Toys for newborns in the crib and stroller

The birth of a baby is a holiday for every family. The first year of his life the baby practically spends in the crib. Even in ancient times, parents, trying to protect the child from the evil eye and negative energy, created charms, which were called berezhnits. Moms sewed various figures and tied them over the baby’s crib. Today, toys over the bed of newborns have lost their former meaning and are used as entertainment.


By choosing a toy you need to be very careful. Let's see what are the toys? How do some differ from others? Which model to prefer?

Why hang toys on the bed for newborns? For several months after birth, babies spend a lot of time in the crib or in the cradle, as they sleep a lot. Our great-grandmothers, though they could not explain the important role of toys from a scientific point of view, but, nevertheless, trusting their intuition, they hung the crib.

Today, a toy on a crib or stroller performs three main functions:

  • Any child psychologist will talk about the special role that toys play in the development of children. Child psychologists say that a toy carousel mounted on a bed has a positive effect on the formation of visual concentration and auditory memory.
  • Distraction of attention. The singing toy distracts the attention of the baby to himself. A calm melody will calm the baby if he is naughty, and will also contribute to the soonest falling asleep.
  • It is not enough for modern mothers for a toy to perform a developing - entertaining function. Still need to toy fit into the interior. Most manufacturers, taking into account the wishes of their parents, try to make children's furniture, bed linen and toys in the same style.


The first month after birth, the baby sees everything blurry. The world around it is presented to the baby in the form of multi-colored spots. Since the eyes of the baby are still in an undeveloped state, it is not recommended to strain the eyes of the baby. The most optimal age from which you can hang toys is 2-3 months. Thanks to the correctly chosen toy, the baby will learn to concentrate on objects, to distinguish colors and shapes of individual objects.


  • Mobile or musical carousel. Mobile - a toy for children, which performs educational functions. It can be attached to the crib, stroller or playpen. It consists of a leg, a special fastening and the upper part, on which various figures are located. The upper part of the mobile car looks like a carousel. From there, and the second name. You should pay attention to the mounting options carousel. The most simple models have a hook mount. Such models are very convenient, since they can be easily removed from one place and hanged in any other convenient place. However, they have a significant disadvantage. One year old baby can easily remove such a mount. Some models have a fastener - Velcro, which allows you to attach the mobile on the stroller, playpen, car seat, etc. The most reliable fastening is the clip.

Mobiles are mechanical, electrical and mobile with additional features. Mechanical models are the most common. By their principle of operation, they resemble music boxes, that is, in order for the mobile to work, you need to unwind the spring.This model, compared to others, is inexpensive, but the running state is only enough for two - three minutes.

Electric mobile powered by batteries. The undoubted plus of an electric mobile, which distinguishes it from a mechanical one, is the duration of work (about 15-25 minutes), which means that you do not need to go all the time and start a spring. Electric roundabouts have several whirling and ringing modes. Some models have a remote control that will allow you to turn on the mobile without looking at the child’s eyes.

Mobiles with additional features in addition to hanging toys and musical accompaniment may include:

  1. Functions of the projector. Thanks to this feature, the baby can view moving pictures on the ceiling. The most common picture is a sky full of stars.
  2. Functions night light. Many children do not like bright light, especially before bedtime. A calm, muffled light will appeal to the baby.
  3. Voice activation function. Some models turn on automatically as soon as the baby starts to cry.
  4. Auto power off function.
  • Toys - suspension. Such toys are usually attached to the side of the bed.Toys can squeak, ring, and even play a pleasant melody. Accidentally hitting the toy, the child will be glad to new sounds and will listen to them, and later will find out. The most common toy suspension - the so-called "snake"
  • Garlands. Such toys are hung not only on the baby’s bed, but also on the stroller. Garland toys can be made of plastic, wood or fabric.

