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Parents prepare especially for the appearance of the newborn: they pick up furniture, toys and textiles in the nursery. The first cradle or crib plays a special role in the child’s life, as he spends most of his time in them. The Swedish company IKEA approaches the production of such a group of products professionally, taking into account children's characteristics and offers a wide range of high quality.

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About brand

The history of IKEA began in 1943, when Ingvar Kamprad registered a company. The name was formed from the initials of the founder and the first letters of the village and the farm, where he spent his childhood, and the initial development received from the sale of jewelry and picture frames. In 1945, the first IKEA advertisement appeared in newspapers, on vans delivering milk, and delivery to customers, including mail, was also organized. Three years later, local furniture appeared in the IKEA range. The first catalog of the company, known today, was released in 1951 and this was the beginning of international trade.In order to bring the buyer closer to the functionality and quality of goods, Ingvar Kamprad in 1953 opened a permanent furniture exhibition hall in Sweden with the possibility of buying it, which gave its positive results. The development of its own design and convenient packaging for transportation, the idea of ​​self-assembly by buyers has evolved into the concept of IKEA. Thanks to such values ​​as love for life at home and changing it for the better, IKEA today has 340 stores in more than 28 countries around the world.

Features and advantages of products

The house is the coziest place, a comfort zone for any of us. The right combination of quality, functionality, form, affordable price, simplicity is a democratic product. IKEA is constantly working on accessibility, home improvement for everyone. The company manufactures all products from recyclable or renewable materials, which makes it possible to talk about quality and environmental friendliness. Fifty percent of the wood used for products is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. This ensures the protection of human ecosystems, eliminates the use of wood from the zone of forest conflicts or illegally obtained.

Today, the company has many types of durable, fast-growing, low-maintenance bamboo. Also used wood-polymer composite, consisting of wood fibers and polypropylene, plastic products from which are durable and cheap. For baskets and handmade items taken water hyacinth. Using this material, IKEA contributes to the purification of water resources in Southeast Asia, bringing benefits to nature. Cotton, for production, grows in the fields of India and Pakistan, is grown using a minimum of water and chemicals.

Flax from regions with a cool climate, is almost not processed by harmful preparations and grows without artificial irrigation. Due to this, flax fibers are durable, durable, pleasant to the touch, is environmentally friendly. IKEA is constantly working on elements of improving living standards, such as organizing living space, simple and affordable storage systems, with which it is easier to organize order in the room. Families with children will also find their own group of products, will be able to organize and make their lives easier,to translate fabulous ideas in the design of children's rooms. The main element of children's furniture for rest and recovery is the bed.

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Model overview

The basic concept of IKEA sets the vector in the development of children's furniture, providing comfort and convenience, safety in use. From the moment of the birth of the child, the house acts as a platform for learning about the world, bringing up, perceiving oneself through furniture and things around. IKEA represents a large range of cots: from 3 years to adolescence.


Sundvik is one of their varieties made of solid pine, treated with stain and clear acrylic varnish, with a backboard of fiberboard with film finish. Such models can be seen in gray-brown and white colors, with a sliding mechanism for adjusting the length.


Leksvik - a classical wooden bed from solid pine, durable. The bottom is provided with multi-layered birch or beech slats of the Lura line, with the ability to adapt to body weight and increase the elasticity of the mattress. You can find models with a variety of designs in the design. Kritter is a bed for babies, designed for children up to eight years old, made of natural wood (pine), in a cute white or natural uncolored color.Drawings at the head, in the form of figures of sheep, kittens or dogs, will add playfulness and happiness in the interior of the children's room.


A versatile and popular option in IKEA is the Minnen steel bed with rounded edges and safe propylene legs. Today it is released in an updated design, adjustable in length, maybe in black-brown and white. Finishing sidewalls, in the form of sunlight, will add room beauty and grace.


Kura is a two-sided option, with the ability to sleep at the top or bottom when turning the bed. Older children like to rest in the upper part of the attic, where safety is ensured by a low fence. The whole structure and the bottom rails are made of solid pine and coated with acrylic lacquer. The design is easily assembled, if desired, it is possible to complement the bed with a canopy. The interior solution for the arrangement of the playing area below will make room for other hobbies.


The bed of Sniglar is made of solid beech, has a protective rim, mounted on either side. A comfortable bottom made of multi-layered birch slats favorably influences air circulation.It looks very simple, in natural colors, easy to assemble, the backs are made of fiberboard, but in terms of quality and durability it is not inferior to more expensive and massive models.


Hemnes - a bed of good length, suitable for different age categories, strong, with drawers for linen, due to which a roll-out bed for two can turn out. The model Gulliver is provided with limiters from three sides. Comfortable, comfortable height of the legs, a child without the help of adults will easily peel off and climb on the bed. The birch massif is pleasant to use, without roughness, processed with white stain, the inscriptions are easily washed away with pencils and felt-tip pens.

Compact furniture IKEA, transformable into a bed, is popular today. The chair-bed is also suitable for a children's room. Three types of chairs with a berth, differing in functionality, convenience, aesthetics, reliability of mechanisms, have been developed.

  • Lyksele has a frame made of steel, model without armrests, with rubber legs, polyurethane foam mattress, decorative cover.
  • Ikea PS - easy to roll out, thanks to four wheels, an option without armrests, has a steel base, added with a pillow under the back and a soft mattress
  • Harnosand 1 is made from solid pine, supplemented with pillows with polypropylene filler.The easy chaise lounge with a soft bedding can be the subject of a children's interior. In use, it is stable, durable, easy to store.

