state a full bed.Sofa Baby or some manufacturers sofa Baby - an excellent solution. In the folded state, he is of himself, he usually represents a very small sofa, more like a chair with a slightly increased seat.

Typically, such a mini-sofa moves forward, but there are options when it unfolds to the side, thereby extending the seat, and allowing the child to sleep quite comfortably on such a sofa.

Another representative of this group is a convertible sofa, which is usually used for an apartment. If the room is large, then it can be easily entered into it. Especially such a sofa would be appropriate in a room with a baby, when parents have to spend nights there without a break. Transformer is usually chosen for children with a variant of the mechanism of eurobook. It allows you to easily decompose the sofa, while even a small child can cope with it.

An excellent option for the boy’s children's room would be a sofa with an orthopedic mattress. This will not only be a place for games, but a full-fledged comfortable bed, which is important for a children's spine. Such sofas in children's form usually look very much like a bed, only have three wooden backs.Having added pillows to it, we will receive a beautiful and fashionable sofa.

But there are sofas, and not intended to sleep. They are mainly used for gaming corner. In the area for the game, frameless forms that are not very traumatic and will fit perfectly into any interior of the nursery will work best. But there are sofas that are not intended for sleeping.

It is also very convenient to equip the lower tier of the loft bed with a sofa. The child will be where to stay with the book and the game. The attic sofa is convenient because there is a bed with a sleeping place that suits your boy and on which neither the child nor his friends have to sit, and the sofa, at the same time, does not have to be disassembled daily for sleeping. And if your child has friends with an overnight stay, they will be where to place.

Color solutions

Color solutions for children's sofas are huge. You can pick them up for any interior.

Here you can find the whole palette of colors, and you can also choose any print from geometric shapes, peas, colors to multgeroes. For the boy, the overall color of the sofa plays a minor role. It can be blue, gray, brown green. For him, drawing is more important.Ideally, if there will be handwheels or rockets, but he will not give up on multguerais either. If you turn the sofa with the help of color into a part of the game complex, for example, a ship, then your tomboy will definitely not remain indifferent.

What sofa definitely has no place in the nursery, so it is white. The children's room remains a nursery, there may be spilled juice, paints, and markers. Even from the most modern coatings all this will be hard to clean. And if you decided to buy a white sofa, buy a case for it right away. The only place where the white color of the sofa can be allowed is the room of a very pedantic teenager.

Components and accessories

When choosing a sofa for a boy, you need to pay special attention to the accessories, since the sofa will have to withstand quite childish loads, and your child will not miss the opportunity to run and jump on it. Therefore, when buying, choose a sturdy sofa with a metal mechanism. It will last longer, and the metal base will not break under the children's jumps.

Accessories are very important in order to help the sofa fit into the overall interior of the room.Pillows with an anchor print or a steering wheel, rockets or soccer balls are perfect for a sofa in a boy's room.

It is also very convenient to pick up a blanket in order to avoid quick soiling and abrasion of the surface of the sofa. In the nursery it is better to choose in the form of a cover. It is easy to wear, and this cover will not slip. It is better to choose a case made of natural fabrics, but modern synthetic materials are slightly inferior to natural ones. But they better wash off all sorts of childish pranks.

How to choose

Your boy, of course, needs to choose the sofa in the nursery first of all in terms of functionality - will he sleep on it or will it be an extra place where the child can sit and play.

If you choose a sofa for sleeping, it is better to buy furniture with an orthopedic base. Children from 3 to 5 years old can buy a baby sofa. They have enough space, both in width and in length.

Older children, years old with 7, 8, are better off choosing fully-fledged sofas so that they are not cramped and comfortable. The folding mechanism is better to choose roll-out, then your boy can easily cope with it independently. Sofas for children in the play area can be any.If you add functionality to them, then you can arrange guests for the night. But you can choose simple frameless sofas. They will be a great addition to the nursery. By the way, you can make them yourself.

Top models rating

But which model is better to choose your boy.

Polo - this model can be chosen in both straight and angular form. This sofa is perfect teenager. And with the vykatny mechanism he will easily cope with it.

Dolphin - an angular sofa for a maturing young man. A large bed, sliding mechanism - this is the peculiarity of this sofa, and additional space for storing things under the corner part will save space in the room.

Click-klyak is a sofa that has a folding mechanism like a Soviet sofa. It is convenient in that it can be easily placed in the middle of the room, in the unfolded state it does not take up much space, the legs do not move when folding this sofa, thus not spoiling the flooring. The colors and design of the sofas of these companies will not leave indifferent your baby. Here you will find both the rocket and the engine Thomas and the wonder-typewriter, and Snoopy's doggie, and much, much more.The Pehotin company will offer you a baby sofa baby in a strict design, without frills and any bright elements, but such a sofa will have an excellent, roomy storage box.


Many parents have already chosen the sofas in the nursery instead of the bed, and according to the reviews did not regret it. The room looks tidier, you do not have to sit and lie on the bed, boys over 7 years old can easily cope with folding and folding the sofa on their own. Kids also love the bright unusual colors of this furniture attribute. Sleep, which is important, quite comfortable even for an adult. Negative opinions concern only odors and textiles. But it depends on the manufacturer and is easily checked in the cabin when choosing.

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Interesting solutions in interior design

  • The sofa kid for the football player perfectly will approach in the nursery of the boy.
  • A light leather sofa in combination with an attic bed is an excellent option for a teenage boy.
  • The sofa of lemon color perfectly harmonizes with wallpaper in tone and contrasts with the rest of the textiles in the room.
  • Sofa for the baby in the shape of a car - it is comfortable to sleep and fun to play
  • Frameless sofas in the play area can also be used as mats when playing your tomboy with friends.
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