Children's beds for children over 3 years old

Manufacturers of baby beds manage to make things incompatible: to come up with a fabulous design and comply with safety standards. It is important for the child to feel himself in the wizarding world, to feel the love of his parents - that is why the design of the crib is so important. For adults, quality and safety indicators are fundamental. With this combination, begins competent selection of furniture in the room for children.

Features and benefits

Children's beds differ from adults in a number of ways. Features of furniture for the smallest can be defined as:

  • the size. The bed area can vary, and the length to remain in the range of 1.5 - 1.8 meters. There is no need to go far to understand why it should be of a certain size: a child does not need a big bed - this is both uncomfortable and unsafe;
  • bumpers. Panels for the child serve as protection against falling in a dream. If the baby is sleeping restlessly, then the bumpers will help protect his sleep;
  • design.Beds for the smallest are designed for magic castles for girls, for sports cars for boys, using bright colors. Adults, if they like to sleep in such a bed, only under a nostalgic mood. But we omit this moment. Who does not like to remember sometimes childhood?
  • manufacturing standards. For children's beds, there are a number of requirements that manufacturers can not ignore. Special manufacturing material, anti-allergic paints and varnishes, special assembly method, etc. are required.

The constructions make them stable so that the child can not only sleep peacefully, but also play in beds (children often do this). Thanks to the hypoallergenic coating, the baby is protected from unwanted body reactions. And the individual assembly method contributes to the long service life of the frame.

Benefits for cots are also their own: capacity, compactness, safety and comfort in the overall design. When buying a bed for a child, the main thing to remember is that the structure should be made of wood, and best of all, hardwood.

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There are many types of beds. You can pick up at the request of the child or according to your own preferences.

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Classic models are usually presented without unnecessary details and styling. The main material of manufacture is oak or beech. Depending on the model itself, it may include various details:

  • drawers and shelves;
  • two tiers (in this case, on the one hand, a full-fledged ladder is attached);
  • prefabricated panels and bumpers that can be easily removed and put in place (if the bed consists of two tiers, then the top is protected from falling, and below are removable bumpers).


This functional model is used not only as a place of rest, but also as furniture, which contains toys dear to the heart, wardrobe items and the most secret children's secrets.

Such a model has not only sides, but also additional drawers built into the inside of the structure. The bed can be installed in a small room and hide things in it, freeing up space from everything that is superfluous.


There is no limit to perfection - furniture manufacturers have proved by inventing a transforming bed. This model, unlike a simple bed-dresser, can be completely transformed into other furniture.

The bed, depending on a design, can develop in a full-fledged case, a table or the place for games.Models are most often purchased for small rooms in order to maximize the use of space. At night, the child can sleep in such a bed, and during the day use it as a play area. In this case, the bed has a solid back, modular bumpers and several pull-out sections in the form of a ladder.

Loft bed

If you are not satisfied with the fully assembled version of the crib, but you still have to save space, then pay attention to the loft bed.

The model consists of two tiers, the first of which is a play area with all possible accessories (a lamp, cabinets and a chair), and the second tier is a full bed. To the second tier is a safe staircase. The perimeter bed has safety devices so that the child can sleep peacefully.

Sofa bed

Modification of a berth in a sofa is one more option of a bed transformer. For a 3-year-old child, this is the easiest and most durable option for a bed. This is the model that can be used after the child has grown up - the sofa, as part of the interior, is left even with the purchase of another bed. The sides can be easily removed, leaving only the base.

With canopy

The four-poster bed can be made independently. The frame is attached either to the ceiling or to the upper base of the second tier. Fabrics can be chosen at your discretion, it is better if they are soft and flowing. This is a very unusual and cozy bed option in the room, which can also be decorated with additional lights and accessories.

In the summer, the canopy will save from the heat, and in the winter - to serve as a warm haven from the cold. Thus, a bed for girls is styled.

With sides and drawers

This model is a simplified version of the bed-dresser. The design is slightly smaller and slightly easier to use than other models. It is used with safety jumpers (removable) and has a small height. For a three-year-old child it will not be difficult to straighten such a bed by yourself.


Correct use of space is also possible with a bunk bed: for two children it is an excellent option. The design has thickened partitions of the ladder, and the sides on the upper tier above. Safe sleep is the most important thing for such beds. Therefore, in these models, increased stability of the steps and proximity to the wall is the norm.

Stylized versions of such beds can be painted in any color, have stickers with your favorite cartoon characters, and even have a compartment with a slide (for a quick slide down). The choice of furniture is huge for both boys and girls.


The stylized model is a single bed with the simplest decor. This is the option of beds, where the child can embody their ideas. The decor for magic carriages or racing cars, boats or forms of animals - just so you do not make a mistake with the choice. Modules develop imagination - and this is only a small bonus to the wonderful mood of the owner of such a bed.

In childhood we all dream of a castle or a high-speed car. So let the baby choose their little corner to relax with you.

Color solutions

When choosing a bed, color is one of the main indicators of a correct and harmonious interior. Shades of the room also affect the well-being of the child.

It is no secret that the color affects the human psyche, and if the man is very small, the design needs to be selected carefully - the child’s thought processes are associated with visual perception.

Psychologists advise to equip a room so that the first years of a baby’s life are as comfortable as possible. Calm and safety inspire pale pink, pastel and white shades.

If the room is made in dark colors, then the bed and all furniture should be bright. For example, yellow, blue and white interior paints are perfect.

From the age of three, the child is very active. If the room has bright walls, the bed can be chosen in a neutral color: from a pale blue hue (normalizes blood pressure), to violet color, so that sleep is calm.

In order to fill the room with comfort and freshness, furniture can be chosen motley, at the same time combining several colors. But remember that active combinations should not irritate the eyes.


