Retractable bed for two children

For those parents who have two children, the question of choosing their place of rest is particularly acute.

To save family savings and space in the room will help a bunk bed. But for little kids, climbing up can be a real problem. In addition, children often have disagreements about the choice of the tier.

In this case, the best option would be a retractable bed. How to choose the right model for your family? We will tell about this and another in the article.

Features and benefits

Retractable bed will be a real salvation for those families who live in small apartments. At first glance, a simple design helps to save space. The main advantages of the model:

  • Comfort and ease of use. These models are easy and simple to put forward thanks to the design on wheels or rollers. You can make the bed at any time of the day.
  • Ergonomics, practicality. These models will not take up much space in the children's room. The retractable bed is designed to significantly save space and protect it from clutter. In the afternoon, children will be able to play freely, including on the couch, and in the evening both babies will fit in cots, which will be located next to each other.
  • Optimum dimensions. Such furniture is not very high. It will fit even the smallest children. After all, sometimes they are just afraid to sleep in the upper tier. Durability and stability are another advantages of the design. Children will be happy to sleep in their places.
  • Functionality. The bed can serve not only as a place to sleep and play during the day. The lower part has optimal drawers, where it will be convenient to fold linens, toys and other accessories.
  • Ease of use. Retractable bed can be easily disassembled / assembled. In this case, these manipulations can easily be conducted by the older children themselves at any time.
  • A retractable bed helps you save a family budget. The cost of such a model will be significantly lower even than that of a bunk bed, and even more so than at individual recreation areas.
  • This model will help to get two beds for children at once. Moreover, their use will not harm the spine.

Before giving preference to this particular model, it is worth assessing the design flaws:

  • It should be understood that the baby, who will occupy the upper tier, will have to jump over or go through the one who lies below. This is not very comfortable, especially if the guys will go to bed at different times.
  • The bed should stand on a special coating or have a tight protective mat. After all, pushing the lower tier, you can accidentally damage the floors.
  • In children of different ages, conflicts may occur due to who will sleep on a certain tier. It is also worth considering when choosing this model.

Thus, it is worth weighing all the pros and cons, when choosing a comfortable place of rest for your children. It would not be superfluous to ask and opinions of your child. After all, children will need to spend the night here.


Modern manufacturers offer a variety of retractable bed options. Among them, you will definitely find a model that is right for you. For example, you can consider dual options, two-level models that will help save space. Consider the main types of pull-out beds:


This model has bonded tiers. This is what is called a transforming bed. The lower berth will be comfortable and easy to push. This can be done right / left / forward.

The lower floor will not be separated from the tier above.

Of course, with all the positive characteristics, this option will not be practical. When you push the bottom crib, for example, to the side, the baby who sleeps at the top will experience inconvenience when climbing or going down from his bed. Such a model should be purchased in cases of need, as well as if the area of ​​your room is very small.


This model is notable for the fact that it has separate sleeping places. Rolling tier is not attached to the top. Therefore, it can be easily and conveniently put forward and put in the place you like in the apartment. Such a model would be more practical. You get two beds in one.

with drawers

Of particular note are pull-out beds for two children with drawers. This is quite a convenient option for children of any age. It will be especially good if the lower resting place is not attached to the upper tier.

In a bed that is below, usually, and drawers are located. It is convenient to fold there not only linen, but also toys, books and other items.

double bed

This model will also help save space.

The bed itself is hidden during the day in a certain niche, and in the evening it is put forward for use.

This double model will accommodate two small children at once.

with a berth

These options include low furniture, which only slightly protrudes above the floor. For the bottom of the bed you need to buy a thick mattress. This will protect your child from diseases and colds. This option is an excellent option for those parents who want to save.

Such a bed will have a reasonable price. You do not make a hole in the family budget, but at the same time acquire a useful thing.

bunk bed

Two-level beds will also make it possible to save a lot of space and your financial resources.

There are models for both 2 children and for three, with a lower pull-out bed - with an extra bed. The 2-tier sliding bed will help to perfectly organize the space in the nursery.In this case, special attention should be paid to security. Buy models with a barrier so that the baby does not accidentally fall at night and avoid injuries. Also, make sure that models with a ladder have a stable construction.

three-tier bed

These models are designed respectively for three children. Furniture, instead of a drawer for bed linen, has an extra mattress, which will be located at the very bottom.

