Children's bed made of solid wood

Every parent wants to find the best and safest room for her baby, and first of all it concerns the bed, because it is the center of the nursery. The bed for kids from the massif of a tree is considered one of the best options for a berth.

Features and benefits

It is not for nothing that solid wood is called one of the best materials for a children's bed, it has all the qualities that are most important when choosing for this type of furniture, namely:

Environmental friendliness. Solid wood is used for the manufacture of furniture for more than one century and has established itself as the most environmentally friendly material, such a bed will not cause allergies in a child.

Strength. Solid wood beds are great for active kids. Due to its durability, such a berth will be able to withstand very much, it will not break and will delight for many years.

Aesthetics. In addition to its practical qualities, the bed of this material is very beautiful, and still smells good. It will fit into any interior, due to the variety of forms and designs, for example, the eco-style is perfectly suited for the look of natural wood, the whitewashed bed will successfully fit into the Provence style.

When choosing a bed is important to pay attention to the price. If the price of such furniture is low, it is likely that poor quality material is used in its manufacture or the technology is broken, and this may have a bad effect on the health of the child.

Types of wood

When buying a bed from an array, it is important to determine what kind of wood you want to see in the nursery, it should fit well into the interior. Another important criterion is the price, which will be different for different breeds. Mostly beds are made from:

  • Solid oak. This is one of the most durable and quality materials. Oak has a very dense texture, so the screws and fasteners do not loosen over time, and the bed itself will not creak and will not break. This version of the wooden bed is ideal for active children who love to jump on the bed.
  • Ash. It can be called a good analogue of oak. It is strong, resistant to damage and has a very beautiful texture that resembles mahogany.
  • Birch tree. This material is durable and at the same time flexible, which allows for grinding to make it perfectly smooth. In addition, the material is durable, and thanks to its beautiful special texture, the birch bed will fit into any interior and will not even require additional processing.
  • Beech. Another strong, durable and very beautiful material. A beech bed will be cheaper than an oak one, but it will not yield to it in properties. In addition, the textured oak pattern is very attractive in appearance, and the paint falls on it perfectly smoothly, so that such a bed can be altered to your taste as you like.
  • Pine. Another option is natural wood for making beds. Pine has unique disinfectant properties, hypoallergenicity is most pronounced in it, so if a child is allergic, it would be best to buy him a bed made of pine. Another pleasant property of beds made of solid pine is their relative cheapness.

Many can not afford expensive oak or mahogany, so they choose this material. Nevertheless, it should be noted that pine has its own serious drawbacks: beds made from coniferous breeds are more fragile than hardwood ones, therefore they will not fit a very active child, also pine is soft enough material, and over time the screws and nails become loose.

What to cover

One of the important parts of wooden furniture that you need to pay attention to is instability to moisture and a bad reaction to changes in temperature and humidity. So that these factors do not interfere with enjoying a wooden bed, it is subjected to a moisture-proof treatment. Poor quality processing can significantly reduce the beneficial properties of wood or even have toxic impurities in it, which is completely unacceptable when it comes to children.

Wooden products are usually treated with varnish, stain or paints, the color of which depends on the wishes. First, the surface is polished to make it as even as possible, and then apply a protective varnish. Protective varnishes are:

  1. On alcohol. This varnish will look very nice and will make the bed shine, but it is unstable to moisture.
  2. On the water. Varnish on water is good because it does not emit toxins and is safe for children, but it has the same drawback as varnish on alcohol: it will be practical only if the child is old enough and neat as it is unstable to moisture.
  3. Nitrolac. It also does not emit toxic substances and is not afraid of water, but it is easily flammable, so it can be not only impractical, but also unsafe.
  4. Oily or acrylic. This is perhaps the most suitable option for the nursery. The only drawback of this type is that it dries for a long time. Otherwise, it meets all the necessary parameters: it is not afraid of water, does not emit toxins, protects from damage, does not emit unpleasant odors.

The lineup

There are a lot of models from solid wood, you can choose them for any interior, for every taste and budget.

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In order not to get confused in this variety, several basic types should be distinguished:

  • With sliding mechanism. When choosing a bed from an array, many often face a dilemma with the problem of the rapid growth of the child. To avoid it there is a simple solution-bed with a sliding mechanism.Such a purchase will be a very profitable investment, some models with this mechanism can move up to 200 cm in length, so it will be used from early childhood to adolescence.
  • Duplex bed. If there are two children in the house, the best solution would be to purchase a bunk bed made of natural wood. It is compact, reliable, often has built-in drawers, cabinets and many other various accessories, and it can cost much cheaper than buying the entire headset separately.
  • Loft bed. All children like bunk beds, and if the child is alone, this is no reason to deny him such pleasure. A bed of such a bed is always equipped with strong wooden sides that protects against falls, and in some models it is even possible to adjust the height. In addition, this option perfectly saves space due to the built-in desk, cabinet or all together.
  • Carved. The texture of natural wood allows you to perform truly incredible actions with it. For example, decorate with carvings. The carved bed will look rich and stylish, children will like it no less than adults and will decorate the nursery, however not every carved bed will fit into any interior, therefore, it is necessary to choose very carefully.
  • Stylized. Such models will definitely appeal to all children, there may be cars, and houses decorated with trees, in the form of a pirate ship, in general, the spectrum is limited only by the imagination of manufacturers. And the most important thing is that with the help of tools the tree can take any form, so it is not at all necessary to buy a bed with plastic elements. For such a bed, you can specially equip a room, and the nursery will look like a fairy-tale forest or a race track.
  • Sofa bed. Wooden frames in the sofas are also not uncommon and are a success, but here it is also important to pay attention to some details. As in the case of a bed, it is better if it is hardwood, rather than coniferous, it is also important to pay attention to the fact that all the traumatic parts are safely hidden inside.

