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For moms and dads in a children's bed, the most important thing is quality and safety. For the children themselves - beauty and convenience. In order for your chosen bed for a girl to meet all these requirements, you need to take into account quite a lot of nuances.

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The bed should match the age of the child and, of course, harmoniously fit into the interior. Up to two years (in each family in different ways), babies sleep in infant beds, which have a standard bed size of 120 by 60 cm. Such beds can be simple or transforming beds (you can take a crib and bedside table from such a bed and it will turn usual bed). A transforming bed can be easily purchased for those who do not like to change the furniture often and are confident that this piece of furniture will serve for a long time. From 2 years old you can use it as a standard single bed.

Owners of the same simple cradles on the eve of the baby's two-year anniversary will most likely have to put a larger children's bed in the room.It is different to those who already have no fences in it, but it is rather low - the child can lie in it and get up, sit and play on it during the day. The size of the bed increases - length is from 130 to 170 cm, width - 70 cm. For a child from 4 years old (or a child of any age who turns and sleeps a lot and likes to lie across), you should immediately take a wide - 80 cm bed.

A large (170 by 80 cm) crib will also be useful for those who buy it for 6-7 years and older, at most - for 8-9 years. Further, most likely, it is necessary to watch teenage models. Standard bed for teens - 180 to 90 cm. A model of this size will be useful for 10 or 11 years, with a margin of 3-4 years. When purchasing a bed for a child older than 13, you should think about a full-size “adult” model - 200 by 90 cm. It will last until the end of school and longer.

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Classic single or "half-bed" bed for a child is often equipped with drawers at the bottom. It is convenient for storing bedding or baby clothes. But it always looks quite massive. The bed on the legs without drawers from the bottom leaves more room and air in the room.For a girl, this option is also good because it stimulates to maintain order, so that there is nothing extra under the bed.

If the apartment has a full-fledged children's room, it makes sense to buy a bedroom set. For kids, this option is not suitable, but for preschoolers (3-6 years) and teenagers - it will come in handy at the time. A bedroom set is a set of furniture for a nursery, which, in addition to a bed, includes a wardrobe, a storage system, a bedside table, a table, etc. The configuration of the headsets can be very different depending on the purpose, age of the child and design style. Furniture, made in the same style, always gives the child's room a finished look and personality.

When two or more children grow up in a family, and there are not so many places, parents often purchase 2-level beds. They look stylish, like children and significantly save space. A modern 2-story bed does not necessarily resemble those in which you slept in a camp as a child. What options do not offer designers!

The simplest model is one bed above the other. For girls of school age, the “smart” system is perfect, where the lower bed during the day moves inward, and in its place there are 2 folding desks.Also beds can be displaced relative to each other or even stand at an angle of 90 °. The design of the stairs can also be different - the usual added, metal (according to the “Swedish wall” type), the staircase with wide steps, etc. In any case, for security reasons, such a children's double bed is recommended for daughters over 5 years old.

A double cot should be able to withstand heavy loads, so it is best if it is made of solid wood. Ideal oak, beech, hornbeam. In addition, these types of wood are environmentally safe and do not leave splinters.

Selection Criteria: Safety and Comfort

For little girls, the bed is chosen very carefully - after all, in the first months of life the baby will spend a lot of time in it. To ensure the safety of your baby’s first bed, check:

  • Sustainability. The "correct" bed is flat and not loose. Pay attention to whether the floor is flat where you plan to put it.
  • What material it is made of. It is preferable, of course, beds made of wood. It is not toxic, not allergenic.
  • How well the details of the bed and its edges are processed - There should be no clues anywhere.
  • How high are the bumpers. At some point, the baby will start to get up, so it is important that he could not fall out of bed. Most modern models have a descending bottom and a rising upper bar - after a year you can lower the bottom as much as possible and raise the bar. Then even an older baby will be safe.

For your own comfort and convenience of the child, pay attention to the following options:

  • Rounded corners of the crib to help avoid injury.
  • Pendulum mechanism. It is convenient for motion sickness, but ideally the pendulum should be blocked. In a non-blocking “pendulum”, a child who is actively moving in his sleep, shakes the bed. And if the baby is standing or jumping in it, it becomes dangerous at all.
  • The wheels. The ability to roll the crib around the apartment in practice will be appreciated by any mother.
  • Removable slats. They will help your daughter climb and get out of bed when she grows up.

For older children, it is important to pay attention to the side. Any child in a dream can spread out and fall. To prevent this from happening, the bed must have a bar on the side that does not come into contact with the wall (or on both sides).There are models in which this side is a design element (for example, the very popular Dolphin cot). In addition, the side can be purchased separately and screwed to any crib (a similar option is in the IKEA catalogs).

Furniture with a soft headboard is very suitable for girls - they resemble beds of fairy-tale princesses. In addition to the aesthetic function, upholstery in the upper part protects against impacts, since in a dream, children sometimes take the most unbelievable poses. A bed with a soft back will serve the same purpose. Such a model resembles an elegant sofa and looks very cute in a girl's room.

When choosing a bed for two children, give preference to well-known companies whose quality can be trusted 100%. The most important thing in bunk beds:

  • Strength. The surest way to test this is for an adult to climb to the top "floor." The bed should support the weight of an average adult.
  • The height of the bumpers on the upper tier. Parents can sleep peacefully if the height of this bar is at least 30 cm.
  • Stairs. The most dangerous is the steep ladder of metal pipes. A safer option is sloping with wide, steady and non-slip steps.


As already described above, for any furniture, especially children's, the best material is wood. Wooden beds are beautiful and durable, but the price is appropriate.

The most common and democratic option - beds made of chipboard or MDF. Chipboard - cheaper, but it is considered less environmentally friendly material. MDF is more expensive, but it almost does not have any “chemistry”.

