Children's bed made of natural wood

For children, parents always try to create the most comfortable living conditions. When choosing children's things, emphasis is placed on safety and environmental friendliness. All clothes should be made from natural fabrics, the food - without harmful additives, and the furniture - not varnished and toxic paints.

The best option for cots are models made of natural wood. Though they are quite expensive, they always justify such a high cost. In this article you will learn how to choose the best wooden beds, which in the end will serve you for a long time, pleasing with its quality and appearance.


Wooden cribs have a lot of advantages. First of all, it is a high environmental friendliness of this material. Wood is completely safe and does not cause allergies. The second reason is the high strength of natural wood cots. In such a bed, the child can not only sleep, but also actively play.At the same time you will not be afraid that the baby will break it.

Quality wooden beds are very reliable. The main thing when choosing such a piece of furniture is to pay attention to the quality of fasteners. It is also desirable that the bed was completely resistant to all kinds of mechanical damage. Small children do not always behave as expected of them, so they can easily scratch or bite any part of their new bed. So, the stronger the material, the lower the probability that the baby will spoil its appearance.

Wood type

A wooden cot is a fairly generic term. There are many different types of wood that are used to create durable structures for sleep. Let's look at some of the most popular options.

From pine

Most mummies appreciate the pine tree beds. This conifer is good because it does not cause allergies in babies. In addition, almost everyone knows about the healing properties of this tree. Try to choose cots that are not covered with varnish or toxic paint.


Another popular option is birch cots.Light natural colors and high quality wood are ideal for creating high-quality cots.

From oak

Oak cots also have a good reputation. The most expensive material is bleached oak or sonoma oak. Such beds are expensive, but their price is quite justified. Such furniture has long served its owners. In addition, the oak is able to show resistance to high humidity.

Oak surface will not absorb any moisture or any unpleasant odors. That is why oak is considered one of the most popular options for making cots.

Famous brands and popular models

Cots made of wood produce many foreign and domestic brands. Among Russian brands, the company deserves special attention. Oak tree. Products from this brand fully comply with all quality standards and are absolutely safe to use. If we talk about popular models, we can note several options at once.

"Prostushka rosette"

This bed is good because it is supplemented by a sliding mechanism.This allows you to use the same bed for many years. The bed can be simply increased in length by a few centimeters, depending on how quickly your baby will grow.


Another popular option for caring parents is the Uni model. Such bed is added with special sides. They protect the child and do not allow him to fall in a dream, even if he is tossing and turning.

This bed is quite compact - it can be installed even in a small room. It does not take much space. It is made of pine wood, which makes the beds as safe as possible for the health of the baby.


This model is also complemented by high sides. Its main advantage compared to the previous option is a fairly low price. This makes it popular among young parents and those who are very limited by a small budget.

Partitions at such beds consist of small parts that are located close to each other. This helps prevent the baby’s hands and feet from getting into the gaps between them. A nice addition to the configuration of the bed is the presence of a swing mechanism.Such a bed itself will lull your baby and calm, even when you do not have time to soothe it.

Cribs made of natural wood is a safe option for a child of any age. Choose the appropriate option, and your child will feel most comfortable in his sleeping area.

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