Children's bunk bed Ikea

 Children's bunk bed Ikea

Ikea Bunk Bed is a great way to save space in a small room. A bed in which two beds are placed one above the other is a solution for parents with two children living in a common nursery. One bed in the "attic" allows you to combine personal and working space for a junior student and even a teenager, increasing the area of ​​the area for games, creativity and sports activities.

Furniture requirements

The bed with the "second floor", in the first place, is a convenience for its little owner. In it, he should feel comfortable and protected. Therefore, when choosing, always pay attention to the height of the sides. Often they seem high, but it is worth putting a mattress, their actual height is 5 cm. In the store, always evaluate this parameter when the mattress is laid on the base. Ideally, if it is 20 cm.

If it is inconvenient for a child to climb on the second tier, then he will use the structure without much desire. The ladder should have wide crossbars that will not crash into the feet and force the child to press his fingers. Ideally, stairs should have stairs. When buying, be sure to give your child the opportunity to climb up barefoot.

Consider the fact that it is not possible for the child to make their own bed on the second tier. You will have to do this, so choose a bed that is so high that you can fill the bedcover while standing on the floor or on a small stool.

For a child from 7 years old, the width of the bed should be 80 cm, length 160-170 cm. For teenagers, the width is 90 cm and the length is 180-190 cm. Children under 6 years of age cannot sleep on the second tier due to safety measures.



This model from Ikea is the frame of two beds. It is made of solid pine, so safe for allergy sufferers. By default, the bed is not treated with any formulations, some users note poor polishing of the surface, which leads to splinters. Therefore, after the purchase it will be useful to sandpaper the problem areas and cover the frame yourself with oil, varnish or wax.

The height of the bed is 157 cm, it provides a comfortable placement of the child and the adult on the upper and lower tiers with a standard ceiling height of 2.7 meters. The size of the bed (mattress) is 90x200 cm, and the bed itself is 97x206 cm. On the bed there is a restriction on the height of the mattress, it should not exceed 20 cm.

The staircase to the second tier is wooden with narrow slats, which is uncomfortable for the foot when used. If desired, the slats can be turned into steps. The location of the stairs can be changed depending on the layout of the room.

The basis under the mattress is lamellar. This means that the load on the bed is distributed evenly over the entire area of ​​the substrate. The second tier will not sag and will not bend, even if two people play on it.

Some users note the instability of the frame, but exactly the same number of people say that the bed is strong and in several years of operation it was necessary to twist the fastenings three times.

It can be said that "Midal" is a budget version of children's bunk furniture, which, after assembly, will require some file processing.


This model is different from all other brand beds in that it can be easily disassembled from one bunk into two regular beds. Two beds are placed on each other, connected with fasteners, a ladder is attached to them. Convenience is that with the possible expansion of the area of ​​the room the beds can be disassembled and put in different places.

The bed is made of solid pine, treated with wood stain in a dark color. Top coated with hypoallergenic acrylic lacquer. Overwrite the irregularities is not necessary, and the color change is no longer possible. The second tier has a high, but not deaf barrier 40 cm high (after laying the mattress, its height is 20 cm). The lower tier is not fenced, but you can buy a protective barrier separately.

The height of the structure is 160 cm, and the sleeping place is 90x200. The frame is tied with galvanized steel.

The staircase to the second tier is comfortable; it is made of thick rails that do not stick into the legs when used. Standardly the ladder fastens both on the right, and at the left.

The basis for a mattress is slatted, and it is easy to replace damaged lamellaes with new ones, they are commercially available individually at a hypermarket. Additionally, the bed can be equipped with drawers for storage (under the lower tier) and pick up a wardrobe to match.


This model refers to metal structures. It is assembled from steel pipes, hollow inside and covered with silver or white lacquer based on epoxy resins. The bed frame is assembled using the supplied bolts and keys. You can assemble it yourself without specialized tools. During use, periodically it is necessary to tighten the bolts to prevent the frame from razbaltyvaniya.

The bed height is standard for all Ikea bunk constructions - 160 cm. The bed has an optimal size for children from 7 years old - 90x200 cm. The upper tier has an increased margin of safety; even an adult, heavy man can sleep on it.

The ladder is made of steel tubes with a flat base and is mounted on different sides of the bed. The sensations of climbing along it are quite comfortable, in addition you can stick anti-slip stickers. The disadvantage is the abrasion of the coating on the steps.

The basis for the mattress is a two-part metal mesh with additional stiffeners. Berth - 90x200 cm. If desired, the lower tier can be turned into a sofa for guests, adding pillows to it.

A feature of this particular model is the ability to supplement the frame with a retractable bed model of the same name in order to obtain three beds.If you need a place for toys or bed linen, then under the lower tier is installed storage system.


This is a model of a completely new design and construction, which is suitable for rooms with low ceilings. Its size is lower than that of classic bunk beds and is 130 cm. The low height allows not only an adult to watch a child, but also a child to fill their bed themselves. This height in no way affects the comfortable placement of the child on the lower tier, the height between the tiers is 86 cm, which is enough for the child to comfortably sit on the bed while sitting. Reduce the size of the bed allowed a small distance from the floor to the lower berth - 14.6 cm.

The frame is made of steel tubes with pigmented powder coating. The headboard of the lower tier and the sides of the top are a tightly stretched mesh of polyester. The grid can be removed and washed by hand at a temperature of 30 degrees.

The ladder is metal, located strictly in the middle and does not have the possibility of mounting in another place.


According to most reviews, parents and children are happy with the beds purchased. But when choosing a bedroom construction it is worth considering some nuances:

  • Any bunk model, no matter what it is made of, requires periodic preventive tightening of the bolts in the area of ​​connection parts. You should not wait for the furniture to begin to stagger and squeak, in this case the wear of the joints will be more, and the lifetime and safety of the structure will decrease. Once a month, check bolts for strength.
  • Paint from metal beds flies away over time. The most vulnerable places are the upper surfaces of the steps, the joints of the parts and the legs at the base. In addition, the protective nozzles for the legs eventually wear out and fall into the pipe. Feet may damage the flooring.
  • The wooden raw bed "Midal" can skip the hand. Before unpacking, you will not be able to find out what degree of processing of parts you got. If not lucky and the bed is rough, process it with fine sandpaper and varnish.
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