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Furniture in the nursery should be chosen with special care and responsibility. In the case of children's beds, it is important to consider everything. Stylish design should be complemented by safety and comfort. Durable construction will ensure your peace of mind and leave no doubt about the safety of the baby. These requirements are fully met cribs "Fairy".

Key requirements

There are certain criteria for the quality of beds for children. A few of them are:

  • Wood is a great material, durable and pleasant to use. Beds of pine have a loyal value, subject to mechanical damage. Furniture made of beech is the most expensive and durable. The best option can be considered beds made of birch, maple, alder.
  • Slatted bottom - an important detail of the crib. This option will not allow moisture to stagnate, the air will always get to the mattress. Solid bottom does not have this advantage, there is a risk of fungus formation.
  • The optimal distance between the beams is 6-7 cm. Another distance creates an additional risk that the baby will get stuck between them. This can cause injury.
  • Choose sustainable models. Even if you chose a bed-pendulum, think about a secure fit. The safety of the baby during sleep directly depends on this.

Special features

Domestic children's beds are popular due to the fact that the manufacturer cares about its customers. They are presented in several variations:

  • transformer;
  • cradle;
  • pendulum bed;
  • classic

Transformers are designed for children from 8 months. The advantage is that such a model is upgraded to a sleeping place for a more adult child. The bed is complemented by a bookshelf, baby changing mat, laundry box and writing desk. It is this set that makes the bed a multi-functional bathroom.

Baby bed Fairy in the form of a cradle-cradle is designed for the smallest children up to 6 months. The compactness of the birch bed makes it possible to install it next to the parent even in a small room.The cradle folds up for transportation and is complemented with cotton accessories for sleeping.

For the motion sickness, you can choose a bed-pendulum. The special mechanism on legs promotes the smooth accurate movements. Longitudinal swing is common for the baby, and lateral oscillations are more convenient for parents. Fairy combines both options and provides comfort to all participants in the process. Similar models Fairies have boxes for linen.

The traditional fairy bed options are versatile and reliable. High sides and regulation of the bottom makes the bed suitable for children of different ages. The kit includes wheels with latches, they can be attached to the bed for easy movement around the house, apartment.

How to arrange in the nursery

Psychologists say that the correct location of the bed has a positive effect on the quality of sleep of the child. Experts give recommendations on the location of the bed in the children's room:

  1. Arrange the bed so that the child sees those entering the room, but do not place it in front of the door.
  2. Do not place the bed near a window or heat source. This can cause hypothermia due to drafts or overheating due to the battery.In addition, proximity to the heat source can damage the furniture itself.
  3. Arrange the bed so that there is no risk of falling heavy objects: cabinets, bulky chandeliers, shelves. At night, the child may experience a feeling of anxiety due to the overhang of various objects.
  4. Babies often choose the right location of the crib on an intuitive level. Noticed that the child is sleeping across the bed or in another strange position - move the furniture accordingly.
  5. Bed opposite mirrors is a bad idea. Reflection of various objects in the dark can scare a baby.
  6. Electric waves from technology near the crib can disturb the sleep of the child. In addition, there is a risk of fire.

Customer opinion

The Fairy 600 product from the birch massif pleases its customers with a pleasant appearance, natural material and domestic producer. Some customers still declare the unreliability of the removable side mounts.

The crib Fairy 311 has proven to be excellent. Most parents choose the color "dark honey" and a box of chipboard. In this embodiment, the bed does not cause trouble, and plywood wardrobe brings some inconvenience during assembly.Parents speak with one voice about a quality reliable mechanism. The bed is safe and comfortable for babies.

The crib the Fairy 660 in white color has found the mass of positive responses among the buyers. Many parents use cots up to 3-4 years. 30 minutes of assembly and in front of you will be a comfortable bed for your child. The adjustable bottom mechanism and removable side bumps have secure fastenings.

Customer reviews about other beds in the model range are also unequivocal. You have the opportunity to choose the product of the desired type for a child of any age. A wide selection of colors will allow you to choose the product under the overall interior of your home.

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