For stroller

  • Toy suspension. Toys are usually made of plastic or fabric. The suspension is suspended on the upper part of the stroller. Lying in the stroller, the child can look at the colorful figures and stretch his arms towards the toy.
  • Pendant rattle. This is the same as the toy suspension. The difference is that the toys on the suspension ring.
  • Game arc. A toy is an arc on which various toys are attached.
  • Educational toys. Usually, these are soft toys that are hung on the stroller. They make different sounds and are pleasant to the touch.

Where to begin?

Since the eyes of the newborn are still undeveloped to the end, it is worth starting with a simple hanging garland. The garland is mounted on the sides of the children's bed, respectively, it is stationary. The colors of individual toys should not be radically different from each other. It is best to give preference to calm colors, so as not to strain the eyes of the baby.

Children's psychologists recommend the following sequence of colors of toys on a garland: red, orange, blue, green. No less important is the size of the toys. It should not exceed 10 cm. It is necessary to hang a garland not over the eyes, but above the stomach. Another important point is that the distance from the belly to the toy should be at least 30 cm.

The next step will be a children's mobile. It is recommended to hang up on a bed when the child is 5-6 months old.

How to choose?

  • The first and most important is the material. Choose environmentally friendly materials. It is strictly forbidden to buy toys made of toxic plastic. A toy of this material can harm the health of the child. If a plastic toy has a sharp, poisonous smell, in no case do not buy it. The safest wooden and fabric toys, but with the purchase you must still pay attention to the quality of the material.
  • The presence of a certificate. A quality toy will always have a certificate. Any good store will provide you with all the documentation for a particular product upon request.Therefore, it is best to buy products for children in proven places.
  • Colour. Bright colors are more useful for the development of the child, but too bright toys can unnerve the child, and therefore only harm. Therefore it is necessary to give preference to calm, but at the same time attractive colors.
  • Security. Buying a toy, you first need to see all the details. Small parts should not fall off. It is necessary to inspect the toys with a filler. The toy should not have holes from which the filler could get enough sleep.
  • Another important point is disinfection. All parts of the toy must be made of materials that can be washed. Today, on the shelves of household stores you can find special children's detergents that do not have fragrances. Toys are best washed with such means so as not to cause an allergic reaction in the baby.

Do it yourself

Sometimes it happens that there is no opportunity to purchase a toy, and I really want to please the baby. Then you come to the aid of imagination and available materials.

So, option number 1. Take a cloth, preferably bright, but not motley, and cut out of it various figures of 2 copies.This could be, for example, a heart, crescent, horse, sun, circle, triangle, square, etc. Sew the same parts together by inserting cotton wool. Then you can take the ribbon, hang it on the bed, and tie the figures to it. Thus, you get a homemade festoon.

Option number 2. Take any circle. If you have an old hoop, then the inner circle is fine. Tie the figures to the circle, and tie the circle with ribbons to the bed. Thus, you get a homemade mobile.

Option number 3. Take any box that can be tightly closed. Fill it with small particles, such as cereal. Thus, you get a homemade rattle.

Popular models

  • Mobile called "Flower" from the manufacturer Cotoons. The model has a flower dome, on which are attached soft toys in the form of moths and flower buds made of plastic. It has 4 melodies: 3 lullabies and 1 melody - the sounds of nature. Also, this model has the function of the projector. In addition, the mobile has a remote control up to 5 meters.
  • Mobile called "My Princess" from the manufacturer Tiny Love. Model ideal for girls.The toy is made in pink color, which is so fond of little princesses. The mobile has 6 melodies that will help your baby fall asleep faster.
  • Mobile "Fun Africa" ​​from the manufacturer Tiny Love. The model is absolutely universal. She has a rack for the bed, a clothespin for the stroller and velcro for the car seat. Also, the model has 5 tunes to choose from. Suspended toys can be removed and given to the child when he is a little older.
  • Mobile "Ducks" from the manufacturer Taf Toys. The rack is made in bright green. The mobile has 3 plush toys in the form of ducks, which shine, and 8 melodies to choose from.
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