Metal cots are gaining popularity lately. Many large brands of children's products have at least one iron bed in their range. Some models have a metal frame, and outside are covered with fabric.

According to reviews, metal beds are light, they are easy to wash and move. However, the "coldness" of the material often repels buyers. In addition, such furniture is not easy to fit into the interior: it should not create the feeling of a hospital or other public institution.

Another thing - forged bed. This is a true work of art that instantly transforms the interior and adds luxury to it. Wrought beds are great for girls' rooms, but in this case, the interior should be designed in a classic style.Weaves of metallic threads create a transparency effect, leaving a lot of light in the room. Such a model can please the girl from 4-5 years and older.

You can find in the shops and plastic beds for children. Models - both classic and curly beds, cars, ships, etc. It is worth noting that basically, it is Chinese-made furniture. She is bright, often has colorful drawings and is popular with children. In adults, there are questions about the environmental properties of plastic and its strength. To purchase such a bed is only from a well-known manufacturer.

Examples of unusual design ideas

Parents of a little girl, of course, want her room to be bright and beautifully decorated. For newborn babies, they usually choose a white or pink crib. Also, it is for girls that mothers often hang canopies. It can be matched to the color of the soft sides. The main colors for girls' rooms are white, beige, delicate or hot pink, light green, yellow, and lilac.

It looks very unusual round bed. But you should be prepared for the fact that it will soon have to change.The child in it will quickly become cramped, even if it is moved apart to the "oval". In addition, it is difficult to find bed linen and a mattress on a round bed.

If you decide to buy a classic bed, but you want it to be interesting, look at the design. Manufacturers offer cots with pictures. The furniture of your child can be decorated with Disney princesses, Peppa, WinX, Teddy Bear, Masha and Bear. Small family-owned furniture manufacturing enterprises are pleased with the design with the heroes of Soviet cartoons - Winnie the Pooh, the Hare and the Wolf from “Well, wait a minute!”, Etc.

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If the bed is quite simple, it can also be turned into a royal bed. For this you need good textiles. Pick up beautiful curtains in the room, and cover the bed with a rug to match the set. Decorative pillows will look good.

For princesses who want to indulge infinitely, you can choose a completely unique bed. For example, in the form of a castle. This solution will require a lot of space, but it will look amazing. Designers offer several options:

  • Castle with turrets at the edges, and the bed is between them.In this picture of the fortress wall continues on the walls of the room.
  • Completely "deaf" castle outside with a bed on the upper tier. To bed you have to go up the stairs. The idea will appeal to any romantic-minded girl, because she implements fairy-tale scenes about princesses languishing in high towers.
  • Cot lock with a slide on the side.

Such furniture models are thematically and functionally suitable for girls from 6 years old and of primary school age, when children are still actively playing. The “castle” space itself is also not empty - it is usually located in a storage system, or it can be used as a house for games.

Bed coach. A luxury solution for those who still believe in fairy tales. The simplest version of the “carriage” is a bed-type machine with rounded shapes and stylized “wheels”.

There are beds, carriages with a roof and a window. Usually they are closed with a canopy or canopy. The most spectacular models are spherical carriages (like from a fairy tale about Cinderella) with a step. The bed in them is located on an elevation, and the “walls” are draped with fabric. It can be wrought or wooden.

"Royal quarters" for your daughter can be created by purchasing a four-poster bed.The latter can be of two types - on 4 supports at the corners of the bed, or concentrated in the center above the bed (as above the cradle). Looks very solemn canopy with lambrequin. For these purposes, it is better to choose thin translucent fabrics that will be easy to clean. So that the child does not breathe dust, the canopy will have to be washed frequently.

If you do not want to use a canopy, the style of the “princess room” will be well supported by a carved bed.

Very girlishly gentle, but without a pomp, the bed in the style of "Provence" will look. True, it will need to fit into the appropriate interior. It can be created by picking up a simple light wooden furniture. The style is well suited cribs on legs and with milling on the figured headboard. Textiles - in a small flower. In such an interior a floor lamp and a vase or a basket of flowers will not interfere.

Very original modern beds - "houses". They are made of simple smooth wood, without any finishing, but with good polishing. These houses are not only for sleeping, but also for games. You can decorate such a bed as you please - from a tourist tent to a wigwam. Cot-cottage is cozy and creates a special sense of security.But it should be borne in mind that her bed is right on the floor: there should be no drafts in the apartment.

In contrast, the Italian designers of the company Mathy by Bols made a bed-house with high legs: you need to climb it by a ladder.

For children of middle and high school age, the bed as a game space becomes irrelevant. They need sets of furniture for “business” purposes - with a place to study, place books, sports equipment, etc.

A wall with a bed, plain or angular, is perfect for those who need to place a lot of things. In the wall there are cabinets for clothes, and many shelves, and open racks. The bed is usually located in the center, in a kind of niche. For small rooms, instead of a bed, they put in the center sliding sofas, which are laid out like chairs.

Depending on the age and preferences of the girl, you can choose such a set in different colors, configurations and with various decorations - pictures, milling, etc.

Corners with a bed and a table like schoolgirls. The bed can be located at the bottom, and can be designed as an "attic" - on the upper tier.To save space, designers offer models with a folding bed. At night, she is in a horizontal position, and in the daytime she leans up (like a regiment in a train), and in its place a desk is pushed. Racks with drawers and open shelves occupy the space around the bed. In this area you can design and storage system.

When choosing, apart from the wishes of the little hostess of the bed, the most important thing for parents is to understand for how long the purchase is made. Children's furniture has to be changed often enough. This means that the combination of appearance, quality and price should be optimal.

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