Baby bed for a one year old child

Even a year, the child tries to be independent in everything and wants him to have everything as in adults, including the bed. This is the main difficulty of the choice - the crib should be externally similar to an adult, but safe as a child.

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There are basic requirements for sleeping place for children from 1 year old:

  • In the manufacture of environmentally friendly materials must be used: wood, safe varnishes and coating paints.
  • The base should be smooth, rigid, usually used rack or chipboard.
  • Metal beds should be rounded so that the child does not hurt himself.

How to choose

First you need to choose the right size. To do this, add to the growth of the baby 20-25 cm in length for each side of the bed. Sleeping small size provokes the child to take uncomfortable poses or to rest his head against the side, which will cause the spinal curvature,lack of healthy sleep and deterioration of the emotional state of the child. On a very large bed, the baby does not feel protected. If it is too spacious, it causes discomfort and unwillingness to sleep on it. Therefore, the size of the bed for a child from 1 year should be optimal in relation to his growth.

It is desirable that the crib was equipped with a protective side. For a one-year-old baby, it is better to choose a slatted bed base so that no mold will form on the mattress if he soaks it.

Then you need to decide on the model and design of the bed. The variety of choice is amazing. Here everyone makes a choice in accordance with his taste, the main thing is to take into account the convenience and safety of the model he liked for the child.

If you already have a cot that has been used for up to a year with high slatted walls, then one of them can be removed and then the child will be able to crawl out of it and climb. But this option is not suitable for beds with pendulum mechanisms, the baby can swing it in a dream and fall.


If a one-year-old baby is breastfed or is not ready to sleep separately from the mother, then in this case the added bed is suitable. It is fixed to an adult and usually has a size of 120 cm by 60 cm.The kit includes wheels for changing the position of the bed and mounting so that the baby can not move it. For a one-year-old child, this will be an intermediate option between sleeping with mom and independent staying in bed all night.

The transforming bed will last a longer period, because will increase in size in accordance with the growth of the baby.

There are two types of this model:

  • On the bed of 180 cm by 70 cm there is a built-in children's bed with lattice bumpers (120 * 60) and a bollard. When the child grows up, the small bed is completely unfastened, and the built-in cabinet becomes bedside.
  • The bed is moved apart in length as the child grows. Thus, it can be increased from 120 cm to 180 cm. Such models usually have a removable side.

Bed with low sides and drawers for linen can be made for individual sizes to order or have a standard (140 * 60; 160 * 70; 180 * 90). This model is cozy for children, the side protects from falling, and the drawers can hold bedding and children's clothes or toys.

A sofa bed or chair-bed can significantly save room space.

But you should pay attention to a few nuances:

  • when unfolded, the bed should not be very large;
  • the mattress should be flat and hard;
  • in the manufacture of natural fabrics should be used upholstery.


A small child may negatively perceive moving to a new bed. Bright design of the bed can turn this event into a holiday, and the baby will gladly run to his beautiful crib every evening.

Most often, the crib is decorated with cartoon characters or characters from books. It can also be made in the form of a car, carriage, castle or ship.

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