Children's sofa bed with sides

 Children's sofa bed with sides

If your child is growing up and it becomes cramped in a baby cot, you should think about buying a children's sofa bed with sides. This is a great option, suitable for kids. He has a lot of advantages. It is very versatile, and most models have an affordable price.

Features and benefits

The main feature of this piece of furniture is that it is completely safe for the child, since such a sofa bed has soft and rounded corners. At the same time it is very comfortable to sleep. This model has many advantages over the usual bed, since the classic version of the bed does not have sides in the set.A simple bed can not be folded, so this piece of furniture will look very cumbersome.

The design of the sofa-bed is very interesting, it can be easily converted into a playing place. It can also be easily folded or unfolded, thereby modifying it and freeing up space in the room. Also, this unusual piece of furniture has a protective side, necessary in order to protect the child from falling. The sides are not located on all edges of the sofa, a small part remains open. This is necessary so that the baby can easily climb on such a sofa.

Modern sofa beds meet all quality standards, as they are not traumatic. They are also made from materials that do not emit harmful toxins and other substances. The design of the sofa bed is very durable and stable, which causes the durability of this element of furniture. At the same time, the bed is moderately soft and elastic. There are no dents on high-quality models, which can later negatively affect the baby’s spine, which is why a children's sofa bed with sides is a great solution for every child.

What are the sides for?

The sides ensure not only the safety of your baby, but also its coziness and comfort. The main purpose of soft sides is to protect the baby from hitting the wall of the bed. That is why all sofa beds are made exclusively with soft sides. Tossing and turning in your sleep, your baby will not fall and will not knock on such a wall. Sofa beds have boards on three edges or along the entire perimeter of the model. The difference depends on the age for which this piece of furniture is purchased. For older babies, you can buy an incompletely closed sofa bed, but for babies it is better to purchase closed models.

In usual beds beds have lattices or a vertical handrail. Soft sofa bed, on the contrary, does not have such fences. The board is made of soft materials and has a solid construction. Such a choice is an excellent protection for the baby from hitting its arms and legs between the sides, which will help prevent dislocations.

In the cold season, the soft sides additionally protect the baby from cold air flows or drafts. High solid soft rims can also protect the infant from other influences.So bright light and loud noise will not disturb your baby’s sleep. In addition, soft sideboards are much warmer than iron or wooden ones, which is why it is much more comfortable to sleep in such a sofa bed. The child will not wake up by touching the cold side, as sometimes happens in cases where parents buy cold cots for babies.


Folding models with soft sides and sliding drawers are considered to be the most reliable. They allow a very functional use of space, since they have a lot of space for storing children's toys in boxes. There are also corner children's sofa beds. As a rule, such models are placed in a corner, which makes it very economical to use the area of ​​a children's room. They also had soft sides along the perimeter, located along the walls, such models are more suitable for children from 6-7 years.

There is also a small model of a child-sofa bed, which is called a couch. It is intended only for one child. As a rule, its dimensions are small, this design is very compact compared to previous models.Such models have the ability to fold out, creating as a result a looser bed for sleeping.

The most unusual and versatile option is a folding sofa bed model transformer. Such models have a very convenient design, they can be expanded, significantly expanding the size of the bed. This type of sofa bed is perfect for two children. As a rule, this design is made with removable sides, as soon as your child grows up, you can remove any board of the sofa, which limits the free space of your baby.

Designers also provided for a huge number of stylized sofa beds with sides. These pieces of furniture are made in the style of your favorite cartoon characters or books. For babies, designers offer interesting models with images of Barbie in pink and white colors or with pictures of Disney princesses, as well as favorite baby ponies in white and purple. For boys, manufacturers have provided models of sofa beds with sides in the form of racing cars. The most popular type of styled bedroom is the sofa bed house, it is suitable for both boys and girls.

How to choose

When choosing a children's sofa bed for a boy or for a girl, it is necessary to pay special attention to all elements of the design. Check how strong its bases are and clarify what the filler is made of. It is better if the model will have a high-quality folding mechanism.

This piece of furniture can have a wooden frame or base of chipboard and MDF. The most reliable is a frame made of wood. In addition, it is the most safe, environmentally friendly. It is important to pay attention to what the upholstery is made of, since for a baby it is imperative to purchase a sofa bed with upholstery made from natural fabrics. Although synthetic is more durable, but it is less environmentally friendly.

