Children's bed for children from 3 to 5 years

A child of 3 years is already so big that a cot is small for him. After all, this bed is designed for babies and very young children. A child at this age can easily climb over the wooden walls of the crib, and this gives him some inconvenience. For example, if he wants to use the toilet at night, he will have to overcome this obstacle.

It is possible that some wooden bars near the bed are already missing, of course, not without the help of a child. The three-year-old motion sickness system is no longer in use, and parents are forced to prop up a swinging bed. In addition, the bed could get the baby from other children, and therefore she was already pretty worn out. If the child is already crowded in the old crib, then it is time to buy a new one.

For a three year old baby

Most importantly - the bed should be as safe as possible. When choosing a baby bed, parents should pay attention to several factors:

  • Material. It is desirable that the bed was made of wood, because the tree will allow the baby’s body to breathe. Wooden furniture has a unique smell and special energy. The bed frame can be made of birch, oak, beech or spruce.
  • The size. The bed should be more than the height of the child, not less than 20 cm. Manufacturers of baby beds take into account the growth of children and therefore produce beds of different sizes: 140 by 70, 150 by 80 and 160 by 90. These cots usually have a small ladder and special fences that will prevent the fall of the child. If desired, they can be removed.
  • Loft bed. If the nursery is small, then you can choose a bed - attic. Thus, there will be a children's area at the bottom, and a bed at the top. This is very convenient, because this option will save space and add to the room uniqueness. A distinctive feature of the bed is the ability to adjust the height, i.e. the older the child, the higher you can raise the bed.
  • Bunk bed. If there are two children, then a bunk bed will do. But stopping your choice on this option, you need to be sure that the child will be able to climb and descend the stairs.
  • Bed for a boy or girl. When buying a bed for a three-year-old baby, you need to pay attention to its design. For a small doll, you can choose a bed in a purple color with floral decoration. For the little prince, you can buy a blue bed in the shape of a car.

Furniture stores offer customers a huge selection of cots for every taste. They can have absolutely any shape and color. For example, a bed can be made in the form of a car, a ship, or in the form of an animal.

If parents choose a bed without sides for a child of three years old, then they should secure or prevent the possible fall of the baby. After all, children of this age still do not know how to control themselves in a dream, they are constantly tossing and turning. In order for the child not to fall, you need to put the bed against the wall. The sides can be made from pillows. For greater confidence that the child will not be injured, you can put a thick blanket near the bed.

For a 5 year old child

At the age of five, a children's bed is already a more adult model. As a rule, such beds have a size of 140 cm by 90 cm. Such a bed has both advantages and disadvantages.

The advantages include:

  • Compactness. This bed is designed for a small children's room and it will greatly save space.
  • Convenience. Due to the small size, in such a bed, a five year old child will be comfortable and cozy.
  • Design. As a rule, children's beds are interesting and colorfully decorated.
  • Price. The cost of such a bed is cheaper than the cost of a full-size bed.

The disadvantages include:

  • Limited operation. Such a bed due to its size will not serve a large amount of time. Very soon you will have to buy a bigger bed.

When choosing a bed for a 5-year-old child and older, give preference to beds of 180 cm by 90 cm. This bed will last much longer and is suitable for sleeping and for a teenager. Unfortunately, these beds do not have a colorful design. But parents together with the child can decorate it on their own. It all depends on their wishes.

Types of beds

  • Single bed. This bed consists of a frame, headboard and footboard. Some models have bumpers that can be removed if necessary. The sides are designed to ensure that the child does not fall out of bed, tossing and turning in his sleep. In addition, the sides create a feeling of comfort in the nursery.The presence of drawers will help save space.
  • Bunk. A great option for beds for two children. The top shelf should be equipped with bumpers to prevent falling. The bottom shelf can serve as a sofa in the daytime or a play area. If the package includes a canopy, the lower tier can be an imaginary refuge for games. The ladder should be comfortable and sturdy so that the child can safely walk along it.
  • Bed - transformer. Such a children's bed has a lot of advantages. First, it can be lengthened as the child grows. Secondly, it has different shapes and designs. This bed will last long enough and not much wear.
  • Loft bed. The most unusual and interesting choice for a child's room. The construction itself consists of two tiers: on the first tier there is a desk, shelves for books, a wardrobe, and on the second there is a bed. A special ladder helps the child to get into bed. Thus, the room is divided into two functional areas. This way of placing the bed and working area allows you to save space.
  • Bed - playpen. This bed is designed for children of three years, becausethey still do not know how to control themselves in a dream and may fall. Therefore, the bed - playpen on all four sides has high walls. The front side can be adjusted, and possibly completely removed. So, before going to bed the board rises, and after sleep it goes down completely.

Making a children's room, you can buy a children's suite. It includes a bed, a wardrobe, a table with drawers and a chair. It is very convenient for a small room.

We organize a bed

For girl

Little girls usually live in an imaginary world of fairies and princesses, so the bed and the room itself should be fabulously decorated. For babies from three to five years old, they use light shades in the interior: pink, white, beige or peach. The bed can be decorated with a canopy and add figurines of fairies, ponies or dolls. In such a bed, any little girl will feel like a real princess.

Many models of beds for girls are made in the form of a castle with a tower. You can choose a hanging bed. The child in it will feel like a fairytale heroine. Very popular beds in the form of a carriage, like Cinderella.

Choosing a bed for a girl, consider her desires and preferences.Together discuss with her what kind of bed she wants, what color, with what pattern. Take her to a furniture store and give her the opportunity to choose herself. If you do not agree with the choice of the daughter, then find a compromise solution.

For boy

Choosing a bed in the nursery, consider the overall style of the room. The bed should fit harmoniously into the overall interior. The color of the bed for a boy should be blue, black, green or gray. It is possible to dilute dark color with the help of drawings of knights, warriors, dinosaurs, etc. In general, the design idea should come from the owner of the room.

In the furniture stores you can buy a children's bed for a boy in the form of a car or a ship. You can combine the bed with the wall, which will be sports equipment. If the boy likes to watch the stars, the bed - the attic - is the perfect solution. Just put her closer to the window and the child will be happy.

When choosing a bed for a boy, also consider his fantasies and desires. Let him choose his future sleeper. If there are two boys, then design a bunk bed, taking into account the hobbies of each of them.

How to choose a mattress?

It is important to buy a good mattress in a children's bed. Parents want the mattress to be soft, but at the same time elastic enough so that the child does not twist the spine. Therefore, when choosing a mattress, rely on the following criteria:

  • Rigidity. Children's mattress should be moderately hard, but not soft. Ideally, the mattress should be orthopedic. He will not allow the soft bones of the child to bend. In order to avoid back problems in the future and avoid scoliosis, choose a hard or orthopedic mattress.
  • Filler. The mattress should consist only of natural materials. Filler made of coconut fiber or polyurethane foam is the most suitable option for a children's mattress. In no case do not buy mattresses filled with cotton or foam rubber. These materials are too soft and do not hold the form at all. In addition, over time, such a mattress can be deformed. Do not save on the health of your children and buy a mattress more expensive, but safer.

When choosing a bed for a child from 3 to 5 years old, parents should take into account the material from which it is made. It is preferable to choose a bed made of natural wood.It is important to choose the right mattress so that the child does not have any health problems. The pillow must also be orthopedic. After all, if the pillow will consist of feathers or cotton wool, then it will quickly deform. And more such pillows need to be cleaned more often to avoid dust mites.

And, of course, buying a baby bed, listen to the child’s opinion so that he would be comfortable and cozy in his own room.

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