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A large family is very wonderful, on the one hand, but difficult - on the other. It is very difficult to choose a bed for three children living in the same room. Each child needs not only a separate bed, but also in the work area. If children have cramped living conditions, it will badly affect their emotional mood. Therefore, it is very important to choose beds for three children, taking into account the characteristics of each child.

Types of beds

Over time, the production of children's furniture will improve, so more and more models of beds for children appear. Also, only more design solutions appear in the design, so you can choose a bed even for the most captious child.

All children's bed models are divided into several categories.

Type of construction

In this category there are two types of beds: single models and combined (for two, three and even four children).

Everybody knows what a single crib is, since it has the simplest design, and differs from similar models in some details and design. As for the combined structures, there are a lot of nuances.

If you have to buy beds for a small room in which three children live, then a multifunctional bed, harmoniously combining three beds, will suit you perfectly. Variants of such designs abound.

Here are the most striking examples of beds for three children:

  • Sleeping design for three children, decorated in classic style from durable and safe wood. It has three beds, combined with storage and employment (drawers and tables). Despite the massiveness, the design can be placed in a small room, which is not particularly necessary to supplement with other furniture, due to the multifunctionality of the bed.
  • Bright wooden model, made in an interesting and compact design. In addition to sleeping places, the bed has storage boxes, beautifully veiled under the ladder and a shelf for small items above the second tier of the bed.

Age restrictions

For babies who grew up from the cradle, manufacturers make a variety of bright models. PSingle beds are much larger than baby models, and more often they have a discreet design.

  • Bright and safe model for three children. Berths are located at a small height.
  • Three-tier model for teens, decorated in classic style, very economical and comfortable.

Manufacturing material

Baby cots are made from durable and safe materials. For baby beds, wood is usually used in production: pine, birch, beech, and oak. Metal frame most often have teenage beds.

Functionality and gender

There are models for boys and girls, and those and other options are made in a classic low-key design, and in a bright style. For girls, increasingly, beautiful multifunctional beds are made in the form of a castle or a house decorated with bright drawings of cartoons and fairy tales. For boys make no less interesting models, in the form of machines and something like that.

In terms of their functionality, cribs for three are divided into:

  • Bunk beds. Very comfortable both in placement and in operation. Often, these models are equipped with additional storage boxes and jobs for children.
  • Retractable beds. Very simple and economical models. Usually they are made in a classic style, as often these beds are purchased by kindergartens.
  • The bed is a sofa. An interesting model that combines both a classic sleeper and a favorite soft sofa. The model in this photo is made in the form of a bunk bed with a classic loft bed at the top and a sofa at the bottom. Suitable for both two and three children, since the sofa in the unfolded form has enough space.

Options for cots are very interesting and practical, because in addition to massive transforming beds and high-tier models, there are compact beds with folding mechanisms.

The perfect solution for a small room

Each parent, having three grown-up children, thought more than once how to place sleeping places for everyone in one small room. Over the same task, manufacturers and designers have worked for many years to get the best and practical option as a result.

Here are a few design options for a children's room for three children:

  • A very bright and interesting design option for three teenage boys with the help of a multi-tiered bed with sliding mechanisms. This design takes up relatively little space and is equipped with all kinds of drawers, shelves and cabinets. Thanks to this design, it is possible to equip a small room without cluttering it with separate beds and massive wardrobes.
  • Extendable bunk bed for three boys. The model has a wooden frame, painted in quiet colors and has no sharp corners. Very compact and practical model, since each bed is located above each other. In addition, the model is supplemented with a ladder with a cabinet and a shelf for small items or books inside the structure.

When buying a bed for three, consider not only its multitasking, but also other requirements that are very important:

  • Security. Bed materials should not cause allergies. All surfaces of structures must be treated with fireproof means.
  • Strength. All children have different builds, so the bed should be equally comfortable for any child. Often, children fall asleep with each other, so it is very important to know in advance how much the child's weight will bear the bed. The same goes for the stairs.

Choosing a bed for a child is always fraught with numerous nuances. Parents face the difficult task of acquiring the highest quality, compact and at the same time beautiful model. When it comes to arranging a child’s room for three children, the problem increases many times, and here also the financial question appears. Three beds are much more expensive than one. To solve all these issues, designers have developed a variety of combined models for three or more children. Parents need only come to the store and make a purchase.

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