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In every family, babies are prepared for the appearance long before his birth. Prospective parents carefully choose children's accessories, furniture, clothing and bedding. Every detail in the nursery should be comfortable and safe. Most of the time the baby will spend in a lullaby, so the choice of a bed for a newborn should be made consciously.

What to consider when choosing

For a newborn, you cannot buy a crib based only on your desires or appearance. For an infant, a crib is a place in which he will spend most of his unconscious life. Therefore, children's furniture must meet a specific list of requirements:

  • High quality. Do not save and buy a lullaby from recycled materials. A poorly made bed can start to creak or break before the warranty period.
  • Durability. A cot made of high quality and durable materials will last a long time.It is possible that more than one generation of your children will sleep on it.
  • Security. This factor is one of the most important in the list of requirements. This includes both the build quality and the material of the base and components. The bed for a newborn should be made only from environmentally friendly materials that during operation will not cause allergies or other diseases.
  • Comfort. It is great if the bed is equipped with a pendulum for motion sickness and mechanisms for adjusting the height of the bottom (each mother should effortlessly put and remove the baby from the bed).

Naturally, the appearance of the crib should be made in soothing colors, so as not to annoy the child.

Advantages of Ikea

Cots for newborns ikea are made according to GOST and TU, which are designed specifically for baby cradles. The main thing when creating furniture for kids is safety. Therefore, every detail of the crib is hypoallergenic and non-toxic. No part of the crib will be able to cut or scratch the baby, because in addition to special grinding, the company's specialists supply children's structures with special soft plastic lining.

The developers of the Swedish company produce a variety of models of beds, based on three main parameters:

  1. Environmental Safety. Ikea company uses only natural and eco-friendly materials.
  2. Fire safety. All materials before assembling furniture are sent for special processing, after which they are tested in several stages.
  3. Low weight. All types of children's furniture have a relatively small weight, but the strength and quality of this does not decrease.

Ikea is not a store of individual pieces of furniture, but a company that manufactures modular structures. Choose a suitable bed for the baby and add something else without problems, since Ikea provides a wide range of colors and designs.

Cots for the little ones. What are they?

Cots in Ikea are made of two types: closed and half-open. What does it mean? In closed beds, all panels have a special lining and are not equipped with grills. Half-open models have one or two sides with grilles. Each model has its pros and cons.

Ikea has several models of designs for newborns, here are the main ones:


This model is made of solid beech. The top of the product is covered with acrylic paint. Absolutely all components of the design are safe for the baby. The side panel is made of fiberboard, on top of which printed image is applied.

A beautiful and childlike model makes an original cut at the top of the side panel. Complement the gentle image of the original legs. The crib has a pleasant milky color, which is ideal for decorating a newborn's room. In addition, white furniture harmoniously fits into absolutely any interior.


This model is made of birch and covered with non-toxic acrylic varnish. It is very convenient that the bottom of the crib can be raised and lowered to the desired level. You can also remove one side grill panel, and instead install a special bumper. The choice of such accessories in Ikea is diverse.


The frame and the basis of this bed are made of natural wood. In this case, this is an array of beech wood, which is processed by special means for the highest safety and durability. The difference between this model is the presence of a removable side panel, which is very convenient if the same furniture will be used for sleeping by an older child.


Very cozy and cheerful model.It is made in different color variations: green, blue - for boys and pink - for girls. The base, as in most models, consists of beech-painted acrylic paint. Bright colors of this model will ideally fit into the thematic interior of the children's room.


The model, similar to the previous design, by the basic parameters, is distinguished by more muted colors. The cots of this model have the color of natural wood, as they are painted exclusively with a colorless varnish.


Very modern model of a bed for newborns. Ideal fit into the interior of an apartment decorated in high-tech style. The front and rear panels consist of environmentally friendly chipboard, fiberboard and natural wood filler. Frame and pruttovidnye panels are made from natural beech. Model Stuva is the most functional bed for babies from a Swedish company, as it has in its design drawers for storage, which are painted in a variety of colors.


This model looks very stylish and attractive. The bed is made in three color variations of soothing shades: milky white, taupe and chocolate black.The basis of the sleeping construction is natural beech, which is distinguished by its special strength.

Transforming cots

With the advent of the baby, the apartment needs a small cot and additional space for storing a pile of linen and children's clothes. Remarkably with two tasks simultaneously convertible bed, which can be used for sleeping the baby and storing his dowry. Such models are very convenient, as they combine an ordinary bed, a chest of drawers with a changing table and lockers. It is remarkable that in this type of bed, it can accommodate both a baby and a more adult child up to 12 years old.

Advantages and disadvantages:

  1. The presence of the changing table and various storage boxes, built-in pendulum for lulling, the possibility of increasing the bed.
  2. Large size, high price.

Ikea company very much "loves" transforming beds, so it manufactures various models of this type. For the little ones, there are both standard options and refined oval beds in which children can sleep up to the age of three. Very interesting are the Cura models, which can be turned over, with the help of which cots for different ages are obtained.


Numerous reviews about the Swedish manufacturer of cribs confirm the advantages described. Based on the reviews, there is a good rating for cots for newborns. 4 points out of 5 maximum received Ikea furniture.

What do baby cot buyers appreciate:

  • Price. The difference in prices is such that you can buy as a budget version of children's furniture, and indecently expensive model.
  • Practicality. Cots from European companies are very comfortable to use.
  • Comfortableness All models of beds for the smallest are very comfortable and cozy.
  • Appearance. Cots for the youngest children are very beautiful and stylish, so they are suitable for any interior design, as well as the little owner and his mother.
  • Reliability. The designs of the Swedish company are made of high quality materials, which is the key to strength and durability.

Manufacturers of Ikea company have invested all their knowledge and experience to create high-quality and safe children's furniture. While the Swedish designers made a lot of effort to bed for a newborn from ordinary everyday furniture turned into an individual element of the interior.Ikea is the right choice for furnishing a room for a newborn baby.

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