Sofas made of natural upholstery will provide good heat and moisture exchange, thereby making the baby's sleep more calm and sound. Thus, cotton, jacquard, tapestry, for example velor and other mixed fabrics are perfect for upholstering a sofa bed with sides. Try to give preference to more durable upholstery options, since often the child uses his sofa bed as a place to play.

When choosing upholstery, it is important to consider its appearance.For girls, it is better to choose a sofa bed with sides, upholstered in light fabrics of gentle tones. You can prefer the upholstery with pictures of animals, flowers or other beautiful patterns. If girls are better suited for furniture in pastel colors, then for boys it is better to prefer a sofa bed with a brighter upholstery. It can be blue and green or red.

Safety and functional characteristics

Four-sided bumpers will help to ensure the safety of the baby, it is better to choose such a model for a child from one to five years of age Some models feature very functional sideboards that can be removed if desired. In this case, when your baby grows up, it will not necessarily be necessary to buy a new cot, it will be enough to remove one soft board from the sofa bed. So you will give your child more freedom of movement.

The safety of the child must be ensured from an orthopedic point of view. The bed cushion must be made of medium hard materials. A fairly rigid mattress helps protect your baby’s spine from curvature, and also perfectly distributes the weight of the baby during sleep.The latest properties have sofa beds with independent springs. They have the ability to adapt to the body of the child and ensure his comfortable sleep.

Proper care

In order to provide a beautiful and presentable appearance of the sofa bed, you need to properly care for him. As the child uses this element of furniture, he will surely stain his sofa or put a stain on it. That is why it is necessary to clean the upholstery of such a piece of furniture with specialized means designed to clean furniture upholstery. They are sold both in hardware stores and in ordinary furniture stores.

The specks that have appeared should be gently rinsed, then distributed and left to absorb until completely absorbed, and then rinse it off with a sponge dipped in clean water. It is strictly forbidden to use rigid sponges with metal bristles, such a brush can easily damage the upholstery. For daily cleaning from the dust of your sofa bed is perfect vacuum cleaner.

Top Rated

At the present time, many furniture manufacturers produce sofa beds with side sides; there are models of both Russian and foreign production on the market.Models of such pieces of furniture from the manufacturer called BamBini Divanno look very elegant. This brand offers a huge number of stylish varieties of children's beds, sofas. They produce both conventional sliding models and fashionable stylistic sofas with sides, as well as bunk structures and spacious models with one tier and two berths. Prices for such products range from 8,000 to 30,000 rubles, depending on the specific model.

According to experts, the list of the best manufacturers also includes children's furniture brands Winnie the Pooh, Exotica, M-style, Fortune, Ivushka and Mebel-Holding. These are high-quality Russian furniture manufacturers, which offer a wide selection of the most diverse models of sofas. A very well-known children's model of a sofa bed with sides "Alice" from the brand Mebel-Arts, as well as a sofa "Sonya" from the brand M-style. The latest brand also produces interesting stylistic models in the form of machines, tanks, rockets and trains for boys. A universal model is considered "Teremok" from the brand Furniture-Holding, which looks like a house.

Cost of

These products have a very diverse cost, which depends on the type of folding mechanism, as well as on the appearance and size of the structure. Products with a conventional sliding mechanism and an uncomplicated design have a cost of around 1000 rubles, while design models in the form of cars, houses, and so on. cost much more. Manufacturers also point out a higher price on models whose frame is completely made of wood. Try not to save on children's sofa-beds, then they will become the key to the safety of your baby and will serve you for many years.

Interesting solutions in interior design

If you have a child over five years old, you need to consider his opinion when purchasing this piece of furniture. Choosing a bed in the nursery for the girl, decorated in the style of Provence, you can give preference to cribs in soft pink, light yellow, beige or pale blue shades. The perfect white sofa beds with sides look very nice, but they will require special care. You can buy a sofa for a girl, made in the form of a house, a boat or even a fairytale carriage.The baby will be very happy with such a stylish design decision.

For the boy, you can buy a sofa bed in the marine style. It may have the shape of a ship with blue upholstery and stripes, the interior of the room can be supplemented with other marine elements. For the boy, you can also purchase a children's sofa bed with sides in the form of a typewriter or train. Very popular models with the image on the upholstery automotive subjects, rockets or ships. Very versatile sofa-bed with upholstery, which depicts birds, animals or cartoon characters. Such models look very bright and stylish in any children's room.

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