Children's bunk bed from the massif of a tree

Bunk children's beds have long become an integral part of the interior in apartments of a small area. This type of furniture allows you to optimize the space for families with two children, gives children a place to play, and can also serve as a sleeping and workplace for one child.

Features and benefits

The main feature of bunk beds is space saving. Even if there are two beds - at the top and bottom, designers can easily fit on the sides of the bed a built-in wardrobe, shelves, drawers and other elements that simultaneously perform several functions (for example, step boxes to the second floor, a transforming table that understands bed).

The advantage of a bed made of solid wood is its environmental friendliness. Traditional materials for the manufacture of furniture can reduce the final cost, bringing the basic model of a wooden bunk bed closer to the average model of a bed made of PVC or chipboard.At the same time, solid wood does not emit ethanol when heated, so the bed can be installed next to heating devices or central heating pipes.

Most models of wooden beds can understand, turning into two ordinary beds, which can be placed in different parts of the room or apartment.


There are a large number of types of beds with two beds, while they can be placed in relation to each other in different ways.

Loft bed - the most common model. It is a sleeping place on the “second floor”, under which there is a working place and a wardrobe: a height-adjustable table, wardrobe, chest of drawers, bookshelves. A wooden loft bed can be a single whole (it is assembled in a certain sequence, it is impossible to change the location of parts, the wall of the wardrobe is a support for the bed), and it can have a modular design (a bed with a ladder from an array, where additional structures can be put in, changing places).

Ordinary bunk beds, where one bed is located under the other.On the second floor there is a staircase either from the rails, or with steps, or a staircase with built-in drawers.

Unusual beds are most often made to order. The most original solution is a three-in-one bed, where there are two beds and a working space with a wardrobe. One bed is a loft bed, under it is a working area with wardrobes and a chest of drawers, and the second bed has an exit structure and rolls out on rollers from under the working area if necessary. Despite the seeming attractiveness - to expand the usable area of ​​such an option, it is worth refusing to create drawers for clothes under the table. Additional drawers will not leave room for legs and it will be impossible to work at such a table.

Another option for very small rooms is a bed with three beds, shelves and a chest of drawers. A large double bed is located on the first tier, a sideboard is equipped with a chest of drawers and shelves, as well as a staircase to the “second floor” with a queen-size bed.


Wooden beds are made mainly of coniferous trees. The most common material is pine.A bed of pine will be durable and cheap. Pine is a soft wood, it is convenient to handle, but be aware that when the seasons change, it is susceptible to drying out or, on the contrary, swelling.

For the manufacture of bedroom furniture is not used wood fruit trees. Despite the fact that it is well processed, the strength of the frame made of cherry, apple or pear will not differ. Such boards are best used for finishing beds, they are easy to cut anything you want.

The best option for a bunk bed would be oak and larch. Larch belongs to coniferous species, but is light, strong and durable. In addition, the tree is very moisture resistant, not subject to mold, rotting and insects.

Oak beds are "eternal", but very heavy. Oak has a hardness higher than average, therefore difficult to process and polish. Oak furniture looks massive, so if you have a small room, then do not choose an oak bed: it visually eats space.

Birch beds look very aesthetically pleasing, although making furniture from solid wood is expensive, so usually pine furniture is veneered with birch veneer.


Before you buy furniture made of natural wood, you need to measure the dimensions of the place where you will put the loft bed. First of all you need to remember that the bed next to the bed will be smaller than its dimensions by 8 cm in width and 10 cm in length. This is due to the fact that the bed must be filled, and to do this when the mattress lies flush with the frame is impossible. Therefore, a bed with a standard mattress 90x2000 cm in length will be not less than 2300-2500 cm along a long longitudinal edge.

The height of a standard attic bed without sides is 140 cm, this is the optimum height, so that an adult can sit on a bed next to a child, in which case.

The height of the bed for a small child up to 3 years old should be no more than 35 cm. On the second tier, the child should sit without leaning his head on the ceiling.

How to choose

First of all, the bed is selected for its safety. Inspect the model, the frame of the upper bed should be held on four bases. It is desirable that it consisted of lamellas (crossbeams) on which the mattress is placed. It is possible that the bed of the upper bed consists of a single sheet of chipboard, but at the same time there must be a wardrobe below, which serves as a support for the bed.Be sure to climb on the second tier and move, let someone see from below whether the bed bends under your weight and how much.

The height of the sides of the bed should be at least 30 cm, it does not make sense to take the sides below. After you put the mattress, they will no longer protect against falling.

If you choose a bed according to the catalog, then pay attention to the staircase, it should be at an angle and it is desirable that it has steps, and not metal round crossbars. It is convenient to climb and descend along such a staircase, which will significantly reduce disputes about who will sleep on the “second floor”. It will also be an ideal option to mount the ladder from any convenient side.

Choose a bed with extra drawers downstairs where you can fold pillows, blankets and bedding.

Top Brands Review

The most popular companies engaged in the production of bunk beds made of solid wood are Toris, Woodmaster and Dreamline.

Toris produces furniture from solid wood, the line of cots is called MIA. The frame is made of pine, beech, oak and can be faced with veneer. The manufacturer offers a choice of models with one-sided mounting of the ladder (MIA 3 and MIA 4),and with the possibility of mounting on either side (models MIA 1 and MIA 2 have a side in the center of the second tier and a place for fastening the stairs on both sides) MIA 6 and MIA 6 are distinguished by the presence of drawers. Height of a bed is 185 cm.

Dreamline has two models of bunk beds: Junior-1 and Junior-2. They differ in the material of the frame, the first is made of solid ash, the second of the beech. Each bed is completed with two berths with a basis on lamels and two drawers in the basis of the lower tier. The array can be covered with veneer pear and walnut patina, as well as imitate the texture of any tree. Height of a bed is 190 cm.

Another brand - Woodmaster, produces original designer wooden beds. Their catalog contains cot-beds, sports beds, beds in which the upper tier imitates the deck of a sailing ship, and the lower submarine. All frames are very durable, have a hypoallergenic coating. Transforming beds are quite popular in which the lower tier is moved apart and forms a dining or working area: two sofas and a table between them.

Interesting solutions in interior design

See how designers successfully beat such ordinary furniture as a loft bed.

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