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Every parent wants to give their children the best of everything, starting from children's toys, books, arranging a children's room and ending with a good education and ensuring a prestigious future. While the child is still small, he is not always able to make decisions on his own, therefore, often the choice in certain situations is behind the parents.

This concerns not only such decisions as the choice of an educational institution, but also the choice of furniture for a children's room. Most often, when there are two or more children, and the area of ​​the room doesn’t really allow us to put both a bed, a wardrobe, and a table, each in double quantity, parents opt for such compact models as bunk beds, which, in turn, There are several types thanks to modern technology.

Older models were made exclusively as a separate bed, but now in stores you can buy bunk beds-lofts with a working area directly under the bed, transforming beds and others.

One of the most common options is a bunk bed for children with a wardrobe. This model is very convenient, compact and economical.

Features and benefits

Children's bunk bed with a wardrobe has a lot of advantages. One of the main is its compactness. This model takes up the minimum possible space in the room, while leaving enough free space for children's games, other furniture, if necessary, as well as toys, shelves with books and other.

A bed with a wardrobe accommodates two items of a furniture set at once, which is very convenient and economical. It will cost at times cheaper than two separate beds and the smallest closet. However, some models are additionally equipped with a chest of drawers and a desk.

A bunk bed with a wardrobe is not only a practical and functional piece of furniture, but can also become a fascinating attribute, depending on the imagination of your children. Boys can turn it into a pirate ship, a rock with obstacles, or shelters of two different groups. Girls will create for themselves a beautiful castle of princesses with a balcony.And parents, in turn, will be happy that their children are passionate about each other and play without quarrels.

Modern beds, presented in almost every children's furniture store, have models in a variety of styles and a fairly wide range of colors. That is why parents can easily choose the model that is necessary and optimal for a children's room. Children will also be able to participate in the selection, it’s so great to be able to choose furniture in your room.

Children's bunk beds with a wardrobe are easy to assemble and assemble. Each model has very detailed instructions, parts, spare parts, and some are attached special keys specifically for the details of this model. If there are any difficulties with the assembly, you can call a specialist who will quickly and inexpensively do everything for you, and some companies provide the assembly for free if they make a purchase for a certain amount.

However, when buying a bunk bed for children, it is worth being very neat, since most of the children on the second floor want to sleep at the top, most children want to sleep, a real war can break out.In this case, to avoid problems, psychologists recommend that parents decide for themselves which of the children will take place on the first floor, and who on the second floor. Thus, the places will be distributed without unnecessary quarrels, and the children will remain in good relations with each other, without hurt feelings.

A bunk bed can help children even closer to each other, since each of them will have their own separate place where they can feel like a full-fledged owner, but at the same time the children will be near, contact with each other, play together and much more. Parents who have brothers or sister with whom they slept in the same room remember very well the moments when they did not sleep at night for a long time, sharing secrets with each other and just telling funny stories.

How to choose

When buying a bunk bed with a wardrobe for children, you should definitely pay attention to some features that are important when choosing any furniture. First of all, look at the quality of performance of each detail, as well as the strength and naturalness of the material itself, from which the bed with a wardrobe is made. Be sure to appreciate the convenience and comfort of the model, as far as your child will be comfortable to climb to the second floor and sleep on the first.Look at the spaciousness of the cabinet, you may need to buy an additional dresser. And of course, one of the main roles is played by the appearance of the furniture set, which should not only be attractive, but also be written into the interior of the children's room.

Be sure to consider the parameters of your child, find out what age, height and weight the bed is designed for. Despite the wide choice of models of bright colors, psychologists advise parents to choose furniture of more pastel colors, which will not irritate the eyes of the child. The safety of the child should come first, which is why there should not be any sharp corners, very high sides on the bed.

The bed frame must be durable to withstand two children, and the stairs are quite stable and comfortable, as children often like to take off quickly along it. Pay attention to the width of beds, the distance between the tiers, as well as between the upper bed and the ceiling. It is important that children feel comfortable and cozy. The second tier must have a protective crossbar to protect the child from falling during sleep.


Children's bunk beds with a wardrobe are of several types, each of which is good in its own way and has special advantages. Choose the model you need, focusing on the area of ​​the room, the required storage places and the wishes of your children.

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Bed wall

Model bunk bed with a wardrobe located along the wall. In this case, the beds can be one above the other, or the upper tier is on the side above the closet. This option is suitable for children who do not want to feel the pressure from above. Cabinets can be narrower or wider, higher or lower, in this case everything depends on your preferences, and you can distribute the internal content yourself. This model is the most common among children and parents, as it is very convenient, comfortable and leaves a maximum of free space in the child’s room due to its location along the wall.

Thus, there is enough space in the room for the table where the child will do his homework and for children's games. It will look very nice in this case, a soft rug in the middle of the room, which will give the child additional comfort.In the case when the upper tier is located above the cabinet itself, additional shelves or a bookcase can be hung on top of the lower tier or in the continuation of the upper one.

Bed with two closets

In this case, the model can have as many as two cabinets: one from each side. It is very convenient, and if you have the necessary space in the nursery, this type of bunk bed will provide you with enough storage space. There are models with one high-grade wardrobe and an additional chest of drawers or two rows of sliding shelves under the lower tier.

With corner cabinet

Very often, the size or shape of a child’s room causes some difficulty in designing a bunk bed with a wardrobe. In this case, designers can use a corner cabinet, which helps to save more free space and will be even more roomy than usual. Very often, lockers are placed inside the wide steps in the form of cabinets leading to the second tier.

Corner bed

In this case, the beds are perpendicular to each other, that is, the lower tier is located along one wall, and the upper along the next.Most often, in this version, it is exactly under the top tier that the cabinet is located, and above the bottom one can hang additional strips for books and toys or a rack with closed cabinets in order to have more storage places.

Transforming bed

Transforming beds are a real salvation for small rooms. Since the bed occupies the most space, it is him who is hidden in the closet or simply lifted, masking with something else. Modern designers have invented a special mechanism that quickly hides both beds, and this action can be performed both manually and with the help of a control panel. Externally, these beds look like a wall, and special fixtures hold the bed itself, and the mattress, and bedding. So you need to put a minimum of effort in order to fold or fold the bed.

Be sure to know that this design has a strong weight and is painted exclusively to the bearing capital wall.

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