Children's bed for a boy of 5 years

Special features

Children's bed for a boy is a special type of furniture in a room where he should be comfortable and cozy. A little boy of 5 years and older, noticeably grown up and matured, needs a new model of the bed. A crib that pleases a baby should not only be more spacious, the design of this type of children's furniture also changes.

Your boy is preparing for school and his first successes, he is curious and plays a lot, begins to take a different attitude to the sleep and rest regime - because he is about to become a first-grader. It is good if the five-year-old child already has his own room, in which there is enough space for a children's furniture set, including a truly original and beautiful bed.

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Popular models

The classical bed is a traditional berth, with backs and inserts. The sides in many models are removable, without them the bed takes almost an “adult” look.

Sometimes space in the room has to be saved, and non-standard design solutions come to the rescue. In order to maximally free up space during the daytime, there are interesting varieties of beds for children and teenagers.

Transforming cots

Such beds, consisting of one or two tiers, will be a good acquisition for a small room. The most common among them - a model that folds and retracts inside. The vertical surface for sleeping during the day remains part of the closet; at night, along with the legs, it descends from top to bottom, creating an excellent bed for your child. The bottom is disguised under the material of the cabinet, it can be closed with doors.

The lighting at the head of the bed and a comfortable small table complement this non-standard set. The table is thrown or moved into another compartment, turning into a shelf. Quite a wide choice of such complex structures is on sale - the width of the bed at the same time varies from single to one and a half and double. You can forget about the problem of a bed for your child for a long time if you buy a transformer with a plane for sleeping up to two meters in length.She can not only recline, but also move out or roll out of the main furniture - a wardrobe, a table or another bed of a smaller area.

A decent orthopedic mattress and a beautiful quilted bedspread with the favorite characters depicted on it will complement the bed and make it an excellent resting place for your child from 5 to 14 years old.

Loft bed

Most are made in the form of a hut or a spectacular house, located on the first or second tier, but there are other options. A low ladder leads to the second tier, and there is a sleeping place, and at the bottom there can be a comfortable sofa, a game table, shelves and cabinets with drawers. These and other objects serve children to create an atmosphere that is conducive to games, and allow them to have fun in cold winters and in rainy weather.

The child can even ride a slide, play in a realistic "top" tree house. Comfortable and uncool staircase and upper tier with a bed are equipped with side for safety. The multifunctional loft bed is versatile and appeals to many boys of preschool from the age of five, as well as from primary school age.

If guests come to the baby, it is better not to find an option for communication and games, while saving a lot of space. The sofa, often constituting the first tier, can be made as a double berth, folding a considerable amount in width. Large families, living in small apartments, this new product will be very useful.

Typewriter or bus

Does your little boy love cars? Then this version of the children's bed was created by designers for you. Types of cars and buses are so diverse - bright racing cars, closed phaetons and even double-decker buses with inscriptions. Lights with lights, soft wheels, a spacious inner seat that serves as a bed - it all looks like a real car. Usually in the manufacture of beds in the form of cars prefer the most bright colors - blue, red, yellow and black.

Boat ship

An exotic ship with a free-standing steering wheel, shelves in the bow, comfortable rims and drawers at the bottom shows a magnificent example of designer fantasy on a nautical theme. This bed can be the basis for creating the style of the whole room.decorated in the spirit of adventure or pirate. Brown, blue and navy blue, celadon, gold and white are the primary colors for this theme.


An airplane or an airplane is capable of becoming the design that will inspire the boy to fly it into the world of nightly sweet dreams. The plane is very similar to the previous two models, and the cute little wings act as additional elements of the beautiful decor of the “flying” berth for the boy.

The model of the bed is decorated with a plaid and a pillow in blue and light blue and light gray tones. It is interesting to look at the combination of black and white with bright accents, "cosmic" shades.

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When buying in the check it is necessary to indicate what material this baby bed is made of. Safety considerations are taken primarily into account, it is also important that the bed is assembled only from those components and fabrics whose material cannot cause an allergic reaction in a child.

Numbering the first and best material in the furniture industry is considered natural wood. They make premium beds that can satisfy every taste,like both parents and children.

But not only wooden beds can attract the interest of sophisticated buyers. The search for alternative, less expensive materials has led to the emergence of a number of models from MDF. Many modern and inexpensive beds are made from this composition - durable plywood sheets, reinforced on both sides with laminate. Fasteners in places cut by plastic plugs. The material responds well to the application of drawings by photographic printing, from which you can create a variety of elements and details.

Stylists recommend striving for a harmonious mix of styles in the boy's room. High-tech and industry are characterized by unusual models of single and bunk beds, if this is minimalism - the maximum space available, which will provide a variety of transformers. The main thing is that everything in the boy's room should be sustained in the spirit of his hobbies - be it sports, music, or the quest for adventure along with cartoon characters.

How to choose

Five-year-olds have a lot of new hobbies, so when choosing a bed you need to be guided by the tastes of your baby.Considerations of common sense will also not be superfluous at the time of purchase of suitable furniture for sleeping.

A bed for a five year old child and older is an intermediate option between a small cot for a baby and a sleeping place for an adult. In the child's room, a bed up to 150 cm long will be appropriate for this age. Teenage options reach a length of 180 cm or more, with a width of 90-100 cm. The model will not take up extra space and your boy will sleep comfortably in it. To acquire a special bed for a child of this age is also worth it for the reason that it has an unusual appearance, a colorful and effective design, designed specifically for children. It is worth a smaller bed is cheaper than an adult.

Among transformers, most often the parents of boys choose beds designed for them with a folding mechanism. According to experts, the weakest point in the assembly of furniture with the transformation of parts can be a retractable or folding mechanism with long-term operation. For your curious and active child, choose the most reliable and stable models, check the fasteners of all parts for durability.Here are some general recommendations from experts:

  1. The bed size should not be too large or, conversely, small for a child's room.
  2. Eco-friendly and natural materials should always remain in priority.
  3. Style and color should be thought out as a whole, not only for the bed, but for the whole room. It is necessary to take into account the textures and colors of textiles, other items of furniture, especially the decoration of walls and ceilings.
  4. Having bought an ordinary bed, you can easily make it visually brighter and more interesting. For this, it is enough to use beautiful decor and elements, placing them close to the bed, to cover it with unusual linen and a bedspread.
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