On the one hand, the laid out beds will take up a lot of space, and on the other hand, this model when assembled is quite compact, helps save space. This option is an excellent solution for a large family, including financial costs.

with a podium

This model is represented by a special design, which has beds coming out of the podium. Thus, the podium will be a specific area of ​​the room: either playing or training. Toddlers have enough space for games during the day. Also in the base can be placed lockers for bed linen and toys, books and other things.

At the same time, this option has its drawbacks. Place this design can only be in a room with high ceilings.

In addition, it is desirable to acquire a large bed, and not according to age, since it is very difficult to dismantle the structure.

growth bed

The peculiarity of this model is that it will “grow” with your children. As soon as the kids grow up, the bed can be transformed, increasing its length. On both sides of the crib there are sides. They will be reliable protection of the baby. This bed will serve you for a long time. In this model will help save space. You can put in the room additional furnishings.

Thus, we looked at the most popular types of pull-out beds. Among all their diversity, you will definitely choose a model to your liking.


Choosing a bed for children, pay attention to the material from which the product is made. From this will depend on the life of the furniture and the quality of the sliding elements. The most optimal in the manufacture of cots is the use of natural materials, such as wood. Also, models can consist of chipboard, metal profiles with a protective coating.

Of course, wood is considered the most ecological, safe material. It will not cause allergies in your kids. Such a retractable bed will have an attractive appearance that fits perfectly into any interior. Modern manufacturers present to the parents a wide variety of options, including from a combination of different materials.

You can give preference and furniture from chipboard. It will also be strong and durable, will serve you for a long time. At the same time, it is these models that have the most colorful and bright finishes. Such a bed will delight your little ones.

The size of the bunk bed itself must be chosen based on the age of the children. Consider the area of ​​your premises. For those parents who want the product to serve for a long time, it is better to purchase models for “growth”. So you can save a lot. At the same time, remember that everything should be based on safety, comfort and comfort for children.

Color solutions

Of course, before choosing the color of a potential bed for your children, it is worthwhile to consult with them, find out their preferences.After all, by 3 years, and maybe even earlier, the baby is already beginning to actively defend his opinion.

Do not be sharply express dissatisfaction with the choice of his child. It is better to try in a calm and friendly atmosphere to discuss why kids prefer this particular color and shape. Perhaps children will also have reasoned answers.

Also explain to your baby and your position. A little patience and you will definitely come to a compromise.

This season in the fashion a variety of colors: bright and pastel, as well as their combination.

Among girls, pink is the most popular year after year. It characterizes the romance of nature.

By the way, look at what color your kids prefer. This will help you better understand their nature. Girls also like peach and crimson shades. They will also help to feel like a real princess.

Younger boys usually prefer a wide variety of shades. Among them lead blue, green, yellow, violet tones. It can also be their organic combination.

For older men will be relevant muted monochromatic color beds.

Among them are gray, dark blue, brown. After all, boys at this age want to appear more mature and independent.

In any case, no matter what color you choose, the main thing is that it brings pleasure to you and your children, set them in a positive way. At the same time it will be good if you build a complete composition in the nursery.

Let the elements of color are combined with other interior items. Let your child play with your favorite colors, and you and your children will feel comfortable and cozy.


Sometimes there are such situations when you need a bed for several children at once, but there are no means to get a good option. Then do not despair. You can make a retractable bed yourself and easily assemble it. You can use the available materials or order them online. You will not only create the original version yourself, but also save money.

To get started is to calculate the desired size of the bed. Determine the length of the bed, based on the age of the children and the size of your room. Select the required material for the base.Now the most important thing is to create the correct drawing of all the details. For the upper tier, you will need two sheets for headboards, two thin side strips.

The sliding part will be created using the same height elements. Do not forget about the protective side. The length of the part that will roll out should be 10 centimeters shorter than the top. Having made two bases, you need to cut them with an electric jigsaw or circular saw.

With the help of a special edge, you can glue the outer parts of the furniture. Drill holes in the attachment points. Use a hex wrench to tighten the ties. Now attach the wheels to the withdrawable part.

You can make a bed based on the wishes of your kids. At the same time, none of your friends will definitely have such furniture.