Colors and design

When completing the interior of the room for children, you must take into account the individual characteristics, preferences, character of the child. The older the child, the more attentively this topic should be treated. The design will be more interesting if you add the original color solution. Joyful colors and reliable furniture IKEA allows you to change the interior according to its age.

Bright and saturated colors of children's furniture, natural, with lambs, sheep or cats have a recognizable style. For rest rooms, IKEA creates whole series with pink, white, blue, green frames and facades, backs, and other details. All components of the sets are combined with each other, they are simple and interesting, they create a cheerful mood and comfort in the nursery.

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Wooden beds are made from birch, pine, oak, teak and other wood species growing in ecologically clean regions. Products can be made of solid wood or veneer, coated with acrylic paints, stain, varnish, wax or oil (for long-term use).Some models of beds are offered iron, metal, welded or bolted, durable and reliable, with an environmentally friendly coating based on epoxy resins. The hollow pipes provide lightness to the structures, and forged, at the head of the head, will decorate any interior of the nursery. Children's wooden beds of the company correspond to the European Union regulations on chemicals REACH.

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Components and accessories

The living space of the child should be safe and secure. Thoughtful restraints, barriers for couches and cribs to protect against falling will help to achieve this. Especially in such protection need bunk and attic options. The elements of safety and convenience are the wheels. They are attached to the furniture, thanks to them the modules or sections are easy to move and fix, as they are equipped with an automatic lock at the moment of stopping on the spot.

Full rest is not possible without a comfortable mattress that promotes relaxation. Latex filler relieves stress on the muscles, and its ability to turn over and durability will extend its lifespan.The applied technology of air channels in children's mattresses, takes care of normal air circulation.

A pleasant addition to comfort will be the bed linen and IKEA bedspreads made of soft durable cotton fabric, providing comfort and complete rest for the child.

Having a room on a wall or above a canopy bed or canopy will turn it into a cozy place to sleep, play or read books.

The size

The interior of the nursery is always different mobility and functionality. IKEA developers create furniture with regard to the age and development of children. Transformation capabilities allow you to change objects in the room according to the needs that grow with the child. Beds for babies - 123x60 cm, for babies up to 8 years old - 160-70 cm, for teenagers from 8 to 12 years old - 208x97 cm, different styles and colors "grow" with children.

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How to choose

We place increased demands on the choice of cots, since children behave actively, jump, play, thus testing them for strength. Because of this, it is better to choose high-quality materials and reliable fasteners. The absence of toxic substances in the purchased product is important. Structurally, beds should be regulated, modified and combined with other proposed elements.

For babies, the crib is better to choose low and always with bumpers that protect against falling. From the color palette for boys and girls fit white furniture: it will refresh and visually increase the space. A model with a berth at the top will allow you to win space for the playing area. It is important to approach the choice of the mattress correctly and thus ensure complete relaxation and rest for the child.

Assembly Instructions

The principle of operation of the Swedish company IKEA is the assembly of purchased goods and furniture independently. This allows you to reduce prices and simplify transportation to different countries. Each product is accompanied by a step-by-step description of the assembly process itself, with black and white illustrations and a minimum of explanations.

IKEA delivers goods in cardboard boxes sealed with tape. After opening, it is better to decompose and mark everything, in accordance with the recommendations. When you make sure that nothing is left in the box, you can proceed to assembly in a well-lit room. The set offers tools, but their screwdrivers do not interfere at all. If you follow the instructions, carefully carry out all operations, then there will be no obstacles in the assembly.

How much are

The concept and business idea of ​​the company is to create comfortable and beautiful home goods with low prices, accessible to everyone, to change everyday life for the better. Children's beds can be purchased in various price categories. Minimum costs are waiting for parents in infancy, and with increasing age, they can grow, as requests will be provided by new features of furniture.

The cost of wooden models depends on the material used. The bed can be made of solid or exotic wood, or it can be made of veneer or hardboard. Solid wood backrests are durable and more practical than glued, film-coated, which can damage over time. In universal models of beds the cost is increased by separate drawers for linen, sometimes representing an extra bed. Our various desires, in the form of a headboard, stoppers, shelves, or original design solutions, carry with them a rise in price.

Interesting solutions in interior design

When choosing an interior for a child, you must take into account the peculiarities of his psyche. She is different from the adult.Children feel better in the environment of bright colors, they focus on bright shades and various tactile sensations. Kids quickly mastered in a bright interior, as it is of interest.

The company IKEA uses scientific developments and embodies them in the interior design of children's rooms. Colored furniture, curtains, in the form of green and white sails, tables of green color, pillows of various forms, colorful doors of cabinets direct children to fantasy, desire to play, explore. Such elements of the interior contribute to children's perception.

Reliable furniture, storage systems, wall shelves and modules enable the child to enjoy time in the room. A series of white cabinets with bright facades of blue, pink, green colors will make the space cozy and harmonious. The natural colors of furniture and saturated colors accessories will create children's comfort.

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Customer reviews best reveal the real qualities of the product. According to most parents, the bed Gulliver is easy to assemble, fits well into the interior, has a stylish design, a low and durable lattice under the mattress, a removable side.A good consumer rating refers to the Sundwick model.

The bed is transformed, simply assembled, has fasteners of excellent quality, which are twisted into recesses, the body of the bed without sharp corners. The cost of such a product pleases everyone, it is in the middle segment. The general positive opinion of the reviews are the precautions and security measures taken by the company: from the absence of protruding parts of the furniture to snakes without tongues on the covers of mattresses and pillows.

Children's interest in the world has no limits!

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