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When you have two children in your family, this is a double joy, but at the same time, all expenses are multiplied by two. You need twice as much clothing, shoes and toys. Parents of two children should pay special attention to the planning of children's rooms. A separate room for two children is rather an exception to the rule, most often the children have to share one room.

It is good when the children's room is a spacious room, but more often modern apartments cannot boast of large parameters. Parents have to carefully plan everything so that children have a place to play, work and sleep.

If you put two separate beds in a small-sized children's room, then the children simply will have nowhere to turn around. Manufacturers of bedroom furniture for children solved this problem and developed a huge number of models of beds for two children.

Features and benefits

The beds for two children are gradually gaining popularity, and this is not surprising, because compared to other sleeping furniture, they have a number of advantages that can be decisive for parents considering options for sleeping places for two toddler.

The main advantages of cots for two:

  • Substantial savings in space. When folded, these beds take up a minimum of space, leaving enough space for an active pastime during the daytime.
  • Functionality - bedroom furniture is equipped with drawers or shelves, where it is convenient to store bed linen, things, toys and books. Each child can have his own personal box in which his belongings will lie.
  • Stylish and fashionable design - a variety of models of beds for two children is amazing. They can be both bright colors and equipped with special devices for games. For example, bunk beds, equipped with a wall bars, will be not only a great place to relax, but also for active games and maintain physical fitness.
  • Versatility - cots for two children perfectly fit into a different design, complementing it with its practicality. They become the highlight of the children's room.
  • Profitability - the cost of one bed for two children is much lower than two separate beds. Therefore, the acquisition of such bedroom furniture does not hit hard on the family budget.
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The design of the crib for two children assumes the presence of two tiers.

Berths can be placed differently:

  • The bed is a single design, two beds are located under each other. To make it convenient for the baby to climb the second tier, these beds are equipped with stairs or steps.
  • The retractable or lifting structure allows, for example, to hide the second tier of a crib under the first tier, or to hide both beds in a closet, bollard or podium.

The body of the crib for two children can be made of natural wood or be made of metal.

Stop your choice on quality models from reputable manufacturers. Proven firms value their reputation and do not save on such products, so you can not be afraid for the safety of your baby.

If the kids get upset and decide to jump in the crib, durable material will sustain their jumps, and you will not have to hurry to get a new bed.


Manufacturers of children's bedroom furniture have developed a huge variety of models for two children, which will suit the taste of children of different sex and age, as well as will delight parents with functionality and practicality.

The most popular types of cots for two children:

  • retractable;
  • bed-dresser;
  • bed-podiums;
  • folding or lifting;
  • double;
  • cots with the second tier;
  • corner;
  • bed-case.

Among such a variety of children's furniture is very easy to get confused. To make it easier for you to determine the type of bedroom furniture for your karapuz or older children, let's look at each model separately.


Models of beds with a sliding system when folded are almost the same as ordinary bedroom furniture. The only difference is that they are slightly higher than the classic counterparts. The second berth is put forward by means of a special mechanism. It is equipped with wheels that make it easy to roll out the second part, even a child can handle this task.

There are several types of retractable beds for two children:

  • Baby bed with fixed tiers - the lower berth can be pushed forward or sideways (depending on the design), but it cannot be separated from the upper one. A significant disadvantage of such a model - a child who sleeps on the upper tier, will have to step over the sleeper on the lower, if such a bed is not equipped with additional steps.
  • Baby bed with separate sleeping places - the lower tier in this model is not attached to the upper compartment. Having put forward the second tier, it can be placed anywhere in the nursery, since two equivalent separate beds are formed.

There are models of retractable baby beds, equipped with a special mechanism that allows you to raise the lower tier to the level of the upper compartment. Both tiers will be at the same distance from the floor, they can be easily combined into a double bed.


The bed-dresser for two children is very similar in appearance to the pull-out bed, the only difference is the presence of drawers built into the lower tier of the bed.

This model is more functional, as children can store all necessary things in boxes. They will always be within reach, and the child will be able to reach them without the help of parents.

The only caveat - it is not necessary to load the boxes with heavy things, since a large weight has a negative effect on the sliding mechanism and will contribute to its rapid wear.

Due to the presence of boxes, the sleeping place on the lower tier is at a sufficient height, so the child will have a comfortable rest, and you can not worry that he is too close to the cold floor.

