Children's bunk beds with a sofa

Children's room is a special place in any apartment. It should be as comfortable and functional as possible, and meet all necessary safety requirements. Choosing a bed for children always drives parents to a dead end, especially if there is more than one child living in the same room. A bunk bed with a sofa is one of the best choices of furniture for a family with two children.

Features and benefits

The bunk bed, the first tier of which is a sofa, is a great solution for small apartments, where every inch of space plays an important role. Furniture of this type is not only functional, but also fits perfectly into any interior, making the room cozy and stylish. Bunk beds with a sofa have many varieties and sizes, so for each children's room there will be a suitable model.

The sofa on the lower tier in the daytime is a great place to relax, and at night turns into a full bed.You have the opportunity to purchase a bed with orthopedic elements, which will make it even more comfortable and useful for your posture.

A bunk bed of this type is also a great solution for owners of a one-room apartment, where it is not possible to place a bed for parents and a child. Thus, the upper tier in the form of an ordinary bed is a children's sleeping area, and a folding sofa from below is perfect for parents.


With a couch-couch

If you want to equip your child’s room with the latest style and fashion, a bunk bed, the first tier of which is represented by a couch, is a great way to do this. This option is more suitable bed for one child. During the day, your child will be able to receive guests on a couch, and at night, sleep on a bed that is located on the second tier. A bunk bed with a sofa-couch will always maintain order in the nursery, the bed will remain clean and untouched.

A two-storey bedroom complex of this type allows you to place above the couch various shelves with books or toys that will always be at hand.

With folding sofa

The similar option of a bunk bed is considered the most practical. If you value the free space and want to make your kids room more spacious, then a bunk bed with a sofa bed downstairs is the most suitable option for you. In the daytime, the first tier will serve as a place to relax, where you can sit and watch TV, and in the evening you can expand the sofa and turn it into a double bed.

Such a model of a bed with a sofa is also an additional bed for relatives who have suddenly appeared suddenly.

Loft bed

Among the large variety of modern bunk beds, many have forgotten about the simple models that are called the loft bed. Compared with the heaped up beds with beautiful and stylish sofas at the bottom, this model is considered to be more simple, but no less functional. The first tier of the loft bed is a simple sofa that can be displayed. As a rule, the mechanism of the book, one of the most convenient and fast, is used for unfolding such a sofa.

The sofa-book always has a place to store things or toys, so it will also provide a children's room with an extra drawer.


From what material the bunk bed with a sofa is made of, its cost, service life and safety for the child will depend. That is why the choice of material should be taken with all responsibility, comparing all the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Natural wood

A bed made of natural wood, among which oak and pine are especially popular, is an ideal option for a child's room. Natural wood is considered the safest and most environmentally-friendly material. Many parents claim that on such a bed, the child falls asleep faster and sleeps soundly until the morning.

These types of wood are the most durable and durable, so you can not worry about the safety of your child. The only drawback of a bunk bed with a sofa made of natural wood is its considerable cost. But it fully justifies the quality of the furniture.


A bunk bed with a sofa made of chipboard looks no less aesthetically pleasing than its natural wood counterpart. Chipboard - is pressed sawdust, which is covered with natural veneer, MDF panels or other materials on top.Such a bed weighs much less than wood, is better to transport and rearrange.

A bed made of chipboard is the best option for many families, as it allows you to purchase a stylish piece of furniture for a reasonable price. But do not forget about the care of such a bed. Chipboard - a material that is very afraid of moisture, so it should be treated with a special water-repellent impregnation. Only in this case, the furniture will serve you a decent service.


A bunk bed with a sofa, made of metal, also has a place to be, but is less popular than previous models. Many parents refuse metal beds, considering it unsafe for children. Metal is a traumatic material, and restless active children can easily get hurt playing on the bed.

If you still prefer this type of bed, then you should also pay attention to the fact that this metal is painted and what is the presence of formaldehydes in the coating.

Color solutions

Creating a room for girls, it is necessary to take into account their tastes and wishes. The color of the bed largely determines the overall atmosphere of the room, regulates the mood of your princess.If the girl will live in a room alone, then you will not be difficult to find a bed for her to please her taste. This may be a stylish peach sofa downstairs, and the body of the bed is a beige shade. This option will look quite lively and not get tired soon.

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If there are two girls, then you have a more difficult task. Here you will have to please two characters. In this case, you should focus on the quiet pastel colors, and each bed can already be complemented by the favorite colors of each of the room's dwellers.

For boy

A bunk bed for boys should also be in line with the preferences of your children. Fortunately, the variety of colors and shades allows you to adjust to the taste of any child. The main colors for the boyish interior are blue and blue, but as an exception you can use neutral shades. Beds of bright colors, green, violet, yellow are also suitable for the boys' room.

Boys are sometimes harder to please than girls, so choose a bed according to the preferences of both children.


If you have same-sex children, then you will not be difficult to choose furniture for them. But it often happens that a boy and a girl have to live in the same room. In this case, the colors of the furniture should match the children of both sexes. Ideal here are beds of neutral colors, beige, green, purple. And how to supplement their bed, the children decide for themselves. It can be a variety of themed posters, photographs, books and CDs.

A universal color scheme is also a bed with a sofa in the color of natural wood. This shade will never go out of fashion and will look relevant in any interior.

How to choose

The choice of a bunk bed with a sofa depends on which children it will be used for. A bed for two children, especially of different sexes, must meet the tastes of both.

In any case, the choice of children's furniture should consider the following parameters:

  • Practicality. This parameter is the ability to expand the sofa, if necessary, turning it into a full double bed.
  • Security. This criterion is fundamental and must fully comply with the requirements and standards.If the upper tier is intended for a small child, then pay attention to the height of the bumpers, which must be at least 30 centimeters. Stairs should be as comfortable and non-slip as possible.
  • Strength. Here it is worthwhile to give preference to models from solid wood, which are heavier and more resilient. Such a bed will not loosen and not turn over.
  • Design. When choosing a bed with a sofa, take into account the general atmosphere of the room, the furniture should correspond to the general style of the room, and the color scheme should be well combined with the walls and other furniture.

Manufacturers Overview

Modern furniture manufacturers pay special attention to the production of children's furniture, including bunk beds with a sofa. Children's furniture is represented by many companies, including German ones.


The Russian furniture company Agio manufactures furniture to order and has available a variety of bed options with a sofa downstairs. The furniture of this manufacturer is designed for children of different ages and sexual characteristics.


This furniture manufacturer from Russia is particularly popular with consumers.In the collection of Borovichi there are various models of bunk beds, distinguished by their functionality and excellent design.

De breuyn

This manufacturer of furniture from Germany managed to earn recognition worldwide, including in Russia. Furniture designers are responsible for the quality of their products and produce furniture for all children's needs. The bed for kids can be equipped with a slide or a ladder with climbing elements.


The furniture of this manufacturer is designed for the youngest owners of their own room. Furniture is produced in Germany and in many other branches around the world. The predominant colors of bunk beds are bright, cheerful colors that can be accompanied by a variety of patterns.

Interesting solutions in interior design

Bed with corner sofa

This option will be an excellent and functional piece of furniture for a children's or teen room. Under the order you can choose any color and material of the sofa. The brightest and maiden room is a room with a bunk bed, the first tier of which is represented by a pink corner sofa.Addition to the delicate sofa are the shelves of the same color.

Orange Green Room

This option is perfect for both girls and boys. Bright colors add light to the room, and its owners are given a good mood. On the first tier there is a transforming sofa, which, when unfolded, turns into a real double bed.

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