Bed for girls princesses from 3 years

For a girl, her room is the most important place in the house, where she should be comfortable and which should satisfy her tastes and preferences. Color solution, furniture, harmoniously echoing among themselves - everything should be combined. Most of the space in the room, of course, will be occupied by the bed, so her choice should be approached responsibly.

Features and benefits

A bed for a princess girl of 3 years and older should be comfortable, because the child will sleep on her every night. A strong and restful sleep is a guarantee of a child’s good mood for the whole day. Therefore, you need to choose a bed for a girl carefully and approach this issue from all sides.

Baby bed should be optimal in terms of softness.

In no case should she be too soft for the child to fail, because this is bad for posture. But she also should not be too hard to make it impossible for her to fall asleep.The size of the bed, and especially its length, is very important. Try to choose such that your child was placed in it in full growth and nothing constrained movements. Otherwise, sleep is unlikely to be complete.

Varieties of models

Choosing a bed for a girl aged 3 years and older is not an easy task, since you need to take into account all the features of a growing organism and at the same time choose a design that would be as comfortable as possible.

Many girls, especially at the youngest age, want to have the most real princess bed with ruffles and curtains, like in a fairy tale. If you stop the choice on a similar design try to make so that it competently fit into a surrounding interior.

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Single beds

It is a standard option for a child's room, which you just need to fit into any decor and style. Usually such options are unremarkable. Their design consists of a frame, often fixed on the legs and two backs, on which patterned carving in the form of unpretentious figures can stand: hearts or flowers.

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Design features:

  • The universal base is wide enough for one child to fit on the bed, but it will not take up much space in the children's room.
  • The length is about 170-180 cm, so the bed can be taken for growth.
  • Additional elements on the sides of the bed in the form of lockers or bedside tables, in which you can fold bedding, clothing or toys.


Recently, bunk beds especially loved by children and parents, because they are so easy to fit into the interior and save room space for games.

This design has several advantages:

  • Multifunctionality - in many models of bunk beds the lower tier can be transformed into a sofa or increase in width, due to the sliding block on the side.
  • On the second tier there are always bumpers to protect the child from falling in a dream.
  • Custom design. Such beds can be complemented with interesting elements and as a result they will look like palaces, carriages and other unusual structures.
  • Colour. The color scheme of bunk beds can be monotonous as well as combined, that is, the first tier is painted in one color and the second tier in another.

With canopy

A canopy bed is simply bound to win the heart of every princess. The weightless fabric hanging from above can both provide protection against drafts, and visually imparts pomp to the sleeping place and makes it royal. Such elegant beds are especially relevant for girls from 3 to 10 years, because at this age they love fairy tales about princesses, fairies and believe in magic. This atmospheric bed can also be used for games.

For older girls, you can use denser and heavier fabrics, mostly white or red. The canopy can be attached as at the head of the bed, and envelop it around the perimeter, fully protecting it from the sun's rays. This design will add comfort to the whole room and become its zest.

Loft bed

The principal difference between such a bed and a bunk is that, although it is two-storied, it is designed for one person. That is, one floor is directly equipped with a bed and is designed for sleeping, and the other is equipped with a table, a pedestal and various shelves. By purchasing this design, you free yourself from buying additional pieces of furniture that would occupy the remaining free space in the children's room.


  • This design is suitable for girls from 7 years old when they start a school pair and there is a need for a desk and a full-fledged working surface as a whole.
  • Since the bed is on the second tier, the building is equipped with a solid staircase. Often use stairs unusual forms to diversify the design.


Design a bed for a girl is important and must meet the needs of the child, not the parents.

There are a variety of interesting models on the market:

  • They decorate the backs and headboards of beds with various carved figures. For girls, they usually use silhouettes of hearts, birds, flowers, animals and fairy-tale characters.
  • The headboards of the beds can be voluminous and decorated in the form of a royal castle or a fabulous house.


Safety is also considered one of the important criteria that should be considered when choosing a bed for a girl princess.

It is important to remember that whatever model you want, no matter how it fits into the interior of the whole room, the bed should not have sharp corners. For the smallest girls, it is better to find a bed with a frame with a upholstered headboard.

The bed should be equipped with sides to avoid accidental fall.

When choosing a mattress, you should also pay attention to the fact that the height of the mattress does not exceed the protective sides, and thus they do not lose their main function.

When buying a bunk bed, be sure to pay attention to the steps. They should not be too narrow. The best option would be the presence of railings and lights.

If you purchased a bunk bed or a loft bed, do not be lazy and explain to the children the safety rules: you can’t play on the second tier, hang on the sides, tie wires to them, jump off the bed, ignoring the stairs.


The best material for the manufacture of children's furniture is wood or MDF. If we talk about wood, then it must necessarily be hard wood, as it has almost eternal durability, environmental friendliness, aesthetics and durability. But due to the fact that children grow quickly, children's furniture is usually acquired for a short time, and spending on furniture made of wood becomes unreasonable. Therefore, it is worth choosing furniture made of pine, birch, high-quality chipboard or MDF with E1 formaldehyde emission class.

The size

When choosing a bed in the nursery of a girl, it is necessary to pay attention to her size. There is no need to buy a large bed and an “adult” design for a three-year-old child.

In order to make the size of the bed not difficult, remember the following parameters:

  • For children up to 3 years old, the optimal bed size is approximately 120x60 cm or 120x65 cm.
  • For girls aged 3 to 5 years, the dimensions correspond to the following parameters: 140x70 cm, 160x70 cm, 80x190 cm or 195 cm.
  • For teenage girls from 10 years old, a size of 80-190 cm id 90x200 cm.


The mattress is a very important element of the bed and enough time should be given to its choice. It should be neither too soft nor too hard.

When choosing a mattress, you need to consider such requirements as:

  • Orthopedic models are preferred. Though soft, they do not adversely affect the spine and the child’s posture. They, on the contrary, contribute to its proper development.
  • For softness it should be average. Best to choose right by touch. The child should feel comfortable, the mattress should not hinder his movements and cause discomfort.
  • The patch of the product should be tight.
  • Of the fillers for the mattress, foam rubber and cotton wool are most preferred.

Color solutions

As for the color of the bed, it’s easy to decide on it - you need to find out the child’s preferences and try to fit the bed in the main room interior. Much more important and interesting selection of colors of bed linen. First of all, you need to remember which cartoons and which fairy-tale characters the girl loves. It is better, of course, to let her choose at least one set of bed linen herself. Let her be responsible for his color palette, illustrations, etc., and you are responsible for the quality of the material.

How to choose

When choosing a bed for a girl princess, consider the following:

  • Frame material. Although the bed is purchased for a miniature child, but its foundation must be strong for security. The most suitable material is wood.
  • The size. Pay attention not only to the width of the bed, but also to its length. You should not take a bed of maximum length for growth. If your child is still small, then purchase the design directly for its growth, so that it is comfortable.
  • Design.We must not forget that the bed is purchased for a girl, so design is almost the most important aspect when choosing. In appearance, design and color, it must match the child’s preferences so that the princess can relax and play on it.

Interesting solutions in interior design

If the nursery is made in a classic palace style, then for more authenticity a four-poster bed and a luxurious carved headboard will do.

For the nursery, made in the style of Provence or Chebbi chic, it is better to choose a bed of steel with forged elements. If this option seems too "heavy" to you, then you can replace it with a traditional wooden model.

For a room in a modern style, for example, Scandinavian, it is better to choose a concise frame of white or any bright color.

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