The basis of which children's beds are made can be represented by the following variations: wood, chipboard or MDF. The last two materials are much cheaper, but will not last long.

It is better if the crib is made of hard wood. These include oak, alder, ash.Furniture made of wood lasts longer, and its functionality is much simpler. This is the most eco-friendly bed model.

If you want more vivid shades in the furniture, then choose beds from chipboard - they are painted in bright shades and stylized in the most bizarre way.

The most economical option is a product from MDF. But remember that this material is so short-lived in use that it will be necessary to change the bed in a few months. Additional parts, as a rule, break down faster, and the boxes are damaged with a sharp impact. But if there is no choice - and among such material you can find decent models.

It is better to completely abandon metal structures - the risk of damage upon impact is too great. This material is solid for a baby bed.

Base - mattress

Touch the internal arrangement of the bed. The mattress is the basis of a healthy and comfortable sleep for the baby. The correct size for a bed, its internal components and external attributes are the main selection criteria.

Mattress is:

  1. orthopedic. Such models are preferable for children. But they are also the most expensive of all.Interestingly, instead of springs in this mattress used fibers for special purposes. For maximum comfort, it is covered with several layers of special fabric, and a wear-resistant case is stretched over them. It is designed to repeat all the curves of the body without deforming the spine;
  2. springless. This option is the softest and most convenient, but not “useful” for the body. The inner frame that holds the shape is missing, so the child falls into the mattress. It is better if, with this choice, an additional solid canvas is laid on the bottom of the bed;
  3. with springs. A mattress with springs is an economical version of an orthopedic base. Instead of a special fiber - iron springs. This model holds the shape for a long time, but sags with time. Springs lose elasticity and can tingle the body unpleasantly during sleep.

How to choose

The price sometimes does not match the quality, so you have to spend a fair amount of time studying the footnotes of the small font in the "description" section. Unscrupulous manufacturers, in order to save money, can use synthetic varnishes, dangerous impurities and poor-quality manufacturing materials.

The bed at a reasonable price for you can fall apart in just a few months, especially if the child is very active, so you should pay attention to the following indicators:

  • material of manufacture. Arm yourself with the intention to find a durable base - and forward, in search of a quality bed;
  • coloring matter. Pay attention to the hypoallergenic materials that are used. Paint should not smell, have impurities that are hazardous to health. This must be indicated in the brief description of the product;
  • sizes and ratios. For the convenience of sleeping your baby, you need to know the standard sizes for ages. For example, for children from three years old - this is 1.5 - 1.8 meters in length, and about one meter in width of the bed. The mattress should not “float” on the bed base;
  • fastenings and their safety. If the bed that you like, there are projections, it is better to immediately clarify whether it is possible to deform them. In addition, it will be very good if you check all fasteners and their reliability before purchasing;
  • bed function. This figure remained, finally, as the most "delicious." If the bed "weathered" all of the above check points with dignity,then it remains only to find out its functionality: how many boxes can you install into it? What is their capacity? By answering these questions, you can safely choose what corresponds to the parameters of the choice.

Top Brands Review

In order to understand the issue was holistic, let's consider the most popular brands. Also find out why this or that company is in demand.

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The company is located in Italy. This is a whole family business, founded in the mid-twentieth century by the Kantarutti spouses. The motto of the furniture company is safety and comfort. Immediately setting the high requirements of manufacturing standards, the production "went up the hill."

At the moment, the factory manufactures many types of cots, using authority around the world. Constructions from environmentally friendly materials, without chemical coatings. Also the factory "Erbesi" manufactures modules without sharp corners.

"Furniture Factory Gandylyan"

And now about the native fatherland. The “Furniture Factory Gandylyan” brand was founded in 1993, and a few years later conquered not only the Russian, but also the foreign market. The main office of the company is located in the Stavropol region, as the production is based on beech - this is where trees grow.

The main indicators for which the company is famous are low cost combined with the ecology of production. Designers of the company are engaged in a constant search for excellence, applying the latest production technologies.

It is worth paying attention to this company if the spaciousness of the bed and its possible transformation are important for you. Long service life is a nice bonus.

"A red star"

Domestic company "Red Star" has a history of almost a hundred years. Materials are used only environmentally friendly - wood from the Volga region. If you are for the brightness of the design of the children's room, you are tempted by the flexibility of forms and multifunctionality, then pay attention to this factory.

"Baby Care"

Polish company "Baby Care" is represented on the world market for a long time. Initially, the factory specialized in the production of children's beds, playpens, and this has gained popularity in the post-Soviet era.

Now, thanks to the analysis of the needs of its customers and the use of modern materials, the company is steadily occupying its niche in the market. The factory produces new models for each season.

Stylish solutions in interior design

The design of the room should be designed in such a way that all furniture, including the bed, looks harmonious.

For children, interesting combinations of two or three colors. It is better to use one color as the main one and make it bright, and add the second as tint.

The children's loft bed of quiet shades in the room with bright walls looks unusually. Properly combine colors will help a special table.

For a three-year princess, you can arrange a room in pink or pale-violet shades. Little girls like large, soft four-poster beds. Fabrics choose natural, such as silk or cotton. If footage allows - place a few poufs around the perimeter of the room, and fortunately the girl will have no limits.

Space for the boy can be arranged in more restrained colors: green, orange or yellow. But remember that colors need to be diluted to translucent, pale shades. It is better to install simple furniture in the room, but exquisite: there should not be any extra details or sharp corners.

What to avoid:

  1. fanciful details and clutter of space;
  2. expensive furniture;
  3. Fashionable design additions from metal, plastic and glass;
  4. the beds are several sizes larger.

Let your child arrange the room on their own. Pick a suitable price for several options, and offer him to choose what you like. Such actions on your part will teach him responsibility.

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