Cot for newborn twins

Choosing a cot is an important and responsible business. If you have twins, there is a special bed for newborns. If one kid can be laid with him at first, then with two children this option is unacceptable.

Requirements for cots

Everything related to newborns should be safe. This is especially true of beds in which the kids spend a lot of time. If you are buying cots for twins, then try to take into account all the requirements described below:

  1. In the crib should be enough space for the baby. The choice in this regard is large, since there are both separate and combined models.
  2. The material of the base and frame must be strong enough. It is very important to choose environmentally friendly and fireproof models that have all the necessary certificates confirming this.
  3. All joints and small parts, whether metal, plastic or wood should be as polished as possible or covered with special soft linings.All this will help avoid cuts and skid, both for the twins, and for their parents.
  4. The bed should have an adjustable bottom. This function is very useful in operation, as it allows you to adjust the desired height for easy laying kids. The older the child becomes, the lower the bottom falls so that the baby cannot get out of the crib on his own.
  5. When choosing cots for small children, you should ask for documents in which it is written that this type of furniture complies with all sanitary standards.

Usually, a mattress can be purchased with a cot in a furniture store. Often, it comes with a pillow and a set of bed linen. It is very important that the children's mattress is made of natural fabrics and fillers.

Do not forget during the purchase and about the minor functions of the crib: swaddling and storage of linen. Many models have in their design as a chest of drawers, and a panel for dressing babies. However, safety and convenience of the baby come first.

Manufacturing material

Baby cots are mainly made of wood, as it is the most safe and environmentally friendly material.For decoration and the manufacture of minor parts are usually used plastic, which does not emit an unpleasant odor and does not provoke allergies in infants. Both wooden and plastic models are very convenient to use, they are easy to clean and wipe.

Together with a cot for twins, you should immediately purchase an internal filling: mattresses, bumpers, pillows, bed linen. Some models for twins have special "doors" on both sides, so that each baby can be conveniently removed and fed. A very important element of the filling is the sides, because thanks to them the kids will not hit the hard frame of the bed. They will also prevent the handles from protruding through the lattice wall.


Each baby sleeps quite a lot in the first months of its life, so a bed for a newborn is very important. When two children are born at once, then the beds should be exactly the same. Nowadays, there is a huge number of models designed specifically for twins. Crib with a pendulum is very convenient, as they allow you to rock babies without much effort.


Very interesting and practical models for twins in terms of space saving, which is very important, because for kids besides the bed, other furniture is also needed.Saving space in the nursery, you can put a large closet for storing clothes, clothes and toys.

Despite the advantages, the lack of a significant model. The life of such a bed is small: 6-7 months. Children who have learned to stand on their own will not fit into such a model.


A good option that suits the happy owners of a large children's room. They put two interconnected beds with a common middle wall.


Very convenient, as they can be put as you like. In addition, babies in different beds will not be able to distract each other from sleep. If you wish, you can put cots together while you are awake so that the twins can have more fun playing.


Very convenient model in all respects. With such a bed you can easily save space, despite its dimensions, as it combines not only two full-sized beds, but has lockers for everything you need and a place to swaddle.

Berths are connected by car type and are separated by a changing chest. It is very convenient that the side bars recline for each baby independently of each other.

Bed - Manege

Playpen is a place where babies can play safely, as they are protected. Bed playpen for twins is the same playpen, but in its space fit two small cradles for kids. While the children are awake, the cradles are removed and the babies are put together in the same playpen.

Cost of

When producing twin cots, special requirements are always taken into account. Therefore, cots for babies are always strong and safe. Naturally, all this affects the price, so the beds for twins can not be cheap.

The price depends on several parameters:

  1. Base material; models of natural wood are the most expensive, while cribs made of chipboard or DFV have a relatively low price. There are cradles for newborns from original materials, such as bamboo or rattan. Due to the high cost of the source material, these models have an indecently high price.
  2. Design. The more interesting the model, the more expensive it is. Currently, there are both classic models and exquisite beds, made in a particular style.Moreover, if an eminent designer took part in the design of the look of the crib, then it will cost a lot.
  3. Manufacturer. If the cot for twins is made on the territory of Russia, then it will be much cheaper than foreign models. And all because there and the quality of materials is higher, and a certain rather big amount is spent on the transportation of furniture.
  4. The size. The less materials were spent on manufacturing, the lower the final price will be. Small cradles are cheaper than their large "brothers" of transformers.
  5. Functionality. Twin cots for sleeping only are relatively cheaper than models that combine a playpen. A crib with drawers or a chest of drawers are more expensive than simple options several times.

Every parent wants to buy the best crib for their babies, but often this is hampered by financial issues. Thanks to the modern variety of children's furniture, every year it is becoming easier and easier to find an inexpensive and functional bed for twins.

Cot for newborn twins - this is a very interesting and functional furniture, which to pick up taking into account all the requirements when it was very difficult.At present, there are so many models made for twins that the modern eyes of the parents “run up”. But you should not strive for a pleasant appearance, base your choice on the needs of the baby and then your twins will sleep peacefully all the time.

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