The bed-dresser for two children can be either with fixed tiers or with separate sleeping places.


Bed-podiums for two children will be an extraordinary solution for a room with high ceilings. The podium is a special closed elevation that occupies almost half of the children's room.

Most often this place is specially equipped either for games or for classes (there are a desk, shelves with books and other things necessary for lessons).

Sometimes the podium may be small in size, that is, slightly larger than the bed. Then the place above the podium can be used to place a rack or cabinet, which will allow you to win space for games and entertainment.

Baby cots are located under the catwalk, saving the area of ​​the room during the daytime and moving out from under the catwalk while sleeping.

Folding or lifting beds

Children's folding or lifting beds are built into the closet. This is the best option for a small room in which two children live. In the afternoon, when the bed is raised and hidden in the closet, a lot of space remains. At nightfall, these cribs recline and form two separate beds.

The reverse side of the crib can be a magnetic board or other useful function.

Double beds

Children's double beds differ from the usual in their width. They are perfect for children of the same sex. It is possible to put such a bed in a children's room, if the space of the room allows.

Under the double bed can be a large number of drawers in which the kids store all the necessary things. Retractable locker systems are located under the body, under the mattress, they can be easily pushed along the axes.

With the second tier

Cots with the second tier will be an excellent option for very active children. They are equipped not only with drawers and shelves, but also with various sports facilities, such as rope, rings, and stairs.You get not only a sleeping place, but also a playing place. You also save space and money on purchasing additional sports equipment, as it is already built into the crib.

Overcoming obstacles on the Swedish wall, which is located on the crib, your child will always be in excellent physical shape.


The original design is different corner beds for two children. The upper tier is parallel to one wall, and the lower is parallel to the second wall, forming a right angle. This design is perfectly placed in the corner of a small room.

In addition, the corner beds can be equipped with drawers, lockers and various shelves in order to make the most of the space available for rest.


In addition to two beds, children's bed-cases are equipped with a spacious wardrobe or two canisters. This design saves limited space and does not overload it with unnecessary furniture. Two canisters are preferable for children, as each child should have their own locker with personal items.

How to choose

When stopping your choice on a specific model of a bed for two children, keep in mind that for different ages there are different requirements for sleeping accommodation.

For example, for children under the age of 7 years, it is necessary to provide for the presence of removable sides, which will save your child from falling during sleep. This is especially true if the upper tier is high enough from the floor, and your baby is sleeping restlessly.

For older children, you can equip a crib with a game complex, for example, a wall of a crib, so that the children can spend their irrepressible energy.

For different gender children it is better to choose models of double beds with a separate bed, which can be placed at the other end of the room.

Consider the fact that compact models of cots with numerous drawers and shelves should be placed in a small room, so as not to clutter up already limited space with unnecessary furniture.

When purchasing cots, pay attention to lifting and sliding mechanisms. They must be made of quality material and easily transformed into a bed.Lifting and sliding systems must be easy to operate so that your children can handle them without help.

Options and models of beds for two children, there are many, and you can easily arrange a bed in a small room.

Interesting solutions in interior design

Bunk beds ideally fit into children's rooms of various design, emphasizing them with the uniqueness.

For example, folding or lifting beds perfectly fit into both the classic and modern interior.

If the nursery is very narrow, use the option with two hidden beds that pivot on one side. During the day, they are located along the wall, leaving a large space for entertainment.

If a boy and a girl live in the same room, you can paint the walls and cots in two contrasting colors that are combined with the same theme and decor.

If your children are actively learning English, a bunk bed made in the form of a double-decker bus can be an extraordinary solution. The walls in the room can be decorated with photo wallpaper depicting the sights of London.You can also hang in the room photos of famous personalities with their quotes in English.

Another interesting option would be to design a children's room in the form of a fairytale castle. Add as a decoration - the image of the carriage, armor, dragon. You can come up with a coat of arms for the princess and a motto for a knight.

If there are two boys living in the room, then the design of the room can be done on the marine theme.

And for two sisters to choose a more romantic option, for example, focusing on pink or cream color in the furniture as well as in the decor elements.

Imagine, add to the process of choosing furniture and interior design for your children. You will not only have fun and spend time with your kids, but also create a cozy room, equipping it with a comfortable bed for two children.

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