Color solutions

The color scale of beds from a natural tree differs in the same variety, as well as a model range. Among them are several of the most popular options:

  • Natural light shade. This bed will look great in a bright, spacious nursery, and it is also perfect for those children who have not yet decided on the color, because it will be easy to repaint.
  • White. As a color for a bed, white is very popular. Whitewashed beds are perfect for the girl's room in the style of Provence, and will still look tender in combination with pink. For boys, too, fit a white bed with an appropriate design.
  • Beige or chocolate. These colors always look good in the interior, moreover, both in the boy’s room and in the girl’s room. They soothe and tune in to calm harmony.
  • Red. In general, red is quite aggressive, but if it is diluted with more neutral colors, it is unlikely that a bed of this color will disturb the child. In addition, it all depends on the model of the bed itself, if it is made in the form of a typewriter, then the red color on it will look very stylish.
  • Blue. This color will give the child an atmosphere of tranquility. A bed in this shade is well suited for a room made in a nautical style.
  • Green. The bed of this color will perfectly fit into the room in eco-style, will give it freshness. Textile with a floral print will be appropriate here.
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How to choose

The correct choice of a bed for a child made of wood depends on many factors: the age and sex of the child, the quality of materials, facilitate the selection process, save time and money, you just need to consider the following details:

  1. A crib for the little ones is better to buy from pine. Such a bed will be inexpensive, but because of its softness and fragility it is not very suitable for a more adult, active child. But for kids who are more important hypoallergenic than high strength, this bed is just perfect.
  2. Children from 3 years old can already buy an adult bed, but it is better if it is equipped with protective bumpers.
  3. Children from 5 years old can definitely buy an adult bed, because at this age, children more than ever want to imitate adults, and the big bed will be most welcome. Plus, the child will grow very quickly, and such a bed will help to avoid unnecessary expenses. In this case, you can buy an expensive model of oak or mahogany, which will delight the child from childhood to adolescence.
  4. It is best to consult with the child about what kind of bed he wants or even choose it together, because adults can pay too much attention to safety issues, but completely forget about what design their babies will like most.
  5. If the bed is bought in the finished room, first of all you need to focus on the design of the room. In the case when the furniture is bought in the not yet finished nursery, it is better to immediately develop a single style, under which the bed will already be bought.
  6. In a small room, it is best to choose a functional bed that will combine the sleeping and work space, as well as shelves and a closet, or even have a built-in play area.
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Browse popular models

Everyone has different tastes, but there are so many offers now that one can satisfy every individual wish, nevertheless, among the vast range of models there are those that are most popular:

  1. Conciseness. The most ascetic discreet option, in which there is nothing superfluous, just a wooden frame and headboard, nevertheless, is in demand not only among adults, but also among children.
  2. With drawers. This option is a great success, and this is understandable. Boxes significantly save space, especially when it comes to a small room, it is easy to put toys or clothes there without taking up extra space.
  3. Bunk This model is a very popular solution for several children. It saves space and is very functional.
  4. Colored. Color models that are already considered classics: pink for girls, blue for boys fit well into the interior and give children the opportunity to feel like beautiful princesses and brave sailors.

Interesting solutions in interior design

The tree is a beautiful, malleable material from which you can literally do anything. Now, in addition to more classic models, there are various original versions:

  1. Built-in light. The luminaires are mounted directly at the headboard and it looks very stylish. If a child loves books, he will definitely like this model, because you can safely read it in the middle of the night without disturbing anyone.
  2. With forged parts. The wooden beds look very elegant, with forged parts in the headboard. Beautiful curls and leaves are perfect for the girl's room, and laconic crossbars will surely please the boys.
  3. Canopy. Many girls dream to feel like heroes of oriental tales, and it is easy to arrange,having bought a canopy bed. Such a model will look very beautiful and gentle and will not leave any girl indifferent. If it is not possible to install a full canopy, you can purchase a version with a decorative frame for it.
  4. Baroque and Empire. If room space and money allows, you can arrange a real royal bedroom from a nursery. For a girl, it will be a way to feel like a princess, for a boy-knight. The wooden beds in the Empire or Baroque style are always richly decorated with various accessories, fabric, upholstery, stones, etc. looks absolutely gorgeous.
  5. Podium. A wooden bed on a separate podium will be like a separate space in the nursery. Podiums can be from different materials: wood, textiles, etc. Such a model can be very functional due to the fact that boxes can be built into the podium, or it can be placed as a panel above the pull-out bed, thereby increasing the space for games.
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