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Adolescence - a special and unique time in the relationship "child-parent". Therefore, taking care of the arrangement of the apartment or house, it is important to take into account the wishes and preferences of the child when designing his room. After all, for example, not every girl sees a princess in herself and remains an ardent fan of the pink-lilac style in the interior.

You should also remember that the child’s room should be as spacious, functional and practical as possible. It is not necessary to fill all the free space with furniture and decorative elements. When you design a child's room is better to adhere to several rules: spacious, safe, functional, safe and practical. All purchases should be coordinated with the child or even make them together.

A bed is that piece of furniture, without which not a single living room, including a room of a teenage child, can do.

Features and benefits

As is known from scientific research, each person spends a third of his life on sleep. Sleep helps to recuperate and relax, strengthens the immune system, has a beneficial effect on physical development and brain activity. Therefore, the bed should be as comfortable and convenient as possible. It is the sleeping place that is responsible for the quality of the child’s sleep.

A bed or a sofa? Orthopedic mattress or regular mattress? What size should a bed be? How best to arrange a bed? Which brand to prefer? What technical characteristics to consider when choosing? There are a lot of such questions. And almost every parent is faced with any difficulties when choosing a bed in the nursery.

Today, a lot of companies engaged in the manufacture of children's furniture. The furniture market is represented by a wide model range, where there are both quite cheap options and very expensive luxury beds. First of all, the buyer is repelled by their financial capabilities. However, sometimes cheap does not mean bad and, on the contrary, expensive goods are not always a guarantee of quality, practicality and durability.

When choosing furniture to a girl's room, you need to look for the most optimal options that will correspond to the wishes of the child and will last for a sufficiently long period of time. For example, before making a purchase, it would not hurt to view the presented range of goods in furniture stores or salons, to study the advantages and disadvantages of specific models.

A bed for a teenage girl has several advantages, among which are the following factors:

  • Naturalness In the production of children's furniture, preference is given to natural wood, which is non-toxic and does not cause allergic reactions.
  • Environmental friendliness. All products for children must be accompanied by quality certificates in accordance with international norms and standards.
  • Security. The absence of sharp corners, open protruding parts made of metal, wood or sharp plastic, uneven surfaces, untreated wood - this should be the furniture for the children's room.
  • Wide range of models. Original designs (in particular, two-tier models, transforming beds, etc.).
  • A variety of designs.
  • Functionality. In recent times, beds with drawers and shelves, where you can hide toys, books, linens and even clothes, are in high demand.
  • Practical and reliable.
  • Durability and high operational term (according to the information of manufacturing companies).
  • The ability to purchase a bed with a mattress (orthopedic, standard, rigid or, on the contrary, on a soft basis).
  • Full bed.
  • Solid foundation (mattress) for sleep, which is especially important for a growing children's body.
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Furniture companies are trying to take into account all the wishes of modern society. It is for this reason that today the range of choice of furniture (including beds) has no boundaries. Each buyer can choose a product that is 100% consistent with his tastes and wishes.

Beds for teenage girls are presented in the following range of models:

  1. classic or traditional bedroom set - a large bed with a wooden or metal headboard;
  2. cots with a lifting mechanism;
  3. bed-podium;
  4. sofa bed or chair bed;
  5. single or double models;
  6. canopy bed;
  7. bunk bed with two berths;
  8. loft bed (the bed is placed on the upper tier, and the lower part can be filled with various drawers, shelves, coffee table, etc.)
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Modern furniture production gives the buyer the opportunity to purchase beds of various materials. The cost of products, strength, durability, practicality and reliability - all this depends on the type of material used. Bed frames for teenage children are of the following types.

Solid wood

Solid wood is highly durable and practical. Wood is also the only all-natural product. By purchasing a bed made of solid wood, the consumer buys a high-quality and durable piece of furniture into the house. The most durable products will be made of oak or beech. The elite class furniture is mainly made of wenge or teak. Also in furniture production such tree species as pine, birch, alder, cherry, walnut and others are widely used. Inexpensive breeds are artificially refined by tinting or veneering.


Most often steel or aluminum is used in production.Steel beds are very heavy, so it is completely inappropriate to purchase such products for the girl's room. Aluminum is a light metal, but at the same time it is prone to deformation. As an alternative, it is better to give preference to the combination of steel / aluminum with solid wood. The frame of this bed is made of wood, and the metal is used for decorative design of the headboard and sides.

Wood board

Wood-based panels are widely used in furniture manufacturing. The cheapness of the material is the key factor that influences the high demand for this type of furniture. There are three types of pressed plates (particle board, fiberboard and MDF), which are based on wood flour, chips or fiber. Inside such a material is hollow, so the furniture is lightweight. The high popularity of pressed wood furnishings is due to the low cost, wide variety of model range and design.

It is believed that wood-based panels are unsafe for health, as they emit formaldehydes. However, innovative technologies and techniques provide the ability to process wood so carefully as to protect a person from the negative effects of any fumes.

Color solutions

Modern production allows you to make furniture in various colors. For furniture made of metal, the most common is steel shade. However, the metal is easy to paint, so today you will not surprise anyone with a bed, for example, a bright orange or deep purple color. Non-toxic paints are used to paint children's furniture, the quality and safety of which are confirmed by special certificates.

Beds of wood-based panels can also be in a wide variety of color variations. The facades of such furniture are veneered, which can be imitated under wood, steel or painted in any color.

Natural wood furniture has a special style and charm. The colors vary from light brown to almost chocolate. The furniture from white and mahogany is highly appreciated.

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It is believed that all girls love the pink color. However, as practice shows, this opinion is erroneous. In addition to the various shades of pink, white, beige, lilac, light yellow, light green, turquoise, coffee and other tones are suitable for a teenage girl's room.Adolescent children are so unpredictable that you should not be surprised if, when choosing a bed in their room, the child would prefer black.


Often, along with the bed in the child's room, parents can look after a set of several pieces of furniture. In this embodiment, the room will look more harmonious and atmospheric. One color scale and uniform style will make the room more comfortable.

Today, furniture stores offer their customers not only a wide range of furniture items, but also various additions to them. Often, along with the bed get a mattress. The simultaneous purchase of a bed and a mattress will allow you to choose the most suitable options for each other. There are also a number of shops where a good selection of home textile products is offered to consumers. Here you can look at a set of bed linen, a bedspread on a bed, a canopy (if there is a need for it), interior pillows.

How to choose

The hardest thing is to buy something in the nursery. When a child is small, parents are guided by their own preferences. But when children grow up and reach adolescence,here it is necessary to consult with them. And not always the opinion of mom or dad coincides with the wishes of the child, you have to look for a compromise. If adults emphasize quality, practicality and functionality, then children are repelled by their emotions and sensations. Therefore, the best option for buying furniture in the room of a teenage child is a joint trip to the store.

Some furniture manufacturers offer products to the attention of buyers according to the age of the child. So, you can look at the model beds for girls 12, 13, 14 and 15 years.

Beautiful solutions in interior design

Stylists, interior designers of the premises distinguish between the concepts of "children's room" and "room of a teenage girl." Small children love everything fabulous and magical. Therefore, their rooms can be decorated in the form of illustrations of some famous fairy tales or cartoons. If we talk about adolescents, it is worth remembering that this period is considered the most difficult in shaping the relationship between adults and children.

It is best to consult with her daughter as she sees her room. Sometimes it can be a spacious room with a huge bed in the middle of the room.Some, on the contrary, prefer the minimalist style, so they prefer a sofa bed or a modern bunk bed. However, many girls still live a little princess who would love to sleep on a cozy four-poster bed.

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