Bunk beds for kids and teens

It happens very hard in a small apartment to make room for a full-fledged bed for a child, and what to do if there are two or more kids? The bunk bed will come to the rescue. Fortunately, the varieties of design, material and colors are huge.

Features and benefits

Installing a bunk bed will help you to save expensive square meters, which can later be equipped for the game. But this is not the only plus in the installation of this type of bed.

In the usual perception, a bunk bed is just two beds, one above the other, but modern furniture designers have added more functionality to this combination. Here you can find not only places to sleep, but also an attic or a tent for a game, and spacious drawers instead of steps, and a built-in corner with a desk.

By purchasing such a bunk bed, you almost completely equip a room for your children.

The dimensions of the beds in bunk beds vary from 170cm to 200cm. Therefore, they will be enough for a long time, and you will not have to spend money on buying new beds.

Many bunk beds additionally have curtains that allow you to isolate the space of each child.

But there are data beds and disadvantages:

  • The possibility of falling from the "second floor". During sleep or while playing, a child may fall over the side wall and fall from a decent height, which is fraught with injuries.
  • Vertically mounted ladder. It is also traumatic. A child, especially if he is not yet fully grown, can easily fall from the steps and fall.
  • Significant weight of the structure. Since the bed is heavy, it is difficult to assemble and, if necessary, to move from place to place when rearranging or repairing.
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Bunk beds are created by modern designers in completely different versions and carry completely different additional functionality.

Classic duplex beds. They are the usual two beds, one above the other, where a ladder goes to the upper level, located either sloping or vertically.Conveniently, if such a bed is equipped with drawers for storing things or bedding.

Bunk beds with a sofa downstairs. These beds are suitable for both two children and one child. In the second case, on the upper tier, the child will only sleep, and will be able to spend time on the sofa, thereby keeping the sleeping place clean.

Bunk beds with separate lower tier. This modification allows you to place the lower tier of the bed both parallel to the top and perpendicular. Suitable as a corner bed option.

Retractable beds. These beds are located one on another, without any gap. The lower tier is extended. The inconvenience of these beds is that it is almost impossible to sit on them in the folded state, because the upper tier is rather high.

The bunk transforming bed is presented by several modifications:

  • The lower bed can be transformed into a table. This bed is comfortable, as it does not require additional space for a desk.
  • The lower bed can be transformed into a cot for a baby.No need for extra space to install the cradle.

You can also purchase the so-called loft bed, where upstairs there will be a place to sleep, and below there are various lockers with a table.


Materials used in the manufacture of two-level beds are different.

Bed made of solid wood. The most suitable material for bunk beds is warm, solid, and will last for many years. It is mainly made of two types of wood - pine and oak. The latter is more preferable, since its wood is much stronger and more durable than the first.

Metal bed. Robust construction, non-toxic. But if the house has cool handrails in these beds are also cold. Mostly no storage space.

MDF and chipboard. Disruptive manufacturers in the manufacture of beds can use toxic resin, so do not be lazy to ask for quality certificates on the bed. Also, these materials are afraid of moisture, which is also not good for a child's room.

How to choose

Bunk beds are represented by a huge selection of modifications, but what to look for when you buy a bed of this modification.

When buying a bunk bed for children, it is worth paying attention to the fact that, according to safety precautions, the use of the “second floor” is allowed only for children over 6 years old.

On the second tier, the height of the side that protects against falling should be at least 20 cm in height, its design should be reliable, without sharp corners.

It is better if the ladder is tilted. This design is less traumatic. If its steps are in the form of boxes, then their surface should be non-slip, the size should be more than the size of the child’s feet.

In general, the design should be reliable, strong, withstand heavy loads, as children not only sleep on it, but also play actively.

The height of the tiers must correspond to the height of the children, that is, while sitting on the bed the child should not cling to the top of the bed or the ceiling with the crown of the head.

The size of the mattress must be chosen with a margin so that this bed can be operated for several years.

Beds with sharp corners, sticking out accessories that can injure children, as well as beds with a large number of decor should be avoided - dust will accumulate in it.

Preference should be given to beds made of solid wood, because, firstly, this material is natural, and, secondly, warm. Also, beds are made from cheaper materials MDF and chipboard, but from what material was not your bed, do not forget to check the quality certificate for the products.

Bed mattress is also very important. It is better if it is orthopedic.

Bunk beds can also be selected by gender. For girls, the decoration and decor can be in pink, coral, beige. You can also choose a girlish design. Here, this type of beds is presented in the form of houses, beds of princesses, all kinds of castles.

For boys, bed colors should be blue, brown, greenish. The bed can be designed in the form of a tent, a ship, or a bus. For children of different sexes, you can arrange beds with textiles in accordance with the floor, so that there is a clear separation, or you can buy a bed of neutral color.

If a newborn is expected in the family, then you need to choose a modification of the bed, where the lower part turns into a bed for a baby with high slatted sides and the ability to lower and raise the mattress, as in a normal small bed.Subsequently, this bed is transformed into a full bed.

For babies from three to six years old the most suitable bed will be with a retractable lower tier. In these beds, the upper tier is low. And even if we assume that the baby falls from there, it will be on the lower tier of the bed, which is pretty safe.

How much is

The cost of bunk beds is varied, but everyone will be able to find an option for their budget.

The classic bed of two tiers or pull-out with an elementary design, made of laminated chipboard, can afford even people with minimal income. In any case, it will not be more expensive than buying two separate beds.

The cost of oak beds with a gaming center in the form of a climbing wall, slides and ropes, or decorated in the form of a castle will have a maximum value.

Review of the best models

Bunk beds are represented by many manufacturers of furniture. For example, IKEA, Boston and others.

Especially popular are these modifications of the company Boston. It produces a wide range of bunk beds in the classic version.The prices for beds of this company are very democratic.

Stylish solutions in interior design

Here are some examples of stylish bunk beds.

Bed for mischievous boys in the form of a ship from solid wood. Here and the wheel, and the rope, and a comfortable slide.

Massive bed for princesses. Suitable for girls of six years, and for teenagers, and the opportunity to close the bed with curtains will create a separate space for the girl. Suitable for romantic ladies.

The metal bed is perfect for high-tech teenage room.

The dome on the “second floor” of the crib will be a tent in the game of young tourists.

A retractable bed with extra storage and a table at which you can learn lessons will suit even the smallest nursery, and leave room for the play area.

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