Bed for a teenage boy

Children grow up and, naturally, grow out of their little beds, which means that parents need to take care of a new bed. Are there any criteria and how big is the choice of beds for a teenage boy?

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How to choose?

By functionality

A functional bed for a teenage boy is not just a bed, it is also drawers, a wardrobe, and a place for lessons.

Well, when there is a place at the bottom of the bed where you can quickly remove the bed in the morning, then there will be no need to look for a place for this in other closets. Such a place usually looks like a rollout or as lifting.


Naturally, the sleep of a teenager should be absolutely safe, which means that the design of the bed should be reliable and preferably made of natural materials. Fittings should be of high quality, and closers should be on the cabinet doors. When choosing a double bed, you need to be sure of a good fastening of the upper tier.


Teenage bed should be purchased only from a manufacturer with a good reputation, whose furniture is guaranteed quality.

By strength

The child is no longer so small and childish pranks like jumping on the bed are already in the past, but this does not mean at all that strength and durability are no longer relevant. Choosing a bed for a teenager, do not forget that the guy will very quickly grow and increase not only his height, but also his weight.

By color

Deciding on the color scheme, do not forget to learn about the opinion of the teenager on this issue. If a teenage boy has to live in the same room with his sister, then they will have different preferences regarding what color the interior will be in their room, although if you try, you can zone it and satisfy the wishes of both children.

At this age, the guy shows the most interest in a strict and stylish interior in the style of “hi-tech”, in minimalism and in constructivism. The clarity of lines, simplicity of form and color (white, blue, black, steel), a minimum of furniture - this is what I would like to see a guy in his teens in his room.

To size

The standard length of a teenage bed is 190 cm, if the child is a future basketball star or simply taller than other teenagers, the optimal length is 200 cm. The width of the bed is a standard single bed, but for a large teenager, the sleeping place will be properly made 1200 cm wide.

For a 13-year-old and for a 16-year-old, who is already much higher, the parameters of the bed to be bought should be the same, for the simple reason that children at this age are growing very fast - so that you do not have to buy a new bed every two years, let it It will be better "for growth".

In form

We are all accustomed to the fact that the bed has a rectangular shape, although you can easily buy an original round bed in a spacious room, it will look very original.

By cost

Prices for teenage beds can be very different, because they are made of different materials, different in complexity of configuration, equipped with different quality mechanisms and fittings.

According to the material

Plastic beds are usually bright and beautiful products made in the form of some kind of cars or animals. But what is beautiful is not always useful, because plastic is synthetic, and as you know, it does not breathe, and it will not last long.

Sleeping set of chipboard is inexpensive, and therefore very popular. And nevertheless it is better not to find a tree of material - this is ecology and allergies will never happen.

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By design

Whatever type of bed for a teenager you choose, it must be properly assembled, durable and reliable. Modern teenagers for minimalism in the setting and for the maximum free space.

Create a coziness

First of all, according to the rules, a bed is selected. Boys, as a rule, do not need some bright colors and motley colors, they are more concise. The main thing is that the bed of a teenager corresponds to the parameters of his height and is with an orthopedic mattress, because the young man is still developing, and his posture is being formed, and all this requires special control.

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Variants of stylish beds that would definitely please a teenager boy:

About the cat bed

The bed-podium is a berth, which rolls out only by necessity (to sleep), and the rest of the time it is not visible, it is hidden in a niche. The location of the bed can be perpendicular to the runway, and the other part of the niche takes on the role of drawers.Such a bed construction is the best way to save space in a room. On the podium itself, you can arrange a working area and make it a study room.

About the sofa beds

A teenage sofa bed should be easy to fold into a bed and also easy to assemble into a compact system. The most suitable models for a teenager of this kind are click-club, accordion and dolphin. They are designed so that by simple manipulations can quickly turn from a sofa into a comfortable and spacious sleeping place.

The best models are those that have armrests and an extra set of pillows. In the afternoon, when the sofa is going, it turns into a place where you can play or take your friends.

About transformer bed

These are constructions that can serve both as a chair and a sofa.

Chair bed

Such a bed is perfect for a room of a small area, because when the chair-bed is assembled, it takes up very little space - a little more than a regular chair, and when unfolded it turns into a full bed for relaxation.

A teenager is recommended to select a design that has a hard mattress with an orthopedic effect. This is necessary so that the forming spine of the child is not deformed.A little later, when the chair-bed teenager becomes cramped, it can replace the bed-couch.

About bunk beds

This is an option that should be considered by parents who are going to buy beds for two children. After all, a bed of two tiers - this is a significant saving of room space, and at the same time, each of the teens will have their own personal corner. True, two-tier models prefer young children, not teenagers.

About the bed with drawers

A bed with drawers is an excellent option, having an orthopedic mattress and storage system. A bed with drawers for a teenager of 15 years old is a practical option, especially for a small room.

The boxes are usually located in the bottom or side of the structure and can take one or two rows. There are models with one continuous box along the entire length of the berth, and there are - with two or three sections, in which you can store less dimensional things.

Such boxes are made on rollers and equipped with special slats for directional smooth movement. This model will be indispensable in a small room in which you can not cram a full wardrobe.

Another version of such models has a drawer in which you can easily, if necessary, arrange another bed. This can be very useful when, for example, one of the guests stays at night.

About the loft bed for a boy

This design is a bed, which is located on the second tier, and a staircase leads to it. Such a berth is necessarily performed with protective sidewalls that protect the child from falling from a height. The first floor is carried out in different ways: it can be a mini-sofa, it can be a closet with shelves, and maybe a desk for a computer. Such designs are usually very popular among adolescent boys, and they are also the most functional.

About the style

Before deciding what will be the interior of your teenager's room, ask for his opinion and try to make the most of his ideas. Bright and catchy tone is better to leave the young lady, and the guy recommended a more relaxed tone. The best option would be the furniture of neutral tones, which can be decorated with decor and textiles.

In the boy’s room, Scandinavian-style decor will look beautiful and modern.

The classic style will never go out of style, which means that an ordinary metal or wooden bed may well please the child.

Choosing a bed, you can stop your choice on the style of "high-tech", and then fit the furniture of strict forms, straight lines and metal elements. The upholstery in this case is recommended smooth and shiny black, white or silver shades.

For romantics, the “modern” style will be the best choice, and these are smooth lines and asymmetrical shapes. The color scheme in this case:

  • beige color;
  • brown;
  • smoky;
  • Gray;
  • metallic

Monochrome design will be able to dilute the accents of textiles on the pillows and on the bedspread.

A high-tech room is a simulator, the books of those who are called “nerdy” at school, and the absence of everything superfluous in the room will appeal to future techies and computer scientists.

Modern bed for a teenager is a stylish solution for his room. This piece of furniture transforms the entire interior, making it more cozy and comfortable.

Where can one buy?

Simply go to any furniture store. Teenage bed can be purchased in any of them.Another option is to shop online, where you can make your choice according to the catalog and order the model you like.

About accessories

The main accessories for a teenage boy can be his hobby attributes:

  1. diplomas and awards (sports, intellectual);
  2. collections of favorite cars;
  3. figurines of characters from your favorite movies or games;
  4. guitar or other musical instrument;
  5. posters and posters.

What if the teenage boy’s room is very small?

The place will help to save properly selected furniture:

  1. folding sofa;
  2. folding bed with a lifting mechanism;
  3. the construction of the "attic", when the bed is upstairs, and below - a desk or wardrobe.
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