Children's beds for girls from 5 to 15 years

Every parent takes care of their child. Those who want to please their offspring can be advised to arrange the room, based not only on the age of the child, but also on the floor. There is no doubt that the bedroom for girls is different from the boy. Here you can use pastel shades, lace, lace fabrics. Special attention should be paid to the beds. How to create a territory for a young princess in the article.

Features and benefits

Modern manufacturers are on the court of parents a variety of cribs. Of all the variety you are sure to choose the right option for yourself. Main advantages:

  • Convenience and functionality. In order for your child to sleep soundly and calmly, it is worth choosing an appropriate bed structure. It should be convenient and comfortable for your child. In this case, it is better to choose the model directly with the baby. So, in the store he will be able to try out a new place: lie down, sit down, appreciate the beauty. Thus, everyone will benefit: both parents and children.
  • The optimal size. If you have the means, you can buy a bed in accordance with the age of the child. For the smallest princesses from 5 years old, you can use models from 70 to 160 cm long. Among these products you can find a variety of attractive options. If you do not want to spend money, then you can buy a universal model, the length of which is up to 200 cm.
  • Safety and practicality. Selecting models, evaluate the material of the frame, upholstery, design features. The product must be strong and durable, have a dense fabric. The bed should not have sharp corners, protruding parts so that the baby does not accidentally get injured.
  • Diverse design. Another advantage of these beds - the most diverse design. You can find the option that suits you and your child. Do not forget that at this age the child already has his own preferences, so parents should listen to the interests of your child.
  • Positive mood. Properly selected bed and the interior of the children's room will contribute to the excellent mood of your child. Create a fairy tale for your princess and let her feel your love and care.


When choosing the optimal place for rest and sleep, there is a choice, which bed is better to buy? Consider the main types of models:

Classic single bed

Classic single models consist of a headboard, frame, footboard. Additional structural elements can be removable sides. They will help protect your child during sleep. In addition, they can be an additional decoration of the crib, which, if desired, can be removed at all. Thus, such models can be used at an older age.

Transforming models

These options are the most practical. By purchasing such a bed, you can forget about finding a replacement for a long time. Transforming models can be a variety of interesting forms, with a creative design. The main difference between such products is the ability to change the modification and size.

The undoubted advantage are various ways to modify the bed.So, the children's model can be thrown back, put forward, roll out, etc. At the same time the space in the child's room increases. There are options that can extend up to two meters. This is due to the presence of certain additional elements. It should be remembered that the frequent transformation of the bed will lead to its rapid wear.

Bunk models

Such options will be ideal for those families in which there are two children with a small difference in age. The model will appeal to all children, because such a bed will undoubtedly become the object of children's games and fun. At the same time it is worth paying special attention to the second floor. Look for the upper bed to be equipped with special bumpers.

Stairs should also be safe and non-slip, and steps should be gentle. Bunk models help to save space. You will be able to decorate the room with stylized fine details.

Loft bed

For those parents who are not alien originality, coupled with practicality, there is a special loft bed. Such an unusual solution for the design of a nursery will appeal to your child. The model combines functionality and compactness, ideal for even the smallest apartments.

The first tier consists mainly of a functional zone. It can be a desk and computer, shelves, a wardrobe, etc. If you go upstairs to the second floor, you will find yourself in a comfortable bed, which at the same time necessarily has side edges for the safety of your child.

Thus, you can choose the appropriate option based on the preferences of parents and children, square meters and style.


When choosing a place to sleep, pay special attention to the materials that make up the bed. Each model must comply with all safety requirements. Buying a product, you should pay close attention to the certificate. There you can find out what material the furniture is made of.

The most ideal option for children is a bed made of wood. Wood is an environmentally friendly and safe material that will not cause allergies to your child. Reduced risk of injury. However, such models will be expensive. Therefore, manufacturers are looking for a more affordable alternative. One such resource is MDF.For those who want to buy a budget option, it will be an excellent option.

This material significantly reduces the cost of the bed. In addition, it allows you to embody the most daring design ideas. It is possible to create with ease from such a material details that are interesting in shape, to apply photo printing, and various decor.

Thus, choosing the material of which the bed will be made, it is worth assessing your financial capabilities and preferences and choosing the best option that will be safe and practical.

Color solutions

As for the color solutions for young princesses, here you can choose a variety of options. The first is to listen to your child and his preferences. Usually, girls choose gentle light shades. So, models in pink, peach, white colors will look great. In this case, you can make a highlight and decorate the furniture, for example, a canopy.

Designers are advised to pay attention this season to refreshing yellow, green and turquoise hues. With them the children's room will sparkle with bright colors and novelty, and the mood will always be positive.An excellent option would be to use shades of the bed in other elements of the decor and furniture of the children's room. So you can create a single style.

In any case, creating a children's project, it is best to consult with your child. Thus, you will come to a common decision and be able to further strengthen your trust relationship.


Getting a fashionable and stylish bed for the daughter, it is worth taking care of accessories. For example, you can immediately buy 1-bed linens, which will meet the style of the children's room. To give effect, you can buy a canopy. It will be conveniently located above the cot, where your princess will sleep.

You can also purchase a nursery from the same material as a cot, chairs, or make a bright accent on the original ottomans.

How to choose

Girls from 5 to 15 years old already have their own opinions and preferences. Therefore, parents should pay special attention to the opinion of the child. After all, after all, you are making a bedroom for your son, and not for yourself. If your opinions do not match, try to find a compromise. Try to choose a crib from natural materials, namely wood. Such models will serve you for a long time.

Safety is a priority. You should not choose models with sharp corners, bunk beds without side sides, if you do not want your child to be injured. When choosing shades, also give your baby a choice. Do not immediately disagree with his option, better try to understand why this color attracts him, and tell him about his position. Then in a relaxed atmosphere you will choose a compromise.

The main thing is that the child should feel comfortable and cozy, sleep soundly and calmly.

Interesting solutions in interior design

It is interesting how an ordinary vacation spot can transform a children's room, make dreams come true, allow not only children, but also their parents to plunge into a fairy tale. So, some models of cots for girls look like real locks, carriages, houses. It adds rooms of originality and makes it not only a place of rest, but also games.

Older girls can be offered a retractable or bunk bed, which will also be decorated in the chosen style. Teenagers will prefer the already classic single versions, among which there are also quite a few original models. So, you can choose a stylish couch with a canopy or a loft bed, where the young woman's wardrobe will be located on the first floor.

This season a variety of bright colors are fashionable, but not flashy. Let your child be stylish and fashionable, and the child - cheerful and healthy.

In this article, we introduced you to the original solutions of children's single beds. Remember that when choosing the resting place of your offspring, it is necessary to be guided first of all by safety and reliability. Choose furniture in the same style and then your interior will cause only positive emotions.

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