How to choose

When choosing a pull-out bed for children from 3 and 5 years old, see if the product is durable. It is worth assessing the model of your family. If you select a bed for two children at once, then you should also take into account the design, since there can be rivalry between the guys.

Safety must always be the basis of choice.It is necessary to give preference to reliable mechanisms, robust body. Indeed, often retractable mechanisms quickly fail due to constant use. See that the wheels are wide enough, then the load on the floor can be reduced. The presence of drawers for bed linen near the bed further increases the weight of the models and the load on the floor. Impressive weight will make rolling out difficult, reduce the life of the furniture.

See that the bed does not have sharp corners. Children can in the excitement of the game hit them.

But the resting place should be safe and reliable.

Pay special attention to the mattress. It is better if it is thick and orthopedic.

Then the spine of your children will form correctly.

As for the design itself, modern manufacturers offer a wide variety of models. It can be strict beds or stylized original options. Before you buy furniture, be sure to consult with children. So you can choose the best option for you and your offspring.

If you want the product to serve you faithfully for a long time, then you should not save.It is better to choose a model more expensive, but better quality.

When choosing a product, you should go to the store with the children. Let them try to sit down or lie down on the bed. If the kids feel comfortable and cozy, this model is worth taking.

As for the color solutions, there is no one piece of advice. You need to listen to the preferences of their children. So, girls generally choose gentle colors. It can be pink shades, as well as bright yellow, green, peach.

For boys, gray, blue, swamp colors are preferable. Everything will depend on the age of the child and on his character and wishes.

Top models

When choosing a pull-out bed, parents often cannot decide what is best for their apartment and their children. Do not rush to purchase. It is better to evaluate all the pros and cons, considering the potential models. Among them are the most optimal:


This model is a retractable bunk bed. It is quite comfortable and convenient. In it, your children will see only color and good dreams. Designed model for children from 1.5 years. Convenient and safe place to rest for two children will allow parents to sleep well.The design of the product is symmetrical. There is a ladder to climb the upper tier. It can be placed on the right or left side. The lower bed during the day can be conveniently pushed. This will free up additional space for your children to play.

For safety responsible bumpers. They will protect your kids from accidentally falling in their sleep. Below are three spacious drawers, where it is convenient to store toys, bedding and other accessories.


This retractable bed will solve the problem of another bed. At the same time the kids will have the necessary space for active games during the day. With the help of special mechanisms there is a fast and reliable transformation of the sofa.

This option will be popular for those families where parents can not provide children with a separate room.

I grow

The peculiarity of this model is its reliability, durability, environmental friendliness of the materials used. The case is made of natural wood, which means that the product will serve you for a long time. Special removable bumpers will ensure the safety of children. Thanks to the sliding mechanism, the bed will "grow" with your child.This model significantly saves the family budget. Inside the bed is a drawer where you can store your favorite toys, books, clothes.

Interesting solutions in interior design

A retractable baby bed has recently appeared on the furniture market. Despite this, the models immediately gained popularity among practical and creative parents and their children. A large assortment of goods will allow you to choose a model you like and afford. It is possible to make a bed to order on their own sketches. In any case, such models will make your children's room fashionable and attractive.

Children's interior design should be given special importance. After all, kids there will not only sleep, but also spend their free time: play, read, learn, receive guests, finally.

It is better if the bed will be decorated in the same style, and the whole room will meet the same concept.

At the same time creating your own style, ask what attracts your children.

This may be a marine theme. Then you should choose a themed bed, preferably from a tree. Let it be based on blue, white and blue colors.

You can add yellow shades to give the room freshness and positive.

Choose the appropriate interior, put soft toys on the subject. Then your kids will feel like in a fairy tale. By the way, when you enter such a room, you will feel a surge of strength and energy.

For little princesses, you can arrange a small castle in the form of a bed.

Decorate the room in pink or peach colors using the original interior. Let the girls feel the care and attention from their parents.

Thus, we have dismantled the main advantages and disadvantages of a retractable bed.

Now you can choose for yourself the appropriate option. Pay particular attention to the safety, reliability and quality of the product.

After all, your mood will depend on how comfortable and comfortable it is to sleep in this bed for your children.

Let every little kid find himself in a fairy tale, where he will be accompanied only by joyful dreams.

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